The Federal Security Sham


The Federal Security Sham


Written and Narrated by our friend, DC Dave

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4 thoughts on “The Federal Security Sham

  1. Caught you and Dave and John at the Realist Report radio last week. Read all five installments of Dave’s study of James Forrestal’s being suicided by the zionists. Great to here his honest voice again.
    Hagel better stay away from dressing gown sashes and highrize windows 🙂


    • I thought that show was pretty good and John tells me it is popular. Dave’s work is excellent. I’m proud to have been able to highlight it here.

      As for Hagel, something tells me he is not the guy we think he might be. That group always needs a contrarian, so to keep the thinkers believing someone will do something. I believe its more show than truth. But, I hope he proves that theory wrong.

      I think the gun confiscation deal will cause a big stir among the grand-standers. Maybe the real people will come forward and honor their oaths.


  2. I didn’t have my camera with me when I happened by the DHS Building back in December 2012, but I did have my cell phone, which takes rather crude digital shots. As we can see, it’s still unprotected, and even has food vending trucks parked out front. See and The photos in the video, by contrast, are with a good Nikon camera, but were taken a few years ago.


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