Oh israel

Another of Digger’s Ditties. As I explained to him, the words are powerful enough that added graphic pictures of dead Palestinian children and israel’s attacks against Gaza aren’t needed. (“i”srael is purposefully left non-capitalized to push home the idea that they have no right to exist in the first place).

Another Digger’s Ditty. Original ditty found here:



Oh israel

If you only knew what disdain the world has for you.
If you only knew the palpable anger directed towards you.
If you only knew the global lust for your demise.
If you only knew.

Oh israel

How could you be so deluded?
How low you have sunk in humanity.
The levels of insanity you project.
How could you be so demonic?
How could you be so unconscious?

Oh israel

Are you aware you maim, torture, kill and seek unjust revenge?
Are you aware you degrade, sin, persecute and destroy?
Are you aware of the suffering, pain, fear, cruelty, distress you induce?

Oh israel

For your crimes, there will be payback.
For your sins, justice will be met.
For your atrocities, you will get your comeuppance.
For your your wrongful actions, karma will be dealt.
For your carnage, you have set a curse upon yourself.

For the little ones, the elderly, the weak, the European sex slaves, the disabled, the animals, the innocent, the land, the culture, the history, your universal criminality.

You will sorely pay.

Oh israel

Oh shut up israel, we’re all sick of your hubris.
Oh shut up israel, we’re all tired of your arrogance.
Oh shut up israel, we’re all fatigued with your haughtiness.
Oh shut up israel, we’re all exhausted with your smugness.

Oh israel

You, the only criminal state in the Middle East — you have no future.
You, the modern-day Babylon — you have no future.
You, the parasitic existence — you have no future.
You, Lucifer’s illegal squat — you have no future.

Oh israel

When are you going to wake up?
When are you going to join the human race?
When are you going to show compassion?
When are you going to drop your racist, supremacist ideology?
When are you going to become conscious?
When are you going to own up to your precious fake identity?

Oh israel

You have no right to freeload your existence.
You have no right to persecute the Palestinians.
You have no right to expand your evil empire.
You have no right to perpetrate criminal global activities.

Oh israel

You have no right to exist.

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4 thoughts on “Oh israel

  1. Let’s get one thing straight. The white “jews” of israel, England, USA etc are proselyte Khazarian descendants who are not hebrew, semitic or judaic. They have zero genetic heritage with the original inhabitants of Palestine 2000 years ago.

    They are fakes. israel is a fake country inhabited by fake, proselyte “jews” with the usury Bauer family shield on their flag. “Antisemitism” is a lie – the zionists are not semitic. “israel” is a lie – the proselyte “jews” have no legal or heritage claim to the land.

    We are living in a false paradigm where a family of criminal goldsmiths has through usury literally taken over the world. Bauer proselytes have become Baron de Rothschild by a criminal ponzi scheme which steals a procent of the value of everything on earth through interest and usury.

    The de Rothschilds are fake. israel is fake. zionism is a fake religion based on judaism. The whole money system in 194 of 197 countries is a ponzi scheme where the wealth is gradually being sucked up into the 0.01%.

    The wars are started and waged to support the ponzi scheme. It is a mathematical certainty that the usury central bank ponzi scheme run by the zionist fake “jews” is going to implode. Just in the US the debt to the central “jewish” banksters is over 16 trillion. The annual interest on that debt is over 1 trillion dollars which the US government does not have. The ponzi scheme is on its last legs. My intuition tells me before April 2013 this whole ponzi scheme is going to fall apart.

    That is the reason the US government wants the guns taken away before that date – to avoid the people of the US taking up firearms as a militia of the people to overthrow the corrupt puppet govenment as they should.

    End this zionist puppet government. Kick out the fake proselytes. End israel completely – let it be Palestine with a rep-by-pop democratic government where all people are equal and no walls exist.

    End usury all over the world and the protocols of zion will be stopped in their tracks.

    Truth and justice, peace and love


    • I agree with what you say and YHWH will bless all the true and faithful Jews. Obviously we will not be able to prevent those Jewish people who are deceived from doing the evil work of the Zionist regime. I have been told the Prophecy written by Isaiah relates to me. That is why I have believed I should give scriptural dispensation to those Jewish people who say the land is theirs and they have the right given by the God of Jeremiah to plunder and kill the Palestinian people. That is the reason I issue on their blogs Ezekiel 33:24-29 and Micah 3:9-12. YHWH instructed me to go to Isaiah 58:1 To call out full throated and not to hold back. Just as Jeremiah wrote against the revolt against YHWH bringing Jerusalem down it is still a regulation for the bloodguilty of this day be the Jew, Gentile or Pagan Luciferian.

      Before this I received a dream. I was kneeling on the sand and the sea was tempetuously rushing towards me. I felt a great heat. There were silohettes of about perhaps 5-8 people I wasn’t aware how many. They were shrouded in grey shadow and someohow I felt they were men I couldn’t tell if they were good or evil. I looked up heavenwards and asked YHWH “Is this it.. is it a nuclear holocaust on us? God answered and directed me to 2nd Samuel 22 whole chapter describes the true interpretation of that dream. God is coming down in great anger to exact punishment on the evil on earth.

      The evil on the world has been screened from our eyes until now but the twin towers is what has really brought it all to light and given truth power. God will save all the just and will bring judgement on the wicked. It will happen soon. Let us pray for this day to come quick for the sake of the defenceless peoples of the earth who are being slaughtered. Amen and God Bless with Blessing to our Omniscient; Omnipotent God and Deliverer.


  2. Dear Buelahman you have the name I was told I would be given by Yahwey because he is pleased with me. The full name I was told by the angel or messenger in the presence of God is Hephzibah Buelah. I was told Yahwey was my heavenly owner and I know from scripture my sons will take ownership of me as a wife. Can you help me understand our relationship in the Holy City designated for the people serving our Sovereign Lord of all the earth?

    Love & Blessings be upon Yahwey.


    • Welcome, Mrs June.

      My name was coined by a highschool friend almost 35 years ago. Obviously, it is a bit different than the “normal” spelling (which is generally “Beulah”).

      I can’t say that it is something God instigated, nor that He is pleased with me, although I hope so (I fail to represent Him adequately, most all the time). However, I do know what Jesus said and whom He was speaking to when He said it (and it is the same Synagogue of Satan clan to whom I speak and discuss here). So, I can’t be all bad.

      Thanks for your input.

      As for your question:

      Can you help me understand our relationship in the Holy City designated for the people serving our Sovereign Lord of all the earth?

      As with virtually all that John of Patmos discussed from his higher realm (“come up hither”) he is speaking symbolic language. As opposed to the carnal city of Jerusalem, there is the spiritual city, the New Jerusalem, which is (to me) the same as the Bride of Christ (which, obviously are His people, perfected). I always like what J Preston Eby had to write about such things. His description is:

      In order to grasp the spiritual meaning of our text we must first understand the great truth that throughout the history of the world a holy city and temple have been in the making — not a city in the literal sense of the word, but a city of which the cities of earth are but a vague symbol or type, a spiritual city of God. In our earthly experience a city is composed of a great number of buildings of various kinds, in ancient times surrounded by a wall to keep out the enemy. It is simply a habitation for a large number of human beings who live, work, and play in correspondence with one another. So the city of God, which is in the process of completion throughout the history of the world, is the habitation and dwelling place of the Most High God! And instead of the dwelling places of wood and stone, in this city the people of God themselves constitute the habitations, for they are living habitations in whom God dwells, lives, walks, speaks, and works by His Spirit.

      You may also want to read these two links, which expound upon this.

      The Heavens Declare, Parts 36 & 37:



      Hope that helps in some way.


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