Rednecks: You Are Disposable

I know many people who happened upon this site may think I go overboard when it comes to my insistence that TPTB are trying to enslave or kill us. That does seem a bit of a stretch for those of us who might still hold America and her “leaders” in high esteem. Considering some of the latest stats I’ve read lately, those people are a minority, since the vast majority dislike Congress and other maniacs running things even more than cockroaches, root canals, lice (and many other vermin and painful human conditions).

Like bad teeth, isn’t time to pull them? Isn’t it time to wake up and vote them out? Time to change the system?

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6 thoughts on “Rednecks: You Are Disposable

  1. The power that be have enslaved us using their invisible contracts and debt instruments and they are currently actively killing us off.
    Love your site XXX tom in tempe arizona


  2. Good video, except that I am a bit suspicious of anyone who uses the term “Judeo-Christian” to describe the moral framework of our country that is being destroyed, as Dr. Robert Chandler does. I assume he is the author of the phony book “Shadow World: Resurgent Russia, The Global New Left, and Radical Islam.”


    • I figured you would pick up on that (and I agree).

      Judeo Christianity is an oxymoron, for Christ was against Talmudic “judaism” and any sane Christian should know we ought to separate ourselves from the Talmudic mindset precisely the same way Jesus did.


  3. 2013 might be the year we finally get rid of the parasites that have been sucking the life out of this nation since 1913…. Actually, long before that, but that’s another chapter.

    Except they know this and plan on getting rid of us first, so be like the Boy Scouts and ‘Be prepared.’ Does that motto make the Boy Scouts ‘preppers?’

    Saw a good bumper sticker the other day that said, “Support our troops, we’ll need their help to overthrow the government.”

    Amen to that.


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