Richard Noggin Saturday: Tennessee Senator “Bailout Bob” Corker

I know a lot of Tennesseans who are barely making it. Many people, even with some money are very close to losing their homes and are becoming unable to feed their families. People are staying at home, instead of their normal forays out into the community. Almost everyone I know has a loved one that is in dire straights and help them whenever they can… financially, with food, taking care of their children, etc.

Food pantries are growing. Many food aid programs for kids, specifically, are seeing rising numbers.

But these same people cannot see the disconnect of the moron, Bailout Bob Corker (the puppet of the Federal Reserve) that they recently elected (AGAIN) in large numbers. How can people be so stupid to support and elect such a lying fool, when it is obvious what the real issues are. Just look where he gets his money and understand that he is protecting the very ones that are causing the problems in this country.

You can see the interview here, but it will make you want to puke, if you understand anything about what this sycophantic numbnuts is saying.

Instead of suggesting that the mega-bailouts to bankers and giant corporations are an issue (no, he gushes praise on the thieving bastards), instead of explaining that the Empire can no longer be supported (meaning that the US military, the world’s BIGGEST “entitlement” program, ever, MUST BE CUT… SUBSTANTIALLY), instead of telling us that the bogus “war on drugs” or the continued support for apartheid Israel is draining us, he says that Medicare, Social Security and Foodstamps must be cut… you know, the “entitlements”. It doesn’t matter that he hasn’t helped bring more jobs to the market and that most of the people I know receiving foodstamps WORK, TOO. Its just that their jobs don’t pay a living wage.

I’m telling you people that what I have been warning you about is coming.

You are about to see massive changes to the help that poor people need. This means that you are about to witness people suffer and die, while we continue the Empire for Israel and maintain the the $BILLIONS poured out to Israel and the tax cuts to the richest of the rich (like Corkwhore).

When you see the invalids, the mentally disabled, the poor old Grandmothers and the most innocent children starve and die, will you say something or do anything? What will it take for you to understand that whores like Corker are in this for other reasons than to help or to represent you, as Tennesseans?

It is already happening in Ohio, as HeartofShadows points out.

And before any fool starts breaking out the charts that show entitlement spending being more than military “defense” spending, remember that we aren’t defending anything except the profits of military providers. At the same time we are sending jobs away to foreign lands, which force workers to utilize whatever assistance they can get. Don’t just mumble the bullshit, “Get a job” when there are so very few jobs to get.

Maybe you are one of those heartless bastards that thinks we need a culling of the “entitlement” users. If so, I hope you are one of the first to go.

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4 thoughts on “Richard Noggin Saturday: Tennessee Senator “Bailout Bob” Corker

  1. Bargaining Power

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    It seems that upon the latest inspection,
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    We’re headed in exactly the wrong direction.

    They promised us growing prosperity,
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  2. Its so sick whats going on. You hear these politicains talk about raising taxes….blah, blah ,blah. When the real issue IS the spending. Oh they talk like they are cutting…bull . They cut a billion here , spend two or three there. I for one will be glad when this whole shittn thing collapses….Im sick of the lies.

    I have a mother who draws off of my fathers SS. The government tells her she can only draw if she makes “X” amount a year…she cant live on “x” amount…nor can millions of others today.The cost of living has gone way up . Two years in a row, they have pulled this “oh we paid you too much” crap and cut her checks. WHOS FUCKING MONEY IS IT !

    Ya, they can send BILLIONS over seas to countries that want us dead or other wise couldnt give a rats ass about any of us. Yet they take money away from you , me , our families and friends….even when WE need it.

    So I say let this shit collapse. Let the rest the world wallow in its self made hell. Maybe then we can get back to looking after eachother.


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