It’s All A Hoax

What if I told you that the recent mass shooting in Newtown, CT didn’t happen? That it was a test or a drill to see how big a lie “they” could pull? I’m crazy right? At first I thought it was a Manchurian incident or false flag to get majority support for gun control in this country. Now I’m leaning on the idea that it was a complete lie. Whatever it was, it was not played out how the media showed us on the constant barrage of scenes and interviews that followed in the days after. I didn’t watch any of the MSM reports after this happened, but I was informed by co-workers and friends who let me know what happened. Even my dear Mom said that there had to be more than one shooter. I believed there had to be, after seeing and hearing what was being said about the perpetrator. A border line autistic child.  A loner, who was withdrawn and quite.  A mother that had a Bushmaster, a Sig, and a Glock.  Hey, those were the same weapons used in the Aurora, CO. theater shooting.


The Joker; James Eagan Holmes

This guy looks like the joker from the Batman series.  The movie playing in the theater where, he supposedly committed this mass shooting, was The Dark Knight.  At best,  this guy looks like he is on some kind of mind altering drugs.  Maybe a mind control killer?  MK Ultra experiment?  However, he was said to have a Sig, a Glock, and an AR 15 .  All have high-capacity magazines and are the target of gun control.  Then in Newtown, this mentally disturbed kid uses the same weapons.  What got me concerned first was the medical examiner interview.

This guy looks like Rob Reiner, meathead from Archie Bunker.  Whoever he is, he is a loose cannon, and is not professional.  He also stated that the shooter was wearing kids clothes.  The MSM reported that he was dressed in black with body armour.  He also mentioned a rifle was found next to his person, when it was reported that the Bushmaster was found in the car.  They all seem to have trouble getting their facts straight.  Could “they” really pull off a lie so big?  Take over an entire community?  Several people believe this to be a hoax.  Whatever it was, it was not what was told to us.  I’m not telling you for sure this was a hoax.  Think about it though, if “they” can bring down buildings in our largest city and deceive the majority of the people for the purpose of war, then this would be easy to do.  They want to disarm us and there is no question about that.

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16 thoughts on “It’s All A Hoax

  1. I want to make a few more comments on this, as I hurried that post. It was meant for you the reader to research and find out all the information that you so desire about this event. I call it an event, because that what it was. It consumed the talk at every job site I went to in its wake. I didn’t watch much on any of the news channels, except I share an office and there is a TV we use to look at radar before we plan our day. I saw snippets here and there on many different channels. I caught several different conflicting reports from several different outlets. I’m not disrespecting the lives of any of those that day, especially children that may have lost their lives. This set off tons of posts on the social networking sites, most of which, where the need for gun control or protecting the 2nd amendment type. I guess, I’m split mourning for the lives lost and affected by such a thing. It reeks of evil in a concentrated form, it seems one can smell it. Also a numbness that goes with such a thing. How much of this have we been exposed to?

    Very little has been said as to the mental illness and the ‘crazy’ drugs being supplied by big pharma. I see a connection in all of it. People wondering how God could let a thing like that happen. Then you got Sandy. What is up with this bitch? A hurricane hits New York, then Sandyhook? Coincidence? Man it drives me crazy. Arm teachers? This has created more dialogue than any other recent event I remember. It still is. Just yesterday on a road construction site, the dozen or so standing around looking at this slope, were talking about this. The false flag aspect of this was skimmed over, but the complete idea it was a hoax was in my head. I said nothing. It’s not a statement, its a question.


  2. I keep asking myself, why is it these weakmind young people(for the most part) that “pull off ” these horrible events.

    One thing remains fact, this IS NOT a gun problem, this is a problem with society, just the majority of people are to cowardice to look in the mirror and admit it.

    So they will look for the boogyman that doent exist and try disarm this nation and in the process, ruin all that we have.

    This story isnt over. So , we ban “assult weapons…even conficate them, then what? the boogy man is gone? Not hardly. There WILL be events involving hand gun, hunting rifles, shotgun…do we ban those too? On to knives , ingredients for molotovs and pipe bombs, rocks and sticks. Ban them all?

    When we run out of boogymen ,when we have lawed our selves out of freedom , out of a free society…then what. Do we look in the mirror, what will we see?

    I will tell you, we will see a scared , beaten and broke country. We will see what was right in front of us all the time, guilt and denial.


  3. they didn’t ‘take over an entire community’. this ‘community’ is a coven of multi-generational black world operatives. they have to live somewhere. the little island of sandy hook is crawling with them. compartmentalized shill/functionaries of the jew world order. stand back and see it clearly.


    • i think this is very likely also, that the spooks stack a village with their idiots in order to pull off these events. then they relocate. just like the witness protection program, .get a new ID, some plastic surgery if needed, and off they go. the world is a big place if the spooks want to lose a few people. otherwise, for the rest of us, no privacy whatsoever.


  4. Since the psyops surrounding Sandy Hook isn’t getting the traction that the PTB had hoped for, which was the sheeple were supposed to start bleating “Take my guns away, since it will make me safe,” look for another blood-bath somewhere in the USA that will be even more horrific.

    Reports now are saying Lanza used the AR-15 to shoot himself, not a handgun??? Doesn’t make sense, unless it was someone else who popped Lanza.


    • The whole thing is a convoluted mess. The narrative is all boogered up.

      Gun sales are sky-rocketing, at least by those who haven’t pulled them from their shelves. Which is weird. How many gun dealerships do you know that would simply pull product from the shelves without some sort of dictate from Government?


  5. it is kinda interesting to notice the quirks and idiosyncrazies on the talmudvision screen

    especially the conditioned response from some who hate seeing true information

    what is truly interesting, the scriptwriters and producers stage a MASS MURDER scene and pretend on your behalf

    that they are ALL IN for your security, just give up your ability to defend yourself…


    curiously Anti-Racists are the ones with the most sensitive “FEELINGS” towards those affected by


    Although they may be shocked, Griggs said the “truth will set you free,” even if it means facing up to the highest form of corruption, including sexual perversion and government sponsored mob-like hits orchestrated by high-ranking military and government officials

    one puzzling aspect of this “Jewish” hoax…like the OPERATION SHOWTIME waco Mass Murder case..


    was there just one dry run rehearsel, or are the compartmentalised pieces assembled on the day of the HOAX EVENT ?

    could it be that the emotionally retarded braindeadgoy beg to be abused by the asshole terrorist “Jews” on account of a case of mistaken identity….

    if there really was an Abrahamic Covenant….wouldn’t America be expecting to see some quantifiable “Blessings”…?,7340,L-4323209,00.html

    surely a curious peasant might venture to ask a pertinent question…after years and years of honest soul searching

    one might ask….what is it really that makes someone a “Jewish”….asshole terrorist ?


  6. There is a guild of actors that practice these very scenarios and will send a troupe to do a “play”. Had I not seen it for myself, I wouldn’t believe it:

    They had the following interview video on their site (not sure if they are claiming thee are actors, but why would they put this on their site, if it weren’t about the actors?).


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