ALERT! Sandy Hook – 12/14/12… Tribute Video 11/10/12

Don’t know what to make of this, so I’ll just put up dutchsinse’s video. Amazing…

UPDATED 1/9: dutchsinse video was removed… must be some back door way to change the date

However, upon further review there are a few other inconsistencies and changes to Tweets, which supposedly cannot be date changed (I can’t really confirm or deny that). New video and description below:

Regardless of timestamps at “vimeo”, you can’t fake TWEET timestamps ! And you can’t fake the FUNDRAISERS setup days beforehand!

Sandy Hook School Shooting on December 14, 2012

Twitter posts from November 10, 2012 and video here:

GET IT BEFORE ITS GONE!!!! google cache of the twitter for sandy hook being tweeted on Nov 10, 2012 !


I just did the vimeo video switch / twitter experiment

Only the title of the video EMBED changes..

the title of the tweet and the text of the tweet DO NOT CHANGE.

see my twitter page now for the example: here is a screenshot

Again, the text and title of the original tweet DO NOT and CAN NOT be changed on twitter.


Tatoot1009 has documented the entire thing here as well:


facebook post with twitter screencapture here:


facebook post showing fundraiser setup to receive funds days beforehand: On December 10, 2012

Dutch added this in the comment area when asked why he pulled the vimeo video:

I didn’t want it to spread any further if vimeo is incorrect.. what do you do ? if you leave it up uncorrected? how do you go in an back date a video .. LOL..

can’t do that here on youtube.. it would appear you can do it on vimeo though.. man.. you could go back and change whatever you want on vimeo.. scary!

however no matter what you do on vimeo.. on twitter.. the title and text REMAIN THE SAME ..

experiment done on my public facebook page and my twitter page

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19 thoughts on “ALERT! Sandy Hook – 12/14/12… Tribute Video 11/10/12

  1. I believe in glitches in time stamps. Why? Because if I haven’t done my updAte or setup correctly, my dates and time Re incorrect… And then my faxes…emails etc are stAmped wrong. Just saying. Meanwhile…. How the he’ll are you?????

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note™, an AT&T LTE smartphone


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    • I wonder if my comments at Jean’s place are being screened or in the spam filter. If you check in here, see if your akismet spam filter is keeping my comments from appearing on your blog, please. Thanks.


  3. It seems yourmain video has been removed. Wanna prove this is a hoax? Investigate this gene guy, see who he is.Or the many others we see in this event.


  4. Lynda may be right. There may be a backdoor way for this to happen. The Vimeo user also has a Youtube channel and added this commentary to the same video hosted on YT (tell me if you think such a thing is possible and whether his tact on a “tribute video” makes much sense, unless he is 13 years old:

    Published on Dec 17, 2012

    This is unbelievable what has created such a domino effect of suspicious and cynical people! First of all YouTube and Vimeo are 2 separate websites. Vimeo I pay for and use it as a storage for music videos I make that are blocked by YouTube copyright issues. On Vimeo there are times if you wish to delete any video and replace it with another, the date remains the same from the original date the original video (being replaced) Got that so far? I do this multiple times if I decide not to pay for additional bandwidth space if I choose to upload more than allowed for the month. It’s so sad and disgraceful that people would spread such a conspiracy of sort that I’m doing something wrong. I’ve been entertainer millions of people all over the world with music videos for 2 years now and never had anything like this before. Too bad it has to be a memorial video! Now, give this to all the people you know or may know to end this crap now. Amazing how rumors spread by ignorant people that condemn someone on mere suspicion they manifest in their our minds. WISE UP!

    Due to the fact we have so many sick cynical people leaving comments (creating conspiracy theory on why a date is different on Vimeo than YouTube (without understanding why) I’ve blocked all comments. I approve everything I make to keep ignoramus, rude and low lives with no lives away. On a tribute for god’s sake. Now you know why I do that! Sick people in this world! The devil sent them!

    BTW: he has taken down the vimeo video and banned anyone from seeing his Vimeo account after this came to light.

    One must ask themselves by watching dutchsinses’ newest video, how is it possible for Bacmaster to ALSO change his twitter feed’s date showing the day he uploaded the same video in November? I am no Twitter expert (there is a feed to this site, but set up by someone else). According to many I have asked, you simply cannot change the tweet dates.

    My Vimeo account is defunct, so I cannot confirm or deny Bacmaster’s claims (and I don’t care to start another). I was going from memory. I have read through the FAQ’s and through the forums at Vimeo and cannot find anything related to Bacmaster’s claims.

    This is still very odd and I am not yet convinced this is just a software glitch or whatever.

    I should also add that this guy has so many copyright infringing videos on YT that I don’t understand how he could possibly still have a channel. I get notices if I download a video of John Friend’s show that has a bit of a Beatles tune included. Yet this guy can download entire songs and stuff without a warning.

    The date on the YT video is right, but the description is obviously new for the date it was uploaded. I know that one can edit the description field, but one CANNOT backdate a YT video. A Vimeo user should be able to confirm or deny all of this. A heavy Twitter user shpuld be able to do the same for those feeds.


  5. As I was reviewing the incoming hits, I saw quite a few links to the Information Underground ( and followed them to find several additional links and videos worth viewing (thanks, Amanda). The first is one from a guy who has analyzed a picture of the Parker family that he says has been manipulated (Emilie was added with Photoshop or another editing software):

    Also, in follow up to the United Way link above, this videographer explains the issue:


  6. Apparently, both Vimeo and Twitter CAN be manipulated (altho I am not sure I understand how Twitter can be).

    Does this mean that the official story is true and without agenda. Of course not.


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