Do They Know Its Christmas (in America)?

On a funnier note, it appears someone is pissed about their job:

One of my favorite songs, in the spirit, (thanks to lifeforce):

And, to Snordelhans, who provides Les Visible’s piece

Les Visible, back in 2004, wrote this extraordinary piece at this time of the year and it’s pulled me ever since. It seemed the perfect time to do an excerpt from it. Found here:

Thank you Vis, for the years.

You are already everything you ever wanted to be. The problem is that you are still trying to be who you are. This is further complicated by the fact that what you are -is- and what you are not is not. It would be a real mess if it weren’t for the reality of what is working behind the scenes to put you into the state of perfect remembrance. You’re not here for this foolish struggle, you’re here to live. Try it out.

If a person would focus entirely upon their thought, their speech and actions- full time- something marvelous will occur. This is all you need to know about Yoga, Philosophy, Medicine or Rock and Roll. This brings about the ‘hot-housing’ effect. This tells the engineer that you’re going along with the program. This signals that you are going to put aside pretension and bullshit and allow reduction to take place. You accept diminishment. You agree to die in order that you might live forever. You won’t have to primp in the mirror any more. You won’t have to be anybody important. You won’t have to feel anxious and insecure about the fact that you don’t know what’s going on. In fact, that will make it exciting; and let’s face it- you don’t know what’s going on do you? As soon as you start doing this you will see how difficult it appears to be and ‘what’ you seem to be up against. Hold that thought.

A wonderful Christmas to you all and the sincere hope that you recognize the actual location of the manger and thereby allow the birth to take place; now that’s what I call ‘right to life’.

Merry Christmas!

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6 thoughts on “Do They Know Its Christmas (in America)?

    • Josh came by and had better Christmas Trees than we got.

      I hope ya’ll had a good one. I got a copter. But she got me an outside model. The wind/rain yesterday was so bad I couldn’t get it to fly.

      I can tell its going to be badass, tho.


  1. Hello,,my brothers. “B” man, look me up and you’ll see who this is. Looks like we made it through the negitive predictions at least, to this point. It’s great to still be alive,,isn’t it? Ted Nugent has now got 4 months to put substance to his recent rhetoric.
    Well, were jus sittin up here waittin for the shootin war to start .We see different sceneros developing that could become a major trigger. So no one’s really standin down .I know for a fact Dept of Homeland Security purchased and ungodly amount of amall arms ammo this year. Various calibers. They know whats commin. Or they think they do. But they don’t know shit. DHS aint nothing but command posts with a shortage of sufficient players. I know also for a fact that there is wide spread serious discussions presently going on in the US Army. You can imagine over WHAT the topic is. It’s probably going on all over, within all the state guard units also. It’s just gonna come down to what ever laws they think they may pass, and who their gonna get to enforce them. In THAT reguard, their in for a big suprise.
    Their gonna bite off more than they can EVER chew. Any way, ENOUGH of that.

    It’s Christmas Day 2012. And I hope all of you are enjoying a fine day with your families.


      • Auuh, It was like all Christmas’s. It’s lost it’s romance with me. Sitting back and observing the consumerism that it’s become. And there ain’t no peace on Earth, you know. Every body is just pretending.


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