Decent Jew Review: Paul Eisen

One must look pretty deep to find a “Decent Jew” (a Jew that calls out Zionism and the tribal dedication to Jews that will not call out the crimes and injustices that the evil Jews conduct). I once considered Kelso (once contributed here… you can search his name over on the left) a Decent Jew, until the realization hit me that he only matched one aspect… anti-Zionist. Many of his crony friends on FB are the same. Anti-Zionist, but still tribalist and not truthful enough to admit the obvious detrimental abuse Jews have given the world over the millennium. That was one of the main reasons I left FB and his group specifically.

When I do hear or read of a “Decent Jew” adding commentary that does address the evil, or is willing to link to others that don’t mind calling them out for their crimes and lies, I feel it imperative to share that here. The main reason is that deep down, I look at individuals and do not enjoy rolling everyone up into the same description. I hope that more Jews who are simply silent will begin to call out these issues and let the world know that they are on our side, not Jewry’s side. “Our side” is simply decent humanity (and we really do have the majority, no matter what color, creed or ethnicity we are).

You see, I don’t give a rat’s ass if I’m called an anti-Semite or a hater. Anyone that truly knows me, knows better. I don’t fear the lame accusation. It truly doesn’t matter to me, for it is totally false and nothing more than a diversion from the truth.

So, let me point out a “Decent Jew” who is not scared to say it out loud for all Jews (and everyone else) to see and learn from.

Oh, how I wish I could stop posting David Duke

Oh, how I wish I could stop posting David Duke (it gets me into no end of trouble).

Trouble is, he just will not stop telling the truth.

Come on David, give a Jew a break!


Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu announces Israel will build a memorial to honor the Red Army?

Honor the communist army that from the days of Trotsky killed tens of millions of Russians, other Eastern Europeans and Germans, raped millions during the war?

In this video David Duke shows how the one of the greatest genocidal maniacs who ever lived, Ilya Ehrenburg, who propagandized Soviet troops to rape and murder millions, was honored by the American Jewish community and even by the Holocaust Museum,Yad Vashem, in Israel.

Israel is shown to be a continuation of that same Bolshevik mentality.

It doesn’t matter if one calls me names as I distribute the truth about the world’s situation and we examine it together. It doesn’t matter to me if my truth hurts your feelings because you WON’T call them out and are complicit in your silence. The problem isn’t just Zionism and its rancid control of the world. The real problem is that multitudes of so-called Jews (Khazars) refuse to do anything about it. It takes people like me to point out the obvious, when the way to stop this is for the “Decent Jews” to finally start addressing this and stop it internally. But no. As you can see in the above video, Jewry, by and large, is silently complicit as Zionists and Israeli Monsters revise history by honoring the most ruthless, murdering assholes the world has ever known.

Hitler = Evil

Ehrenburg = Good

Nazis = Evil

Red Army = Good

h/t Paul Eisen and David Duke

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11 thoughts on “Decent Jew Review: Paul Eisen

  1. To further illustrate Mr Eisen’s status as a “Decent Jew”, please see this particular post:

    Specifically this commentary (since I have already shared the video he posted here before, but I still recommend people watch it, if they haven’t as of yet… it is one of the best I have seen on the subject):

    As a Jew (dread phrase), and therefore a member of the oppressing tribe, I don’t comment on the doings of our victims whether that is the Palestinians and their leaders or, as in this case, the Germans. But I hope German readers and others will have plenty to say.

    I agree, Mr Eisen. However, we need far more people like YOU to stand up and call out the ones that are tainting your heritage/name.


  2. We also need more Christians to throw out their Scofeld bibles — the bible that places the state of Israel and the Jews at the very epicenter of the universe . Totally brainwashed, and willingly so. They know who owns all the banks — that’s what it’s all about. It seems to me that’s what Christians worship these days — the Jews and their banks.
    I question how truly “decent” my fellow Christians are, when so many trip over themselves to worship the Jews. Very strange phenomenon, to my mind.
    All the church-going Christians I know support Uncle Sam’s jewish/zionist/communist policies to-the-T. Alot of phoniness and mendacity comes out of the Christian world — as in the Jewish world.
    Some say the Jews are behind this, and the Jews are behind that. The Jews aren’t behind anything : The Jews are up-front doing the leading, and the Christians are the ones marching behind, supporting the Jewish agenda.
    Christians need to clean house, as the Jews need to clean up their house. Both houses reek of lies, phoniness, self-serving bullshit, smirks, and snake-oil salesmen. My fellow Christians love their 50lc tax break from Uncle Sam more than anything else. That’s for sure.
    In the meantime, thank you for your website, your time and work. Joe


    • Thank you, Joe, for your contribution.

      I happen to have studied MANY Bible translations over the past twenty years and own around 40 translations and have access to many more electronically and via online sources. I was once given a Kenyan version of the KJV (I can’t read it, of course) by a Kenyan who visited my family and stayed with us in my home many years ago.

      To me, it doesn’t matter what version one uses, for I have come to the conclusion that ALL of the OT is Jew Bible propaganda used to confuse Christians into observing The Law (The Torah). The Christian Zionists are the worst, but now even Catholics and many other sects have fallen for the ruse.

