Granny Get Your Gun! Its A New Year

grannyclampett-729655Three days ago, my 93 year old Granny (she lives alone) awoke at her normal time to go fix the coffee and breakfast. As she was pouring the water, she looked over at her TV and noticed that two envelopes with thank you notes that she had signed, sealed and was to put in the post, were torn open. She thought, “Now, I know I sealed those things…”

So, she decided to look around. She went into her laundry room, where the back door is located (the old type with multiple panes of glass 6″ x 14″). Two of the panes had been removed to offer a very small opening. She knew something was up, so she went back through the house to see if someone was there or if anything else was missing.

She found that about $100 in cash was missing from her purse and another little stash she had. She saw that several pieces of jewelry was missing, including the high school graduation ring she had bought for herself (she came up in the Depression and few people even graduated high school, so this was very sentimental to her).

She noticed that whomever this was rifled through her paperwork/filing cabinet.

She also found that a safe that she kept underneath her dresser was missing (there was nothing inside of it, however).

This means that this old lady, who can’t hear, had some asshole hovering over her as she slept and actually took stuff from the room she was sleeping in. beverlyhillbillies-grannyCan you imagine????

Sure, there are a few crooks around that make a living from theft, but generally in this area, one doesn’t have to worry too much about these things (at least under normal conditions). Not to mention the fact that most people around here have some sort of weapon for protection, so they think twice about going in on someone, if they know they are there.

It sounds like an inside job, but I’m not sure. The lady is fairly well known around here (and loved). So, it is conceivable that they knew she is deaf and thought they might get by with it. Of course, as small as the opening was for them to climb through, it could have been a 100# crack head. Who knows.

The next day she heard about Obama/Feinstein’s gun grab proposal (she voted for Obama) and pitched a fit. She has two pistols, but isn’t strong enough to pull the trigger, so she wants me to take her to buy some sort of weapon that she would be able to use.

Here’s the rub… in a conversation with Dr Doug this morning, he informed me that WalMart in MS is basically out of stock in ammo. They place two orders per year and with the ammo manufacturers filling DHS orders, they are not manufacturing the other ammo.

Now, what good is whatever weapon Granny wants, if she can’t get ammo?

The REAL Homeland Security

The REAL Homeland Security

And, as I have said here several times over the past few years, the easiest way to control guns in America is to actually control who gets the ammo. For what good is a gun with no bullet? Especially in the hands of an 80# 93 yo.

We are buying all new security doors and calling ADT (or another security firm).

Maybe this was just a run-of-the-mill break in by crack heads. But according to the local paper, thefts are skyrocketing around here, so I am not convinced this is just another dope head.

People who are hungry are not near as likely to go in with the intent to harm someone. But what happens when people are STARVING?

Here’s the deal. The government is pushing to take our guns, even from the most vulnerable… like Granny. Think about what happens if the STARVING get so desperate that they see nothing to lose by going in and knocking out (or killing) the homeowner. Do you think you will be able to count on your local police to help you.

Take this into consideration when you do: there is only about 7 of 88 counties in MS that even have finger printing equipment and/or personnel trained on granit. You think they could help you or even find the culprit later?

America: If you allow this to happen to those like me who hardly ever even touch my guns since I don’t hunt much any more, you are going to see massive death and destruction. And this has nothing to do with being concerned of the government. This is all a bad deal and you morons who think taking away the guns are in the best interest for this country are what will turn this place into the death and carnage I am talking about.

When the bad people are the only ones with guns, the rest of us are screwed.

Watch this video to see how one man dissects the issue by comparing real numbers of deaths and hard crime in America to the UK. It looks to me like the media, as usual, is filling us full of lies about the numbers, especially relating to the meme about guns being America’s problem.


The fact is that as weapons are taken away from the citizenry, these crimes go UP, not down. History shows this many times over.

Here is a very good example:

Pravda Message to Americans: Do not give up your guns

h/t Hardon’s Blog and Activist Post

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2 thoughts on “Granny Get Your Gun! Its A New Year

  1. Please send your nan/granny many good wishes and support from many readers of the Truth. I hope this incident doesn’t shatter her confidence living alone. I’m just glad she was not physically harmed.


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