This Is What ‘Honoring The Oath’ Means

I took an oath many years ago to protect the Constitution.  That oath is one reason why I do what I do here. I took an oath when I married my wife and even though we have had hard times, I still honor that oath. To me, my word is the most important thing I have. So, when I see something like this, I can appreciate it. For those of you that are pushing for removal of weapons which basically infringe on my Second Amendment rights, you are forcing me to honor my oath, which includes protecting the Second Amendment.

This guy seems to be doing the same, except he is an official (I’m not). We need more of him to step up and say it out loud.

I will take my uniform off and I will stand with freedom before I stand with tyrannical thugs.

January 24, 2013 in Gilberton Pennsylvania, The Police Chief Mark Kessler said he has drawn the line in the sand, and will stand with Freedom Over Tyranny as he and the city passed a resolution unanimously that says that will not comply or enforce any new laws infringing on the 2nd amendment.


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4 thoughts on “This Is What ‘Honoring The Oath’ Means

  1. slowly Americans rediscover the intent of the preamble…to establish JUSTICE…

    Americans need to focus like a laser beam on the LIARS and dishonest prevaricators = JUDAISTS = TALMUDIC TERRORISTS

    who print the currency and own the media and operate a KOSHER BROTHEL called “CONGRESS”

    the exact opposite of PROGRESS


  2. Rock on sir. What a frigg’n hero. Didn’t he just speak from the heart. We all knew he meant it and these were not just cheap words for the camera. I’m sure we were all pondering whilst listening to him, ask ourselves how many more of these real men are out there.

    Great post Mr B.


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