B’Man’s Rights Watch: Unraveling The Net

Mr and Mrs Redneck, you are being blamed for the cooked up financial woes this country (and the world) is experiencing. Sadly, most of you are believing their lies and even though you are likely experiencing some of the hardest financial times of your life, you fall for the liars’ stories of welfare abusers, Cadillac Queens, “useless eaters”, and other associated rhetoric. You still believe that spending hundreds of BILLIONS yearly for America’s “protection” (aka, Israel’s bidding), continuous bailouts to the banksters at tens of BILLIONS per month (who are complicit in manufacturing the mess in the first place),  bloating the government with a malfunctioning security state who do little but infringe and erase your rights as a US citizen, and a multitude of other money/power grabs that benefit the sleaziest rich bastards while you and your family see a continual depletion of your own meager “wealth”. The next ten years alone will have YOUR tax dollar provide $8TRILLION for “defense”, while your savings, pay, heathcare, retirement and the rest is stripped down to basically poverty levels.

How you don’t get it, yet, baffles me.

I suspect that many of the details contained in this video will explain how it got here:

For God’s sake, you must understand that the politicians are owned by Big Money. So, when they start their incessant attacks on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid (and other social “safety nets”), you must understand that they are lying to protect Big Money… NOT YOU.

News Agencies, TV News, mainstream newspapers and other propaganda outlets serve Big Money… NOT YOU.

You should also be very cautious of many supposedly truther sites and those who claim to be outside the MSM or disassociate themselves with the main banking-fed politicians. They seem to blabber on and on about how the Social Safety Net is just a bunch of abusers of the system who don’t want to work. Many of these “truthers” make a lot of money and will follow any meme that makes them money.

However, there are a few people that name it and claim it, as it were.

But don’t put your whole trust in them. Digest the information presented. Read and try to understand the details they provide and form your own working opinion.

When did we become so conditioned as to buy on to obvious lies that affect us so negatively?

It is apparent (to me, anyway) that powers wanted to send good jobs away (so the corporations could profit even more). Sure, they will bring them back when we accept the the lower wages, thereby still keeping profits high.

It is apparent to me that Big banking controls the politicians we are continually told are the best to represent us, when it couldn’t be more obvious that the rich prosper and we suffer.

It is apparent to me that our culture has been militarized to a point that virtually everything is based upon the fakery that we are the world’s protector and policeman.

And now, no matter how crazy it might seem to the TV believer, these maniacs are about to implement harsh austerity measures, AND, you are going to believe their rationale. But, truly, its all a hoax. It is all set up to minimize (if not do away with) SSI, Medicare, Medicaid, Foodstamps and the entire safety net.

The main point you must understand about the lies regarding Social Security is that had the very criminal thieves in government who are telling you that the system is unsustainable are the same ones who have stolen all the funds and in their place put IOU’s that will never be paid back. The SSI system is not broken or about to go bust. It has been looted by the thieving bastards who now tell you that it is your fault.

The Liar-In-Chief will do the “Grand Compromise”, which is simply him reneging on another issue (like all of them). He is going to help the Jew-obeying criminals in Congress tear apart the safety net and privatize SSI, so that the thieving assholes can make even more money off your back and still screw you in the end. Prof. James Petras explains it:

The “Grand Compromise” as Legalized Theft

For decades only a small fraction of Social Security contributions are used to pay recipients, the bulk is transferred into the general treasury to pay for current expenditures – mostly hundreds of billions of dollars in war spending, payments on bonds and T-notes; subsidies to agro-business, bailouts to Wall Street speculative investment banks and other elite economic interests.  Over the decades the Treasury robbed several trillions in SS funds, exchanging them for IOUs (never reimbursed) in order to provide a kind of “social insurance” for the military-industrial-Wall Street-police state power elite.  If the accumulated payments to SS had remained in a special account instead of being siphoned off to cover the deficits incurred by military spending and overseas wars, SS finance would be in sound condition at least till the end of the 21st century. The Social Security Administration (SSA) would be able to adjust payments upward to real rates of inflation (about double the rate of adjustment now jiggered by the Government).  The SSA could begin full payments at age 62 for most and at a lower age for those citizens working in hazardous occupations.

Even if we take account of the past Treasury heist, the SS fund could be fully replenished if the cap was eliminated on incomes above $110,000 and if the SS tax was made progressive.  As is well known, self-employed billionaires and millionaires pay an average of $11,450 a year to the SS fund.  If the cap was lifted, those earning a billion would pay a minimum of $100 million a year at the current rate, the millionaires $100 thousand a year.  If a moderately progressive rate was in place, payments would double, pretty much ending the threat to SS.

There is no “entitlement crises” today.  There is a crisis in the regressive payments and tax systems which finance the social insurance programs.  The problem is elite tax evasion not the ‘aging of the population’.  The problem is the use of SS payments to fund the power elite-robbing Peter (SS) to pay Paul (imperial wars).

h/t GlobalResearch

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2 thoughts on “B’Man’s Rights Watch: Unraveling The Net

  1. Just finished reading Eustace Mullins, “The Secrets of the Federal Reserve.”

    It’s enlightening. Those fuckers have been sowing misery and stealing our wealth from Day One, whether thru outright theft or by starting wars where they finance both sides and provide the financing to rebuild after the war.


  2. “How you don’t get it, yet, baffles me.” BMan, and friends. I think it goes like this…we are used to honking geese flying over to their water hole everyday so we don’t bother to look up. However, we complain we hear a sound, then one day we look up agasp and geese caca falls right in our mouths.
    I think that’s how the majority is going to get it.


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