TN Senator Bob Corker Wants To Rebuild Trust In Cockroaches (Washington)

Bob, oh Bob, oh Bob…

ILoveCockroachesTrust in you or the government is a foreign concept to most of your constituents. When I ask fellow Tennesseans if they trust you or the government (and I have asked quite a few, as of late), in 100% of the cases I get a resounding ‘no’ (sometimes, I have to wait until the laughs stop). When discussions arise about the job you and your rich, Israeli- supporting cohorts come up, it is a resounding 100% against. I cannot find one person who thinks you and your fellow usurpers are doing a good job.

Apparently, you are so divided from local residents in your actions that most prefer cockroaches, the flu and basically anything other than the likes of the criminal cabal you have created as a group. I read your email and what I’d like to know is why in the hell don’t you address the real issues causing the financial problems in this country? I believe the answer is easy to discern… because you are enriched by these entities and now, somehow, your redneck ass thinks you are part of some elitist group… banking, military, Jewish supported rich maniacs that would rather sell off your own country to Israeli interests than actually care for your own people or defend the Constitution, of which you swore to protect.

All you want to protect is your money, power and Jewish overlords.

Your email stated:

To begin reducing the nation’s long-term deficits and rebuilding the lack of trust in Washington over excessive spending, U.S. Senator Bob Corker, R-Tenn., today called on Congress to begin making reforms to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security to deal with the upcoming fiscal deadlines.

There was more bullshit that others could labor themselves to read, but basically, AGAIN, you criminal refuse to say it… that banking bailouts, unnecessary wars of aggression instigated over lies and obvious Empire building in the name of Israel, the bogus war on drugs (just to name a few that you refuse to name) are what is making this country poor.

Do you think that we believe a damned word you say now? Seriously?

Well, we don’t. I cannot find a single real, poor person (for that’s all I know) that believes ANYTHING that comes from you or your cabal’s lips.


Trust in the likes of people such as yourself will never come. Why? Because, as usual, you don’t address the real issues. You are blaming the poorest of the poor and will not do the right thing. Just more protection of your money interests and your favorite country, Israel.

We know that your allegiance is to others, mainly the love of money and power. And until you address the real issues, you are driving a wedge between yourself and your constituency. Apparently, this doesn’t matter to you or you truly are a very stupid man.

In my estimation, you simply don’t give shit about us.

My uncle is very sick. We don’t know if he will make it through his illness. We visited him a couple of days ago and to see him was painful, because he is going downhill quick.

Even in his pain and suffering, he brought up government. He kept telling us that government officials are liars, thieves and cowardly subservient to “the Jews”. He is 87 and a life-long, stalwart Republican.

When you have lost the likes of him, you have truly lost your base.

I hope and pray that this country makes it to another election cycle so I can revel in the fact that you are voted out.

But, what I truly want more than anything is for this country to hold you accountable for your usurpation of the Constitution and your oath. I hope and pray that you and your Jewish-controlled fellow monsters are imprisoned and made to pay for your crimes against us.

It truly is our only hope.

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One thought on “TN Senator Bob Corker Wants To Rebuild Trust In Cockroaches (Washington)

  1. “TN Senator Bob Corker Wants To Rebuild Trust In Cockroaches (Washington)”

    Good,convince them to stay out of every crack and crevasse of our lives…other wise we may have to get some ‘raid’.


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