B’Man’s Redneck Watch: If You Are Proud To Be White, You Are A Redneck Racist

Listen as Dana White betrays his own name by suggesting that white people who take pride in their color (race) are racist rednecks, but brown people who celebrate their ethnicity are just great.

I have watched my last UFC fight, you moron.

I wonder if Joe Rogan will say anything? My bet is no.

h/t Hardon’s Blog

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10 thoughts on “B’Man’s Redneck Watch: If You Are Proud To Be White, You Are A Redneck Racist

  1. I have watched my last UFC fight, you moron.

    Don’t watch UFC fights, never have nor do I watch boxing. Never understood the allure of watching two people try and beat each other to a pulp, just for money.

    But it’s a good way to keep people sedated into oblivion, by using those types of drama to let people live vicariously, pretending they’re bad-asses, when most couldn’t defend themselves, since they’ve been taught to be good doobees, to always obey John Law, pay your taxes on time and the government really cares about you.


  2. Nobody’s Perfect…

    are stoooopid idiots guilty of being stoooopid…?

    Arabs are brown, too


    some DARWIN AWARDS winners are rolling over in their graves…

    you know what I hate B’man ….WHITE NIGGERS ! [ Jew Worshippers]


    and my homeland has got a bumper crop of WHITE NIGGERS & JEW WORSHIPPERS


    who are really REALLY STOOOOPID….


    Remember the Mass Murder Tag Team ZOGUS [ADL/ATF & ADL/FBI] & The Jewish Media match against the

    BRANCH DAVIDIANS….who were not RACIST “White Supremacists” … NEO – NOTSEES ? ?


    so RACISM is really bad but according to STANKY and Blinky @ Kennys’ side show anti-sodomites are much worse…


    GET IT ?


    what do white people have to be PROUD of…in 2013 ?

    the gold medal in “Jew Worshipping” ?

    miscegenation, sodomite matrimony ?

    ….calling evil good ?

    Rock on….


    • What’s your contact details bro? And what State are you in to hook up with some groups. Follow some of your comments and just checking in. Peace and God Bless.


  3. Stooge goyim.
    Watching two people smash their heads on concrete?
    Surprised at the analysis or the imposition of logic?
    Vote with your feet and your pocketbook.
    The less time you spend watching that crap is more time you can put into preparing yourself for a time when all of this delusion smacks into reality.


  4. wait there’s more….

    one more and then I gotta look busy…Jesus is coming soon

    one that always cracks me up is the diamond “Jewelry” commercials on Talmudvision….

    you know the one{s}…


    you really love that little filly, wanta make babies and have a long term relationship..?

    give that Jew a couple of thousand “dollars” for a small see through rock…
    that’ll show her…!!

    Tel Aviv, Talmudia — Diamond manufacturing is a dwindling trade in Talmudia…. The stool sculpture deity cult compound has one of the world’s hottest diamond exchanges, but polishers and cutters of the precious stones have been replaced by cheaper workers in newer hubs like India and China.

    Talmudia wants to bring them back. To do so, it plans on recruiting a legion of ultra-Orthodox Jews, who because of their dedication to prayer and stool sculpture dung doodling study, have been unable or unwilling to join the work force, putting a heavy weight on the economy.

    The job of a diamond polisher, however, is unique, said Bumi Traub, president of the Talmudia Diamond Manufacturers Association.

    It need not disrupt their dung doodling mud pie “pious” lifestyle….


    “The profession is fitting. You deal with the rock, and if you need to go pray, no one will bother you,” he said.

    Read more: Justifiably homicide Talmudvision


    call ahead


  5. Hey! I just now seen that you called! Happy New Year to you and yern from us an’ arn!   Ever thang goin’ to suit chee? Teresa has been sick buy I have been ok all things considering. I am back up to 172 pounds! That’s 12 pounds in 3 months. I was beginning to look like some dried up skin stretched over a bunch of knotted up bones. But I am looking some better now. (I think anyway but that may be my vanity kicking in…lol) I want to get to around 180. Did I tell you me and Jodi start as bounty hunters this month? We will be running down bail skippers. My new boss seen Jodi work here while back and really wanted us to track down fugitives that run off when he approaches them. I get a badge, handcuffs and will have arresting power. Ain’t that some shit?…lol… He is gonna buy Jodi and me a bullet proof vest. I told him if the fugitive hurt my dog I would not only shoot the fugitive but him too!   Any how…. Happy New Year again…    William



    • Uh Oh. A Cop is visiting my blog????

