“Comrade, New Holocau$t Bookskis for Little Trotskyites!”


Adapted from Greg’s post of the same name at The Goon Squad

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12 thoughts on ““Comrade, New Holocau$t Bookskis for Little Trotskyites!”

  1. Choice


    GRADE A . . .


    what would Gabby Hayes say…


    now really, how many actual Hebrew – Israelite – “WHITE PEOPLE”… were MASS MURDERED in the 20th century


    by the Synagogue of Satan = JEWISH – BOLSHEVIK – Zionist = Talmudic Terrorists…?


  2. So what’s the complaint? The kids will still get to read plenty of fiction. They just won’t call it that.

    I’m reminded of an old poem of mine:

    Epistemological Mystery

    How have the narrow and the gauche
    Flaunting “econ,” “psych,” and “soash”
    Eclipsed their intellectual betters,
    Our once-exalted men of letters?
    They’ve surely never shown that they
    Have more perceptive things to say
    About life’s deeper mysteries
    With formulae and indices
    Than our tested bards and sages
    Whom we’ve trusted through the ages,
    But for no reason demonstrated,
    Our literati abdicated.

    In the current instance, it’s no mystery, as you so well point out.


  3. This video is your best so far Bman. Truly well done …. and Mr. Bacon too, of course…

    OK, the education aspect and removal of creativity and rational thought…. this is the stuff my nightmares have been made of over the decades.

    The following will pop your eyes wide open:


    Today I listened to the Keith Johnson Show, Revolt of the Plebs over at The ugly Truth. His guest has just released a book called Hellfire:

    Revolt of the Plebs Broadcast Jan 29, 2013
    This interview is truly not to be missed. The information about WW2 will truly shock anyone including those who were there. Goodrich goes deeply into what took place at Dresden and there is so much more than most of us ever knew. You want to learn about Dresden, here is a good place to start.

    Michael Thomas Goodrich, author of Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947,joins Keith to discuss the horrific atrocities committed by the allies during WWII and the Jewish warmongers who called the shots. A MUST LISTEN!


    • Thank you, again, Ma’am. I do appreciate the kind words. I just finished a music video, which can’t be published yet (awaiting the artists’ permission). Its pretty good even without video of the band (the song is very good).

      I’m going to read your article today. It is evident that the local schools are dumbing down the kids and they are figuring that out (its not them, but technocrats that develop the system and hand it down to local school officials). That particular program is a miserable failure, but I am not sure if they understand that it is purposeful. A highschool friend is a teacher and she recently told me that it is intentional and she wants out.

      I go to great lengths teaching my little one critical thinking skills, trying to subvert the plan (thus far it is working). She is a “thinker”, thank God.

      She asked me the other day, “if God wants peace and love, why did He create evil to begin with?” Then she told me “that is the hardest question I can think of”.

      Welcome to life, little one.

      Mt Goodrich was on John Friend’s show several weeks back. Very interesting information in his book. I did a YT video of the interview (one of my early ones):



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