And The Answer Is: Every One Of Them

My video called them all parasites. But it is far worse than that.

Look how much groveling, lying, and down right self-castration Chuck Hagel did in front of the Senate and cameras for all America to see (as if they cared). And this is supposed to be a “hero”… a decorated soldier.

He is a disgrace. He should ask Hillary for her balls.

Is anyone surprised?

h/t Bro Nathanael

(I get a ‘500 Internal Server Error’ when I go to youtube, but could see the video on Bro Nat’s post, in case it doesn’t work here)

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5 thoughts on “And The Answer Is: Every One Of Them

  1. clearly more people want truth

    than just temporary “comfort”…er um “Drooogs” or the “Jewish” narrative

    Intelligence reports from across the world are pointing to one RAT face, no longer simply a “mosaic” or “connected dots.”

    Rat Faced Talmudia/Global Crime Syndicate is using a series of surrogates, the ZOG US, Britain, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Al Quida, Boko Harum, UNITA, and groups within the ZOG US, AIPAC, the ADL, jew worshipping police organizations, all aligned with “Jewish” organized crime, drug and human trafficking and gambling interests in Las Vegas and Macao.

    is it so improbable that the Identity Thieves in Palestine are defrauding actual Israelites….who bears the burden…Cui Bono ?


  2. I watched most of that hearing and it was a raw display of power of the Jewish Lobby. And Hagel was no better, cringing in fear to those demanding he grovel before Israel.

    Hagel needs to go, he’s spineless. All that Israeli ass-kissing and only ONE question about what to do about the high rate of Army suicides. What a load.

    But at least the American public got a good dose of what the Lobby can do.


  3. it would appear that the majority of the Non-Jews have become accutely aware of what “Jewish” actually means, since it obviously has nothing whatsoever in coomon with the word Israel…

    here’s a cooment from a “Jew” using the word Israel to define a zionist stool sculpture deity cult compound unhabited by Khazar “Ashkenazim” proselytes to talmudic Judaism….

    “The call for boycotting ” Israel” is an expression of hostility towards “Israel”.,7340,L-4339595,00.html

    One would have to be very naive (or manipulative) to come to the conclusion that this is merely a “non-violent way” of demonstrating. The call for boycotting Israel is really a camouflaged call for her ultimate demise.

    The solution of the refugee issue is supposed to be negotiated in the final-status talks that will end the conflict.

    The BDS does not call for an end of conflict, rather it insists on forcing the inclusion of millions of Palestinians into Israel (even though the conflict has not been solved). Are you identifying with the demise of Israel as long as it is “non-violent”? “….

    Read more:

    No One on Earth HAS to be a “Jewish”…


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