The Jewish Onslaught

An amazing lecture by Dr Tony Martin that explains the disconnect between Jewish propaganda and the reality of the power drunk Jewish connection to slavery and racism:

The sooner that black folk (and white folk, for that matter) understand this significant point, the sooner they will learn that the divide between blacks and whites is manufactured and used to propel the Jews’ control. They will continue it until we stop it together.

h/t VideoRebelBlog

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4 thoughts on “The Jewish Onslaught

    • His presentation on Jewish Slave trade in the US (and the world) is wonderful. It is that presentation that brought on the wrath of the Jewish organizations in America to him and his school. But every fact came from a book of Jewish quotes, where they bragged about their role.

      More Jewish families had slaves than white people. By far. Yet, one would be led to think that Jews are not racist and care for blacks, when really what it is is their method of divide and conquer. It is a shame so many white folks fall for it and have acted on it.


    • Thanks for the link, Guy. The more truth about WHO did WHAT during this country’s history will hopefully open our eyes to the reality of WHO is doing WHAT right now to cause our hardships.


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