Ongoing Cleanup

Please forgive the clean up operations. Instead of closing the blog, I am making a few changes.

clean up after yourself

The focus will still be the same, but some old links, associations before my awakening, and just plain clutter are being cleaned up.

With thousands of posts, category/tag clutter, and various other maintenance related items, it may take a while to get it all straightened out.

However, the first thing is changing the theme and giving the old gal a new look.

Secondly, I have slightly updated the Video Page and eliminated others.

More changes are on the way…

Thank you for your patience.

6 thoughts on “Ongoing Cleanup

  1. The dawg says it all! Amazing shot…

    So glad the news is good and the direction positive. You are doing what I have been thinking about what with going on to 6000 posts in the last 7 years. It is getting impossible to find the older historical material so I understand the need to declutter. Good luck in your endeavour. I just decluttered my small apartment of a zillion old things and suddenly it feels lighter and cleaner. And lots of folks got given a ton of new stuff as well as slightly used.

    I speak for many when I say…. come on back soon now, you heah?

    Regarding that dog and his droppings. Sometimes when I see people walking their dogs and carrying little bags of poop I wonder what an alien might think if he landed here and saw a four legged beast leading a two legged beast who is tasked with the job of carrying his poop for him.


    • Thank you, Noor. Your support was instrumental in helping me decide to keep the blog up and going.

      Now if I could teach my dogs that trick, I wouldn’t have to worry about the minefield in the back yard. BTW: I stepped over cat puke this morning.


  2. dwelling in Beulah Land has its’ advantages..

    somehow, NBF will rest in peace even if the braindeadgoy can’t…

    lots of cleaning up in the buelah land…this SPRING…

    as if the braindeadgoy are going to watch re-reuns of I LOVE LUCY….again…;article=144009;title=APFN

    FRESH…Clean air…& Sunshine….wow.

    such a deal


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