B’Man’s Sabbath Watch: Cannabis Opens One’s Ear Up To God

POT TV – Cannabis activist and author Chris Bennett speaks at Cannabis Roots: The Hidden History of Marijuana in Vancouver.

Chris Bennett has been studying the historical role of cannabis — particularly in the realms of religion, spirituality and magic — for over 20 years. He is one of our most passionate and committed advocates for reclaiming and honouring cannabis’ potential as a medicine and spiritual ally. Chris is also considered one of the leading scholars on the history of the spiritual use of cannabis. He is the author of three books: Green Gold the Tree of Life: Marijuana in Magic and Religion (1995); Sex, Drugs, Violence and the Bible (2000); and Cannabis and the Soma Solution (2010) as well as dozens of articles on this same theme for a variety of magazines and journals. Chris currently resides in Vancouver, where he owns and runs an ethnobotanical shop, The Urban Shaman.

Find out more about Cannabis Roots: The Hidden History of Marijuana

Video recorded on November 3, 2012.

h/t Patients For Medical Cannabis

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11 thoughts on “B’Man’s Sabbath Watch: Cannabis Opens One’s Ear Up To God

  1. odd how “our” allies are terrorist assholes with a “Jewish” state,
    terrorist assholes that own a lie factory called the federal reserve that prints currency and pays braindeadgoy crackwhores in the kosher crackhouse to write hot checks and “Raise” the debt limit, own the “Jewish” media euphemistically called the main stream…
    produce the most vile poopaganda in “Hollywood” and “Advertising” from 666 5th Ave, Ny,NY….

    and yet a simple problem solving plant with a myriad of beneficial uses is “Our” enemy…

    really strange




  2. BuelahMan

    I don’t know if you have eyes to see what these words mean.
    They are true now have been in the past and will be forever.
    They are found written in 2 Corinthians 4:4 For the gods (elohim) of this world (led by Satan) have blinded the minds of those who do not believe, so that the light of the message of the glory of the Messiah, Who is the image of Yahweh, should not shine unto them.
    Are you sure you want to have your ear open to God?

    your friend


  3. One of the reasons pot is illegal is because it helps to open one’s mind to endless possibilities of living life like a human.

    The PTB can’t have that, but they will let us ingest alcohol, and smoke ourselves to death with nicotine.

    I’ve seen many a fight started by two drunks over nothing, but can’t ever recall two stoned people getting into a fight.


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