….then you’re an anti-semite

(Video derived from diggerfortruth’s article entitled, “….then you’re an anti-semite“.)

If you object to the imposed gun laws …. then you’re an anti-semite.

You are saying you have not vaccinated your children …. then you’re an anti-semite.

You don’t wholeheartedly support our troops, our heros …. then you’re an anti-semite.

You are not in alignment with our ‘leaders’ Middle East policies …. then you’re an anti-semite.

You eat organic food grown from local farmers …. then you’re an anti-semite.

You try to avoid paying taxes when you can …. then you’re an anti-semite.

You dislike Obama’care’ …. then you’re an anti-semite.

You are not happy with the new police state and Orwelian structure …. then you’re an anti-semite.

You try to not shop in supermarkets …. then you’re an anti-semite.

You grow your own food in your garden …. then you’re an anti-semite.

Ohh, now you don’t like the polluted rivers, streams, water tables and oceans …. then you’re an anti-semite.

You refuse to use pharmaceutic drugs; instead favor natural medicines and to look after your health …. then you’re an anti-semite.

You don’t want a smart meter in your home …. then you’re an anti-semite.

If you home school …. then you’re an anti-semite.

You are putting your noses up at the idea of us all having microchips implants …. then you’re an anti-semite.

You’ve decided to voice your concern about all the weird spraying in the skies …. then you’re an anti-semite.

Have you dared to refuse the flue shot …. then you’re an anti-semite.

If you dislike the CCTV cameras breathing down your neck …. then you’re an anti-semite.

You don’t frequent the main stream cinema and don’t even have a TV …. then you’ve just got to be an anti-semite.


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6 thoughts on “….then you’re an anti-semite

  1. oddly I am Semitic and so-called “Jews” are not…


    and all “europeans” [caucasions] white people are, while turko-mongolian proselytes to talmudic judaism are not…


    Let’s have some REAL FUN…



    No One on Earth HAS to remain in the stool sculpture deity cult compound and hurl meaningless invectives like




    • Why, thank you, Ma’am!

      I’m honing my skills to try and figure out a way to make some money at it, if possible.
      Broke in TN…

      On another note: I am having a conversation with a person via email about healthcare. I am a Sigle Payer advocate and believe that it would provide excellent care at a fraction of the cost.

      How do you like Canada’s system? Preferable to ours (which has bankrupted me)?


  2. wanta earn some moolah..

    ahoy matey’s

    Sail On!

    We’re sailing the cosmic sea, the wind is picking up, and it’s all hands on deck!


    we do need to keep on keeping on, and help the lost ….find Truth and Reality for themselves…

    I’ve never spent much energy hating spielberg, or mel brooks…

    curiously, I don’t really feel sorry for Jodie Foster being “lonely” or spend a whole lot of time
    wondering why Mel Gibson won’t return my calls…go figure.

    recently while in SoCal, it was my good fortune to meet the former President of Mexico, {in a Dr.’s office}.

    Harry Belafonte’s daughter, two mossad agents, &… “Buck” McKeon,

    & see two spectacular celestial events in the san susanas’…

    a couple of weeks ago while learning about the safety features on a Mercedes I met a former Mechanic on his way to Huntsville…interested in the space program , and the guy who wrote… DUST IN THE WIND…

    what are the odds ? I don’t hate Alex for not talking about the “Jewish”/ SATANIC DEATH CULT…


    I don’t HATE Mark Glenn for calling the stool sculpture deity cult compound “Israel”…

    ’cause at the END OF THE DAY…the TRUTH is still the Truth…

    like Les Visible always sez…it is what it is…no matter where you are !

    God loves Michael Rivero even if Michael doesn’t believe in God, and Queen Noor makes me proud to be alive on Earth at this time…in Space

    What time is it….Really ?


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