A Tale Of Two Theater Shootings (Differentiating Between Israeli Death Squads and A Crazy)

You’ve heard about the Batman “murders”, because it was the prescribed media gambit to muck up your mind and control your thoughts regarding guns and how you need your government to protect you from them. You may have noticed all the discrepancies and odd phenomena presented, much like the 911 storyline? To me, it is much like the recent Newton shootings… the story keeps changing, but mostly by disappearing witness reports, testimonies, etc. Then they replace it with the storyline needed to sway you into agreeing that you need to get rid of your own protection (guns) and believe that the government will take care of you. Ken O’Keefe does a great job of explaining the Sandy Hook false flag (h/t to JohnFriendsBlog) and the endgame planned for us Americans:

Now, we need to understand why this happening and who is behind it all. For decades, Jewish congresscriminals have been urgently implementing steady erosion of our Second Amendment. All one has to do is review “who” introduced and pushed all the legislation thru Congress to prove the point:

The truth is that it is actually much worse than these criminal Jews in Congress. Mike Harris of Veteran’s Today is saying outright that it was an Israeli False Flag murder event:

Damn. Israeli Death Squads operating on American soil. It makes a helluva lot more sense than any of the “news” reports that I have heard on TV.

Yes, it is all orchestrated. They have an agenda to take away guns from Americans. They have been after this for decades and they now feel like they have the “mandate” to start the grabs.

To prove the point about narrative to control us, just look to the other recent theater shooting in San Antonio.

It seems that some dude got pissed at his girlfriend for breaking up with him, so he went ballistic and decided he would kill her or someone. He left the restaurant and went next door to a theater and started shooting. Two people were hit. Then, an off-duty sheriff’s deputy pulled her gun and shot the guy, stopping the crazy.

Now, why haven’t you heard about this from the MSM? Because it doesn’t fit the storyline. Remember that the storyline is that guns are bad and we need to trust the government to protect us.

The reality is that bad people with guns are best stopped with good people with guns. This is why you will NOT hear of this incident on TV.

And the truth of the matter is that the vast majority of gun owners are “good guys”. If you disarm the “good guys”, then you are only left with the “bad guys” (mostly within our government),  holding guns.

Don’t fall for it. Fight for your rights.

h/t Kenny’s Sideshow  and lifeforce

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2 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Theater Shootings (Differentiating Between Israeli Death Squads and A Crazy)

  1. well how’s this for an Idea…

    how about a 2 hour multiphase test that can weed out the unstable

    & establish a working KNOWledge of the ENEMIES of Mankind…

    and then, that seriously devout student of TRUTH is qualified to operate a DRONE with a tactical nuke…!

    How about a committee established to quarantine the Truth hating Terrorists, and the ill gotten goodies…

    how about a panel of forensic accountants to ascertain the actual & punitive damages…

    how about a 24 hour NOTICE on the Emergency Broadcasting Sysytem to give NOTICE

    for all so-called “JEWS” and “JEW” worshippers to show up at the nearest processing center to go to a DREAM VACATION


    with “Yiddish” theatre…


    Happy New Year


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