The Test: Failure Means La Fin Du Monde


Joe Cortina never holds back. He has lived it and has seen them in their most horrible, everyday, stinking ways of life. He lists these test questions to see if you know what is going on all around you as Muslims, Christians, white people, everyone EXCEPT the guilty culprits are being blamed for the tribe’s crimes against humanity. Read the questions and if the same single answer doesn’t come up for each query, you are missing the truth.

Who got us involved in WWI ?
Who got us involved in WWII ?
Who are trying hard to – and will eventually start WWIII ?
Who started all the ‘Gulf wars’ ?
Who masterminded 9-11 ?
Who created the greatest hoax con game on mankind in history ?
Who invented and first practiced usury ?
Who financed the slave trade in America ?
Who runs the Communist ACLU ?
What Godless alien race did George Washington lament that we should have kicked out of America ?
What Godless alien race did Ben Franklin describe as a menace to our young nation. ?
What Godless alien race did Thomas Jefferson damn as never being loyal to the land ( America) they live in ?
What Godless alien race did industrialist Henry Ford warn us that they would eventually control America ?
What Godless alien race did writer Mark Twain warn us as having made he entire human race their enemy ?
What Godless alien race did American hero aviator Lindbergh warn us would be a threat to a free press ?
What Godless alien race did writer H.L.Menchen term “the most unpleasant race ever heard of” ?
What Godless alien race did get playwrite, George Bernard Shaw call ” thereal enemy – oriental parasite” ?
What Godless alien race did composer Richard Wagner demean as “never having had an art of their own” ?
What Godless alien race did Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte term as ” master robbers of the modern age” ?
What Godless alien race did Voltaire call “biggest scoundrels who have ever dirtied the face of the earth” ?
What Godless alien race did American governor Peter Stuyvesant term “a deceitful race – blasphemers of Christ “?
What Godless alien race did Martin Luther condemn as “a most bloodthirsty and reverengeful people” ?
What Godless aline race did Cardinal Mindszenty acuse as the “troublemakers in Hungary” ?
What Godless alien race did Roman orator Cicero describe as “belonging to a dark and repulsive force”
What ethnicity has the highest percentage of Communists of any in America ?
What American ethnic group has the highest percentage of atheists ?
Who has transformed America into a morally and economicly bankrupt corpse ?
Who had prayer removed form our public schools ?
What people have turned Christmas into a greedy secular party frenzy totally devoid of devotionto Christ ”
Who ‘runs’ our corrupt thieving Federal Reserve responsible for bankrupting our nation ?
What ethnicity is associated with most treasonous acts against America ?
What people are leaders in the Pornography industry ?
What people were responsible for the torture and murder of Jesus?
What people established financed supported and enforced Communism ?
What people /nation are the only ones to have committed an act of war against America since Pearl Horbor?
What nation has threatened American with nuclear blackmail should we not continue to support them ?
What nation controls American foreign policy ?
What people are responsible for the murder of President Kennedy ?
What nation controls our Congress ?
What nation controls our Supreme court ?
What nation controls who we elect for President ?
What people had the Ten Commandments removed for our courthouses ?
What people have worked to destroy the Second Amendment ?
What People destroyed Tsarist Russia ?
What people destroyed Christian Germany ?
What people have worked to censure all negative truth spoken about them ?
What people control the Government of France ?
What people control the government of Germany ?
What people control the Government of Canada ?
What people control the Government of Australia ?
What people control the Government of Great Britain
What people have the world’s largest terrorist military ?
What people have infiltrated the Vatican with an immoral Pope ?
What people have infiltrated our military and created a Godless terrorist aggressor military ?
What people have been responsible for the murder of more unborn human beings that anyone in the world ?
What people are the only ones to openly mock Jesus as a BASTARD and His mother as a WHORE ?
What people chose Christmas time to escalate the murder Christians in Palestine ?
What people have had more spies commit treason against America than any other ?
What people control the principle publishers of the Holy Bible ?
What people are the only ethnicity in Holy Scripture to be condemned a the sons of Satan by God ?
What people’s religious leaders consider us to be only fit to be their slaves ?
What are the ONLY people that God has condemned as evil liars by nature in Scripture ?
What people lead the world in white slavery/ forced prostitution ?
What people have the highest infanticide statistics in the Mid – East ?
What people control both American mainstream political parties ?
What people are responsible for the current ruthless training of our police ?
What people are the only ones in earth’s history to be banished from over one hundred nations ?

The answer is NOT, The Elites, or The Bankers, or The Nazis, or The rich folk, or The politicians, or The Zionists, or The Catholics, or The Jesuits, or The Illuminati, or any of the others that the disinfo agents like Alex Jones tout, hiding the real culprits from true identity.

Do you know the answer?

Maybe this will help:

h/t mynameisjoecortina

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7 thoughts on “The Test: Failure Means La Fin Du Monde

  1. The Muslims?

    A friend who is a Fox News type sent me this about a Muslim Day parade in New York City:

    The producer, I note, is an organization called The United West that touts itself as “Organizing Western Civilization for Freedom and Liberty.” In their mission statement we find this paragraph:

    “Specifically, TUW educates and activates freedom minded people, wherever they may live, to effectively develop strategies and tactics which propagate the exceptionalism of Western Civilization over against the totalitarian choke-hold of shariah Islam. Immediately, our objectives include the mobilization of Americans and Europeans to stand firmly for the defense and protection of the State of Israel.”

    Adding to your list of questions: Who could possibly be behind such organizations as this?


  2. It’s all too sad. I don’t understand why they are destroying the world and everyone in it. What will be left after they destroy it, This is paradise. If they are allowed to continue the world will be uninhabitable because of polution and radiation. Why? Why? Why? Are they crazy? Are they aliens? I can’t get my mind around it. It is getting worse. They seem to have no ability to stop even though they can see the end result will be the destruction of all mankind including themselves. A death wish?
    Somehow they need to be stopped like I would physically stop a drunk man from raping one of my daughters. Wouldn’t you?


  3. Those who must veil their permanent committed crimes with twisting,slandering their victims with allegations and lies with a political racket called alleged antisemitism,political correctness,an infallible dogma the unique selling point the holocaust religion, forced holocaust education from kindergarten, and propaganda with over 500 hollywood holocaust movies for the so called all time victims on earth, the jews. Critics and investigations of jewish crimes and mass murdering since over 300 years are punished with prison in many western countries.Who are they? They are the self elected chosenites and their pseudo christian zionist comrades who uses the OT and their filthy racist talmud and zohar as a blueprint for their crimes against all gentiles.


  4. THE JEWS! otherwise known as the ‘Seed of satan’. Doing only what they are programmed to do, to destroy western culture and destruction of the white race.
    Jews are NOT the Israelites of the bible and they will not succeed although they will bring on WWIII and many of us will die!


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