Decent Jew Review

They do exist

Jewish Mom Realizes Zionist Upbringing Was Racism

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6 thoughts on “Decent Jew Review

  1. Wm F Buckley. Wm F Buckley Wm F Buckley. I’ve been yelling about this guy for several years and no one picks up on one gets it. Wm. F Buckley…whose mothers name was Steiner…Formed the “Neo-Con” operation of our current oppression….He was Skull and Bones, CFR, knights of Malta, Bohemian Grove, CIA, close friends with Howard Hunt. His son travels around to Jewish Community centers giving “wittiy” little talks. Kissenger gave his eulogy. Duh, duh , duh. Here is the leading “conservative” voice who is obviously a Zionist operative….oh his brother S&B James was the “conservative” that first came out for the resignation of Nixon. Duh….attack the head(s) and the body dies. No one gets this… is this possible? Wake the hell up…this guy built the PR for Reagan and Bush and the Zionist takeover under the guise of God at Yale and of being a “Christian”. It is essential to understand the leaders of this Zionist coup….complete fraud and deceit….but go after the heads…rip their facades to Hell.


    • I have always disliked that man. His smarmy intellectualism never fooled me. But it fooled far too many people.

      Not that I was a fan of Gore Vidal, I truly enjoyed the spat they got into on TV way back when. Vidal would not take any crap from him, at the very least.


  2. Some how I forgot in my attack on Mr Wm. F Buckley, that he personally built the career of the most ardent Zionist in American politics…..Joe Lieberman. Yes the deeply “conservative” Mr. Buckley…turned against a typical (at the time) turd in the punch bowl, Lowell Wiecker, to support the career of the vilest Zionist in American politics, Joe Lieberman, and make his career. How clever of Mr. Buckley….how clever of the lover of the Lords of this world to give us Joe Lieberman. We are utterly bamboozled Goy.


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