Which Zionist Jew Will Obama Choose To Replace Shillary?

Shillary Clinton will step down sometime this year.

So, that means that the POTUS will need to find another Zionist replacement to carry Israel’s water for them. But my gut tells me that due to the anger from the Jews in Israel about his re-election, he will kiss butt by appointing a Jew (and it would not surprise me in the slightest if it were a dual citizen, like so many others in high reaches of the American government).

Do you think one of these Zionist Jews will make the cut?

Dennis Ross, “Lincoln” Bloomfield, Daniel Fried, David Gordon, Stephen Krasner, Richard Haas, Bonnie Cohen, Alan Bersin, Lee Feinstein, Jack Lew, Eric Lynn, Rahm Emanuel, James B. Steinberg, or Elliot Abrams?

Its always possible that one of the CongressJews like Howard Berman, Frank Lautenberg, Robert Wexler, Jan Schakowsky, or Steve Rothman could get the nod.

Maybe he will dig up from the dead, Kissinger or Brzezinski (or maybe even appoint one of Brzezinski’s kids, Ian or Mark).

Or (God forbid), how ’bout Abe Foxman. That would be the cat’s meow.

What if he dredged up Trotsky’s great-granddaughter, Nora Volkow? Quite fitting.

My bet, though, is on Dennis Ross.

(List derived from Bro Nat’s site)

For a very extensive list of Jew’s in Obama’s Administration, take the long hour to read it here. An amazing feat for just 2% of the population, isn’t it?

h/t McClatchy and The Ugly Truth

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