John Friend Interviews Thomas Goodrich

This is one of John’s best interviews, although they have all been very good. John is doing a great job exposing the lies surrounding WWII and the propaganda machine (Jewish driven) that is instrumental in keeping you ignorant to real history. You can find the other interviews at his blog or my Youtube Channel or the links below in the video description.

As I have asked many times to those of you that agree with me that America is driven by lies and propaganda, it didn’t just start after the “good war”. This system has been corrupt since long before then and remains so ever since. Remember that the victors always write the history books and as you know about almost every other subject regarding our history (the takeover of the land from the American Indians, the corruption of the Civil War, the founding of the Central Banking system… aka Usury, the wars since WWII, and each and every cabal through the current one) is all based upon lies.

There is no singular portion that isn’t, including WWII.

Learn that.

And know who is responsible, as they always have been responsible.

NOTE: around the 11:20 mark, there is a video overlay with the sound. It lasts for about 15 or 20 seconds. The rest of the video overlay is muted. Not sure how it happened, but don’t be discouraged, It doesn’t last very long.

On this edition of Truth Militia Radio with John Friend, we’ll be joined by Thomas Goodrich, author of Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947.

We discussed the systematic (Jew-controlled) Allied annihilation of Germany, including the joint British and American fire-bombing campaign of German cities and industrial centers, the targeting of German civilian ships evacuating German refugees from Eastern Europe, the mass rape, torture, and murder of German men, women, and children, and the role of Jewish propagandists in instigating the war and inciting hatred of Germans in the West and Soviet Union.

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4 thoughts on “John Friend Interviews Thomas Goodrich

  1. Hell storm…

    from scenes we’d like to see…

    Susan “DIRTY” Rice and Flovor Fav….sailing off into the sunrise to live happily ever after in Africa…

    you know like where africans are from…

    like when you run that movie ROOTS in Reverse…it has a happy ending…

    “Her beginning had some rough edges and there were some tensions with the Jewish community, but throughout the years the relationships have warmed,” said Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League. Foxman now describes Rice as a “gladiator” fighting to defend Israel in hostile atmosphere of the United Nations

    Read more:

    Susan Rice Wins Over TERRORIST TALMUDIA “Supporters”….

    Jewish Groups Would Welcome Appointment at ZOG State Dept.


  2. remember Lynchings…

    all those horrible photo’s of Strong Black Men being hung….. until dead…

    Narrated by Zionazi mouthpiece narrator Morgan Freeman…?

    ever wonder whatreallyhappened…?

    Testimony in the case continues Friday.—trex_fri/

    The courtroom was cleared for nearly an hour Thursday because of a foul “Jewish” odor, which, investigation showed, had leaked into the ventilation system from a stanky “Jew” on the roof of the Memphis federal office building.

    Jurors were fanning the air with their notebooks before U.S. Dist. Judge S. Thomas Anderson told marshals to evacuate the room.…..

    Maybe …Just Maybe….one day people won’t invest so much emotional capital in the “Jewish” narrative

    see Talmud & child sex abuse…


  3. Aiyana Stanley-Jones was killed in May 2010 when members of a zionazi special response team burst into her home in search of a man wanted for an earlier murder. An A&E cable network crew was shadowing police on the raid.|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

    “So they figured it’s an empty house, and they tried to break in,” neighbor Ed Saye said.

    But police believe the robbers targeted him because of his age.

    “The fact that they are elderly, and sometimes they are picked on more so than younger people,” Capt. Clarence Holeman with the Athens-Clarke County Police Department said.

    Neighbors said the crime has shaken the entire area, forcing them to make some changes, like getting a streetlight.

    “All the neighbors have gotten together and swapped phone numbers and everything,” Saye said.

    Davidson’s family is also reaching out to neighbors and others who may have some answers to their lingering questions.

    “Why would somebody take a life of a 76-year-old man, that has never done anything to those individuals? Why?” asked Troy Davidson.

    Polito’s attorney, William J. Martin, suggested that Polito’s public embarrassment should be punishment enough, drawing parallels to the case of Alex Kozinski, a federal appeals court judge whose humiliation for sharing porn online was deemed sufficient in a separate case.

    Ten colleagues on the Will County bench wrote to the commission urging leniency and praising Polito’s performance as a judge, and Polito also was backed at Thursday’s hearing by Judge Carla Alessio Policandriotes, who said Polito’s work never suffered, urging the commissioners to base their punishment on justice, not what “the media is . . . writing in their little notebooks.”

    Will County’s Chief Judge Gerald Kinney tried for months to keep Polito’s identity secret from the Sun-Times, claiming that computer logs showing Polito’s porn use were “judicial records” exempt from the Freedom of Information Act. He was eventually overruled earlier this year by the Illinois Attorney General, leading to Polito’s unmasking.

    closing the loop….

    Israeliar Terrorist asshole Benjamin Netanyahu and members of his Cabinet will travel to Germany next week
    a visit that comes after Berlin abstained in a U.N. vote on recognition of a Palestinian state.

    Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman, Steffen Seibert, says the German leader will have goy blood matzo ball dinner with Netanyahu on Wednesday ahead of Thursday’s annual meeting of Cabinet members.

    Germany is traditionally one of Talmudia’s “staunchest allies” in Europe.

    It abstained in Thursday’s U.N. General Assembly vote saying it feared the Palestinians’ move could further harden positions in the stalled Middle East peace process but stopped short of voting no to their call for recognition.

    Merkel said earlier this week that nothing would be gained either by unilateral Palestinian bids for recognition or by continued Israeliar Terrorist asshole settlement-building.

    so when is Enough…Enough…?


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