We’ll Know

A Digger’s Ditty entitled “We’ll Know…”

Article found here:

Moeraki Boulders:

track: Cerises
artist: Löhstana David
CC BY 3.0

Filmed in New Zealand on 14th January 2011.

studio tdes

(Another fine article by diggerfortruth. Video editing done by me with digger’s permission.)

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7 thoughts on “We’ll Know

  1. By way of voting, which your video clearly alludes to, the following article sets the record straight about monumental voting fraud. Apparently, the number of people actually voting is far fewer than what the mainstream delusion tells us.

    ” In 2008, 96,992,000 registered voters (who actually voted) somehow cast 132,618,580 votes.

    In 2012, 90,682,968 registered voters (who actually voted) cast 136,985,809 votes. In 2008, Obama won 35 million nonexistent votes, defeating Sen. John McCain by 10 million votes that didn’t really exist. In 2012, Obama won 36 million nonexistent votes, and defeated Mitt Romney by less than 5 million votes—once again, with 36 million votes that didn’t exist.”

    What happened to this place that once had real promise?”



    • The numbers are very interesting. I believe they are saying that somehow illegal aliens vote, and even if found are still counted.

      We don’t have many tools left in the toolbox. Voting will likely not change much at this point, but what else do we have that is a viable option? I hope that people call their congresspeople directly, like I do. I think that if enough did, that might show them we are on to them.

      But I am not holding my breath.


  2. Simple sweet straightforward. Except for the part about eating meat…. I am there all the way.

    Done properly, meat can be just fine. Everything else…. this is a wonderful manifesto. You do great honour and fine work to the words of Monsieur Digger.


    • LOL

      Digger and I had the same conversation about meat.

      If that s the only thing he and I disagree on, then we are doing better than almost everyone I know.



  3. I respect Digger alot. He’s the only blogger/web-master that I know of who talks about the importance of getting rid of the teevee. A massive boycott of Hollywood, Madison Ave, and the Mainstream News would be the most effective way to turn things around for the better.
    No need for violence, riots, civil insurrection, or any kind of animosity and hatred for those of other races/cultures/religions,etc. We’re ruled by divide-and-conquer . Christians are to hate Muslims, for example, Muslims are to hate Christians, blacks are to hate whites, whites are to hate blacks, women are to mistrust men, men are to mistrust women, the list goes on and on ad nauseam.
    A massive boycott of the media is a pie-in-the-sky dream, but that doesn’t mean the idea doesn’t have merit ; It has alot of merit.
    There are many now calling for civil war in the US. While I understand the frustration, violence and war is Exactly what our rulers want. That’s all they’re about : War, in all it’s manifestations. Our rulers want as much war as possible as means to bring all of us — of all backgrounds –under their “one world order”. Their “one world order” is stamped on our [ really : their ] dollar bills, as it’s fiat money.
    This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. That’s one major thing that happened to this place that once held so much promise : The Federal Reserve Act of 1913.
    The whole world is to be ruled by a handful of trillionaire/billionaire oligarchs, and the rest of us slaves, with no heritage, no history, no culture, no faith, no literature, no art, no beauty, no grace, nothing but slavery. The rulers of this world don’t even want us to have Families ! How the media encourages us to break up our families. Disgusting.
    I don’t trust the bloggers/web-masters who are goading us on to internecine war, and all other types of war. Some of them are just naive, but some of them work for the ruling – class bastards.
    To my discredit, I don’t have what it takes to lead a boycott, or to be any kind of leader. I can’t even talk my family members and friends into getting rid of their teevees. They think I’m crazy for not having a television. I think the sane thing to do is unplug from the matrix.


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