The South’s Gonna Do It Again


Maybe us dumb ole southern rednecks are smarter than you think we are. Mississippi, long ago, decriminalized mara-gee-wana. Many people do not know this. I even pointed out what a tremendous draw it would be for Mississippi tourism, making the state the Number One Tourist destination in America. I also pointed out a Hero in Mississippi who wanted to legalize medical marijuana in Mississippi… State Senator Deborah Dawkins. Which is fitting because Ole Miss actually grows what little marijuana is authorized by the Federal Government for years.

I wrote:

It appears that one redneck Mississippi woman, State Senator Deborah Dawkins, understands what ole Jefferson meant, and wants medical marijuana legalized in Mississippi. She is a hero, since there aren’t many, if any (in Mississippi), ready to address the obvious. Any sane person knows. Any person that has a relative who hurts knows. The only people that don’t know are the ignorant or the ones that profit from its illegality. There are no more in-betweens.

Who Profits From Prohibition?

I recently shared with you just who is truly against the legalization  initiatives. They pour money in to fight it… and guess what? They are the very ones that PROFIT the most from its continued illegality. Imagine that.

1.) Police Unions: Police departments across the country have become dependent on federal drug war grants to finance their budget. In March, we published a story revealing that a police union lobbyist in California coordinated the effort to defeat Prop 19, a ballot measure in 2010 to legalize marijuana, while helping his police department clients collect tens of millions in federal marijuana-eradication grants. And it’s not just in California. Federal lobbying disclosures show that other police union lobbyists have pushed for stiffer penalties for marijuana-related crimes nationwide.

2.) Private Prisons Corporations: Private prison corporations make millions by incarcerating people who have been imprisoned for drug crimes, including marijuana. As Republic Report’s Matt Stoller noted last year, Corrections Corporation of America, one of the largest for-profit prison companies, revealed in a regulatory filing that continuing the drug war is part in parcel to their business strategy. Prison companies have spent millions bankrolling pro-drug war politicians and have used secretive front groups, like the American Legislative Exchange Council, to pass harsh sentencing requirements for drug crimes.

3.) Alcohol and Beer Companies: Fearing competition for the dollars Americans spend on leisure, alcohol and tobacco interests have lobbied to keep marijuana out of reach. For instance, the California Beer & Beverage Distributors contributed campaign contributions to a committee set up to prevent marijuana from being legalized and taxed.

4.) Pharmaceutical Corporations: Like the sin industries listed above, pharmaceutical interests would like to keep marijuana illegal so American don’t have the option of cheap medical alternatives to their products. Howard Wooldridge, a retired police officer who now lobbies the government to relax marijuana prohibition laws, told Republic Report that next to police unions, the “second biggest opponent on Capitol Hill is big PhRMA” because marijuana can replace “everything from Advil to Vicodin and other expensive pills.”

5.) Prison Guard Unions: Prison guard unions have a vested interest in keeping people behind bars just like for-profit prison companies. In 2008, the California Correctional Peace Officers Association spent a whopping $1 million to defeat a measure that would have “reduced sentences and parole times for nonviolent drug offenders while emphasizing drug treatment over prison.”

I have pointed you to the many law enforcement officials that recognize that the system is rigged AND the Liar-In-Chief that says one thing campaigning, but does another when elected.


But that is nothing new, is it?


A States’ Rights Issue


The Federal Government will force its brutish self over the state’s rights that places like Washington showed recently.


Did you hear the arguments against made in the video, which rely on issues that have nothing to do with the ballot initiatives (no one is suggesting that children will be allowed to partake)? That “sleight-of-hand”, in and of itself, is telling. As a Doctor told me a few years ago, kids have easy access now and suggested that if one wanted to find marijuana for one’s own healing, just ask a teenager.

No matter, when states vote and pass this type of legislation, there is an almost immediate relief that locals feel.

King County (Washington) dropping misdemeanor marijuana cases

The King County Prosecutor’s Office says it’ll immediately dismiss all of its misdemeanor marijuana possession cases because of the passage of I-502, legalizing marijuana possession of one ounce or less.

So, this will likely be a Federal Government versus State’s Rights showdown. GOOD! About time!

And this doesn’t address all the cities that are passing their own laws of decriminalization (as the above video points out), which includes 90+ in Illinois alone.


