What’s The Real Agenda Regarding Sandy Hook?

I wrote the following to friends in an email and thought I’d also ask readers here what they think about my “gut feeling”:

Whenever I get these nagging “gut feelings” I know that my intuition is about to reveal something of truth. I am having one regarding all of this Sandy Hook stuff (and I hope you can help me sort it out).

There is obviously something very awry with the story. We’ve seen the inconsistencies in Posen’s interviews, in the fake family actors (or whatever is wrong with them), the whacky Medical Examiner, the guns found in the school (then in the car), the armed swat team member from a different town caught in the woods (running away, instead of “catching murderers”). It seems all to blatant. Too choreographed.

But why? Why would the government and media do such as this… be so loose with facts… intentionally causing disinformation? Why would all the disinfo specialists like Alex Jones be screaming about the 2nd Amendment, saying things on National TV about another “Revolution”?

I can think of a couple of reasons that actually go hand-in-hand.

1) I believe that we are about to undergo serious financial problems here in the states, including Austerity measures to an extent that the very poorest people up thru those left in the middle class are about to see what real poverty and hunger is. It appears to me that as we slide into that misery, the PTB need a major diversion.

2) It appears that this intentional mish mash of bullshit about these “murders” is bringing about a show down between those liberty minded “truthers” and those who trust and support the government.

What if?

What if the demonization of Constitution supporters is simply a catalyst of the Divide and Conquer strategy we all know is part of the way to bring full control to our betters (the Jews and their sayanim)? What if they realize that this is the ultimate division and that the scare tactics being employed (and supported by that loud mouth sayanim, Alex Jones and the like) is simply a means to bring about some type of Civil War. Scaring the MSM masses into thinking preppers and liberty minded truthers are to be feared even more than any government issue? Until they INSIST that the government stop us?

People screaming about armed insurrection is a detriment to the cause of liberty and only used as THE last resort. Hence my post about contacting local reps and utilizing one of the last civilized methods to stop it.

What about all the character assassinations of the Founding Fathers and their motive on the likes of the History Channel? What about all the negative stuff on Discovery, et al, regarding Preppers and Conspiracy Theorists? Bil Maher, Al Sharpton, Piers Morgan, and all the other MSM sayanim coming out attacking/belittling anyone who discusses state’s rights, the Sheriffs standing up, and also using maniacs like AJ to push the “crazy” agenda?

The result has been to push citizens, especially the 2nd Amendment supporters (like myself), into buying guns. A LOT OF GUNS.

It seems to me that these maniacs are pushing for an armed confrontation with the sole reason to be a total crackdown, so to make it easy for the implementation of the Jewish/Marxist? agenda.

What do you think?

Obviously, we have had over a decade of Police State apparatus implementation. There are reasons for “FEMA Camps”, the huge amounts of bullet purchases by the Feds, the militarization of the police (especially federally), the constant assault on the 1st Amendment, the negative media portrayal of the Founders, the attack on whistle blowers, the open disdain for those who care and speak out. Look at what has been done to the jobs… deliberate off-shoring of manufacturing (the last bastion of the Middle Class). The only ones left are hospitality type jobs, working for the government, medical (with more and more decreasing pay and ability to make money), the prison industry, or the only thing left of manufacturing (Military hardware). There isn’t much left.


Could they be pushing us into the final corner?


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6 thoughts on “What’s The Real Agenda Regarding Sandy Hook?

  1. One thing I do believe, there are those, in public or not, that are working VERY hard to keep the peope divided…and further divided. United we stand,divided we fall.

    The fact that there IS a finacial situation that most likely will lead to a collapse…well thats a opportune time to take over the reigns of the Good ol’ USA. Whether it be foreign invasion via a finacial situation, or those home spun enemies looking to change America into their vision ( whether these folks do this with intent or just out of misguilded ‘goodness’ can be debated) , one can just have a look around to see it…if your willing and strong enough to face it.


  2. They probably have two approaches. The first was to have all of these false flag attacks on citizens (Arizona, Aurora, Sikh Temple, CT) as a destabilizing series of events and then seeing how this approach went. I think they still don’t get how quickly their falseflags are deconstructed by a multitude of people. CT was a screwup in that regard, because they pushed people away, rather than toward their meme. I don’t know anyone who is buying their narrative, even if they don’t recognize the likelihood that it was a gladio-style operation. Once they lost the meme and their desired response (people clamoring for second amendment rights abrogation- instead people went apeshit in the opposite direction) they now turn to demonizing the second amendment and constitutionalists, hoping to foster civil war. The problem is that it is not going to work. Of course the meme now turns to demonization in the hopes of destabilizing through clamor for government action. That won’t happen yet and it will become increasingly difficult to carry out as more and more people realize that it is being orchestrated from above. Time is not on their side in this regard. As delay increases, more and more people become aware. People will tend to stand down and just wish to be left alone, so it will be difficult to jumpstart the kind of destabilizing action they wish to foster without a believable false flag event- which has become increasingly difficult because they are very amateurish in carrying these things out. People will look to see what they do and will not do anything unless completely and unlawfully provoked. But there is a limit to this.
    I’m thinking there is a much greater likelihood of a false flag attack on a National Guard unit by a group of so-called “Patriots” handled by the FBI (aka the Federal Reserve Police) much as was carried out in Oklahoma City, only larger this time. The reason why this is a much greater likelihood than simply a larger false flag attack on the general population is that people are becoming increasingly aware of the general population false flags- nothing the MSM says makes any sense and with their credibility falling further and further down the toilet, such a false flag will probably have adverse consequences to their ultimate goals.
    A false flag attack on a National Guard unit will get the troops riled up- which is exactly what they want and even though the grunts tend to be a lot more savvy about the false flags than is the general population- they may be planning a very vicious attack. So, hopefully all will remain vigilant and this can be ferreted out before the troops can be brainwashed to turn anti-citizen. There was a recent report from a putative Westpoint thinktank about the dangers of constitiutionalists and patriots (the standard demonization of the “far right” white supremacists, most of whom are probably intelligence operatives), but the report was blatantly fallatious and the individual making the report was a fellow by the name of Arie Perliger- so we can surmise what the driving force is- but we can’t be sure of the effect given how the consciousness of this society and the troops has been raised.
    Other scenarios are also possible- but they will not resemble the series of false flag attacks of recent vintage.
    They will probably stage a big one- just not what is predictable based upon recent history.
    In addition, the likelihood of a CIA/Mossad attack (suitcase bomb) is also less likely only because CIA/Mossad are aware that this society is becoming increasingly anti-Zionist because of blatant criminality, and that many people are becoming increasingly aware that CIA/Mossad intelligence played an integral role in providing the streetlevel mechanics and much of the strategy of the WTC demolitions. So it will not come from that end, I don’t think.
    But it will come. Bet on it.


  3. T.Rand:

    Valid scheme for a false flag. A Mossad/CIA team posing as far right patriots, go into a barracks and kill 20 sleeping servicemen on US soil. Then they dump the dead bodies of 5 oath-keeper types and spew the story that a gun fight ocurred and the patriot extemists were killed by the servicemen who survived. The phony surviving servicemen are actually CIA pretending to be soldiers.

    Some variant of the scenerio would turn the military against civilians defending themselves against a corrupt zio puppet government.


  4. Well BuelahMan are you ready for BuelahLand?
    Seems like those Old Hebrew Prophets were right after all. They told us how these Last Days would unfold and not many believed them.
    Well it might be time we slow down and take another look at the Book.

    Here is a great place to start.

    Have yourself a great day



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