The Jews Did It


World’s Jews Celebrate Christmas With Ceremonial Re-Murdering Of Christ

News in BriefWorlddeathreligioncrime • ISSUE 35•46 • Dec 15, 1999

JERUSALEM—As Christians everywhere celebrate the birth of Christ this holiday season, the world’s approximately 14 million Jews are also commemorating the special holiday, as they do each year, by ceremonially re-murdering the Baby Jesus. Details of the time-honored Jewish tradition include the baking of a baby-shaped potato pancake, which is filled with beet juice and then beheaded by a demon-horned rabbi using a specially blessed “baby-killing” knife. “I love devouring Christians’ young almost as much as corrupting maidens,” said Benjamin Levy, 89. “It’s a magical time for all.” The re-murdering is among the most important celebrations of the Jewish calendar, second only to the springtime “Poisoning of the Easter Wells” festival.

h/t The Onion

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4 thoughts on “The Jews Did It

  1. BM, if you have a way to see who is visiting your web site, I bet you’re getting hits from the Chantilly, VA area, home of the National Recon office and assorted defense contractors.

    Be careful, you’re letting out too much TRUTH.


    • Maybe they have a sense of humor that develops into a sense of wonderment and intrigue about the message, which, in turn, inspires research, understanding and confirmation of what is nagging at their insides telling them what is being said here is true.


  2. the really good news is –

    “No One on The Earth has to be a “Jewish”…!!”

    that is the essence of what Jesus declared in John 8:32….and it is TRUE.

    {at that time no one on earth claimed to be a “Jew” or a “Jewish”} [Pharisees & Moneychangers]

    at some point common sense must be a factor in the decision making process,

    after all “at the end of the day” if someone is deeper in the hole

    maybe they aren’t really getting out of the hole….

    here’s what is truly twisted,

    The notion that “Jews” – [Khazars] – [Gog & Magog] –

    “proselytes” to Talmudic Judaism must always stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound…

    and the “people” who willingly believe lies and worship such a condition…as a “religion”…!

    The Creator is not “Jewish”, Jesus is not a “JEW”,

    and no one on Earth has to believe lies as a way of life…

    what is the point of living in a misery pit believing the same lies day in day out ?

    Thunderbolts of the Gods — Official Movie


    happy celestial events

    you know,

    to all who love TRUTH & Justice


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