Who benefits from legalization?


My God! Can you imagine the lives saved, the money saved, the lives unharmed by the Police State, the taxes earned, etc. if they would simply stop feeding their prohibition profiteers? It truly is a no-brainer when one considers all the harm created by prohibition.

I have covered this subject for years now and if you are new to the blog, you might want to take some time reading thru the many posts I have published regarding it. I promise you will learn something.


Other Southern States Initiatives


Arkansas voted on legalizing the Devil Weed for medical purposes and barely lost. In 2007, Eureka Springs took it to the brink of legalization:

In November 2007, Eureka Springs voters passed an ordinance directing police and prosecutors to make possession of less than an ounce of marijuana a low law-enforcement priority. Under Arkansas law, such possession is a Class A misdemeanor, which is punishable by up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

In Tennessee this past summer, medical marijuana got a legislative hearing (I pointed this out here), but failed, in spite of some of the most stringently atrocious and antiquated laws against its use in the nation:

Did you know that in Tennessee possession of any amount of marijuana — even as little as a single gram — can land you in prison for up to a year, with a mandatory fine of between $250 and $2,500? Or that there were over 23,000 marijuana-related arrests in Tennessee in 2007, and over 82% of these arrests were for simple possession of small amounts of marijuana? That’s almost 20,000 families impacted by arrest, prosecution, fines, and related effects such as denial of employment or public benefits.

You can read more about the negative consequences of Tennessee’s marijuana laws in this excellent profile by Jon Gettman, Ph.D.

This is particularly offensive when one understands All The Reasons Pot Is Good For You  (which include):

  • Preventing blindness from glaucoma
  • Better for your lungs than tobacco
  • Controlling epileptic seizures
  • Stops CANCER from spreading
  • Decreasing anxiety
  • Slows the progression of Alzheimer’s
  • Eases the pain of Multiple Sclerosis
  • Lessens side-effects from treating hepatitis C
  • Treats inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Relieves arthritis discomfort

Even the National Cancer Institute recognizes its huge benefits for treating the symptoms of cancer.


The southern cake-taker


Could Alabama be next?

Will we hear all the other Mississippi Kids start saying they are Alabami-bound?



h/t norml, jack herer, MPP, Business Insider, National Cancer Institute Patients for Medical Marijuana

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5 thoughts on “The South’s Gonna Do It Again

  1. The vail of secercy and lies our government feeds the public is slowly disappating. Anything they can do to suck more money out of you and me and take our freedom of choice…they will do it !

    Re-Legalize it !

    Re-Legalize it because government doesnt want you to !

    Take back your right to choose !


  2. a stool sculpture deity cult crime syndicate is not “our” government…

    is that too difficult to understand…?

    stupid doesn’t change true…

    A plant is not our enemy…

    it would just help the whole world a whole lot if people really and truly understood the

    DEFINITION of “Jewish”….is anti -TRUTH …& Anti-Justice

    No one on Earth HAS to be STOOOOOOOPID as a way of life….

    unfortunately many “JEW” worshipping MORONS don’t know that TRUTH is the cure

    No One on Earth has to be a “JEWISH” or a “JEW” worshipper….It’s TRUE !!!

    {intel update….”We” the South….have in fact already done it}

    you just won’t hear about it on Talmudvision…

    Let’s celebrate….share some truth TODAY !!!

    way to go B’man


  3. Apparently, The South wants to do it again by seceding from the US of Israel.

    Its not exclusively the south tho.

    States with citizens filing include Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

    I’m especially proud of Tennessee’s short and sweet petition:

    we petition the obama administration to:
    Peacefully grant the State of Tennessee to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government.


    • you’re very welcome, and then some….

      It would also be great if the petitions cited the good FAITH reasons….why…

      and call the bankrupt legal fiction by name…spelled appropriately…

      you know like AKA…JEWSA…ISRAHELL..JEWTOPIA

      TEL AVIV on the POTOMAC…sodomite central…ZOGUS

      etc because the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT declared BANKRUPTCY in 1933, but

      that was the private corporation doing business that was formed after the

      ROTHSCHILD promoted so-called Civil War….

      7. The Civil War…………………………………143

      Eustace remarked once…”It took 20 years to get that war started”….

      looking forward to some more of your narration video’s on the

      State of the Union…

      Live Free


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