B’Man’s Hypocrite Watch: The Two Diannes of 1995



Oh Yeah: Happy New Year. Its going to be a rough one.

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5 thoughts on “B’Man’s Hypocrite Watch: The Two Diannes of 1995

  1. you just gotta love the hypocrites on PARADE…

    a stanky …. an in your face “Sodomites are HAPPY PARADE”…

    like the “Blinky”, anonymous commentors at Kennys’,

    queer as a three dollar bill calling Noor a “Racist” “Homophobe”…

    you know, REALLY a c*cksucking – butt f*cking death cult faggot claims the responsibility of deciding what is acceptable to discuss among adults…the chutzpah….THE HIGH POCK KRISSY


    what would someone do with a “Jewish” [Ashkenazim/gog & magog] website/newspaper in Gotham…

    “The paradoxical identifiability of the ultra-Orthodox, compounded with their disregard of how they are being perceived, infuriates other Jews in a way that TALMUDIA is scarcely capable of doing. It is not just this that makes others wary of stool sculpture deity cult Hasidim.

    It is the idea that they are somehow ruining the image other Jews are working so hard to project is a big part of the equation.

    Fundamentalists of all dung doodling pilpul twaddle “Jew” worshipping religious backgrounds may eschew the need to be liked by popular consensus. But we should keep in mind that non-Jews may not be quite as dumb as we seem to think they are.

    Non-Jews can in fact tell the difference between the practices of the Terrorist Israeli military and the everyday activities of a Jew in the Jewnited States…


    can they read about the Talmud & Benjamin Freedman…?


    They can differentiate between the deeds of a child molester and those of a non-child molester, even if both are wearing a black hat.

    Just like Jews can tell the difference between a Jewish Catholic priest who has committed crimes, for example, and one who hasn’t. And just like we should hesitate before judging all Arabs for the actions of a minority, even if that minority appears more Muslim than their moderate brethren…..

    The days in which every Jew is held responsible for the actions of all the rest of us are over. Let us be the ones to lead the way to a world in which one person and not an entire dung doodling BAD faith community is responsible for his actions.

    Read more: http://blogs.forward.com/forward-thinking/168551/when-jews-get-embarassed-too-easily/#ixzz2GiFbMDuN

    what YEAR is it, really ?

    …interestingly in reading a small little book entitled – Acadian Reminiscences – The True Story of Evangeline by Judge Felix Vorhies

    [copyright 1907] …uses the word “gay” meaning happy


    Roll on


    • Hey,

      I still want to talk with you sometime after the holidays, if that is ok. I think you are close enough that maybe someday we could meet in person. I used to travel over that way with work (for years and years). I’m familiar with the area (and have actually lived near you years ago).

      Love the Doob’s


    • Yeah. Just read that.

      John threatens Jews with exposure of their lies and crimes. Levi insinuates bodily harm for that exposure. He is desperate.

      John’s offer for a radio show interview is classic. Levi is too scared to take up that offer. But I wish it would happen. I bet you it will never happen, tho, because they don’t want that kind of exposure… they just want to intimidate and hide the reality that their gig is up. We are on to the tribe’s goals. They are desperate enough now to threaten these small, but growing, websites that call out their crimes when our own lick spittle government won’t.


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