      You ain’t gonna turn into a narc, like Wade and Parsons, are you?

      When you gonna come help me start my truck?


      Happy New Year (I left you a voice mail the other day on your cell).

      BTW: I got all the weight you lost (up to 250). However, I have made my goal to break the 200 barrier. I give myself about 4 months.


  6. I’ve never watched American sports, if you can actually call what they do – a sport. I think the Romans had a better idea of what true sport is.

    But to the point, I’ve been listening a lot lately to Harold Covington and any white person who wants to take pride in their race again should to. Covington says a racist is: someone who actually knows who they are.

    Here are the links to his last interview with Mike Harris. These two hours are a must listen. The white race needs to get back in the saddle and act like the proud race we were once.

    HR1 – http://mediaarchives.gsradio.net/mike_harris/hr1121112.mp3

    HR2 – http://mediaarchives.gsradio.net/mike_harris/hr2121112.mp3

    Harold Covington’s website: http://www.northwestfront.net/index.html

    Belated Happy New Year, BMan!


    • just imagine being a member of the stool sculpture deity cult in a “RACE” conscious university…in Scotland

      In oh say, Edinburgh University … which said it wants “all of our students to feel safe and supported.”

      Fine words, but how is the university going to ensure the safety of Jewish students ?

      And will it do anything to curb the antics of truth telling pro-Palestinian activists who are making the most miserable deviants of the stool sculpture deity cult, so-called “Jewish” students’ lives,…. a misery ? ?

      Seriously… don’t dung doodling “extra special” deviants deserve extra special consideration at institutions of “Higher Learning”…


      I mean really !! …{serious hand wringing & befuddled consternation}


      …never mind the actual facts about what makes someone a member of the stool sculpture deity cult…

      no one on Earth has to stay in the cult compound…”THEY” …could come out


      and the only reason “THEY” remain in the cult compound is a fascination for the TWISTED – PERVERTED – INVOLUTED dung doodling psychopathy of miscreants with spiritual HERPES…

      go figure, eh ?


  7. “TWISTED – PERVERTED – INVOLUTED dung doodling psychopathy of miscreants with spiritual HERPES…” Gosh what a succinct way to put it all!

    I never heard of this bozo or any of the stuff he talks about. But I am fed up with what I see being done to us White folks everywhere.

    Last weekend we had a family gathering… and I had a ball playing with my nieces and nephews. Every one, a silver-white blonde with pink skin and huge cornflower blue eyes. Never mind that the blonde will darken over the next few years ~ I took pride in these beautiful offspring. I also took pride in my lovely golden skinned Eurasian daughters as they played with their cousin’s children.

    For me White pride is a tad more complicated as you see. As the KKK recruiters used to yell at me “I sullied my pure white blood”. But I also moved me and baby from an urban environment where I would be the only white parent to a place where the populace is still 95% white.

    In other words, I was one of the first women here to push a pram with a golden child.Skin colour has never been a problem for us even when they were the only non whites on all their various sports teams… and 20 years later they have a lot of the same blonde friends.

    To me it seems there are genuine love matches that can arise between races however the way things are now, ever since Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner, is pushed is just plain wrong.

    Until the citizens of the planet learn to appreciate each others’ differences and live in harmony together but apart as they wish (international nationalism) things will not improve.

    In other words, we must stop being victimized by the Jews who use these racial differences as walls to divide .. not to appreciate as part of the wonders of humanity in all its forms. And that appreciation does not have to lead to procreation.

    Call me a dreamer… but I prefer to celebrate humanity in its rainbows of colour…. we all developed as we did for a reason… these are wonders… and we should all be able to be proud of what we are.

    BUT…. what use is “White pride” unless you know something about your White heritage? It is a hollow phrase….. until one knows one’s ancestry…. one has little to be proud of than an accident of birth.


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