      The one version I don’t have personally (but can access online) is the Jefferson Bible. He basically removed the “Law” and focused on Jesus.

      When someone does that, they will see the vast divide of what the Old and the New reveal.

      To me, we must shirk the idea that we must follow “the Law of sin and death” (which is the Torah) and focus on “the Law of the spirit of life of Christ Jesus” (Rom 8:2)

      You see, if one continues their Jewish controlled existence of death as a Christian, one will never obtain the spirit of life.


      • To BMan,
        Thank you for your reply to my comment. You’ve given me alot to think about. I’m not an expert on the bible, so I can’t address the points you make — though I lean towards agreement with you to a very large degree.
        Jesus went up against the money-changers and the pharisees. I don’t think he would have been too keen about 501c tax breaks for the churches. 501c tax break for the churches — as long as the churches toe the government line — even if the government line is communist/zionist to-the-core — which it most certainly is . The ministers are not being duped. They know fully well they’re selling out for 501c. They do so willingly.
        The Spirit of Christ is not about usury, fiat money, endless debt, constant war, etc. For example, the churches support Uncle Sam’s wars in the Middle East against people(s) who’ve never done anything to us. Tons of depleted uranium was dropped on Iraq. Iraqi children are now being born with horrific birth defects. It’s a great crime and sin, yet the churches support this. It’s disgusting. The churches are supporting policies that are destroying this country, as USrael destroys countries in the Middle East.. Horrible.
        I commend Jewish truth seekers and those Jews who work for peace. I know they exist. I’ve met a few in my life — both in New York City (my hometown) and on a visit to Israel.. My point is : We need more Christian truth seekers and peace-makers as well.I just don’t think my fellow Christians are as “decent ” as you suggest. Christians and other non-Jews need to come clean about our own faults if we want Jews to come clean about their faults.
        It’s true that the Jewish bankers/big-shots are warmongerers and usurers. It’s also true that “Christian” lawmakers handed All power over to the Jewish bankers with the passing of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. They did so willingly. No one put guns to their heads. 2013 marks the 100th anniversary of their enormous treason.
        Telling ourselves we’re “decent” while pointing out the faults of the Jews is not going to accomplish much. It’s a false premise : We’re not that decent. That’s why the Jews get away with so much. Many non-Jews, including Christians, love the zionist/warmongering/usurious agenda as well.


        • I fully agree.

          I, too, have railed against the Christians that turned over power to the Jewish bankers, however, I believe this occurred with the Act of 1871 since the country was bankrupted by the Civil War.


  3. BINGO JOE! I have done several posts researching the Scofield Bible in the past…. amazing how dangerous that thing is.

    And the King James disappears en masse from hotel rooms. They are pulled from schools and libraries….

    Dayamn I have had a huge crush on Dr. Duke for years. His honesty and gentle manner are a winning combination when matched with his perseverance.

    As for honouring the red army they are making it easier for us by proving, right there, the connection between Bolsheviks everywhere. When I read highly detailed descriptions of what was done to the Russian people and also to the inhabitants of Deir Yassin the techniques of torture and unspeakable bloodthirsty crimes were very similar, many the same to the nth detail. But the tortures in Russia were truly beyond the imagination.

    So Nuttypoopoo is doing us a favour actually. ;Let him honour them. The rest of the world knows and he is, in the long run, only digging his hole to hell deeper.


  4. It looks like there’s a major revival of the Soviet Union going on, and the you-know-who’s are right in the forefront of it, which should come as no big surprise. I have never seen a history book touted and publicized to the extent that Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick’s book “The Untold History of the United States” is being flogged these days. Everywhere you look, someone with a big audience is giving the authors a softball interview. Their version of history might well have been written by Joseph Stalin himself. See my article, “Oliver Stone on James Forrestal” at to get an idea of their ideology and their scholarship.


  5. Fantastic article, BMan!

    When I hear about ‘decent’ Jews, (and as we know there are not many willing to expose themselves), it gives me hope that America’s march to destruction can be haulted. I truly believe if decent Jews began to speak out on their evil brethren there is a very good possibility things would change, even better if they joined forces with the rest of humanity to give the inhabitants of this planet a fighting chance. But, as you’ve said, I’ve said, and NTS says, those Jews that call themselves decent only implicate themselves further in this monstrous conspiracy through their silence.

    Another researcher/historian that I’ve greatly admired since I came to the movement is Christopher Jon Bjerknes. Now, he refers to himself as Jewish yet it’s his grandfather that was Jewish. So, technically he might not be truly Jewish. He was the very first person to adamantly state that Jews were the problem not just Zionists. And not just mere Jews but Sabbatean Jews. Check out these two links:


    I will definitely be taking a closer look at Paul Eisen.

    Thank you.


    • Thanks, Neighbor!

      We agree. These people, the decent ones, need to hold the tainted ones accountable and help us stop the assault, before history repeats itself. At some point, people are going to understand what is up and then these monsters will be kicked out of even ANOTHER country they hijacked with their dominion philosophy. Even the Christian Zionists around here are beginning to come around.

      That will be the end of it, if they see it in mass.

      Better the monsters take care of it themselves.

      I’ll check the links and listen in to the Makow interview


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