Coffin, Meet Nails

Alan Hart

Veteran’s Today has finally done it. They finally have alienated virtually every one of their readers by allowing Alan Hart to continue his foolishness. Its even worse, because this dude doesn’t know when to shut up and the owner doesn’t know when to shut him up.

VT has been on an alienation roll recently. Dumb Dunce Duff (the owner) has gone out of his way to protect the Jews (he is one, of course) and to suggest that those who do acknowledge the tribal mentality as “anti-Semitic”. He admits to lying, so this won’t be a surprise to anyone.

Whitewraithe at Pragmatic Witness has deleted everything related to him and most of the VT articles at her place (I haven’t thus far, but its because I’m lazy, I suppose).

I don’t know what to think about the Hart, fellow. Its as if he (and Duff?) want to rid themselves of people who examine the truth about the Holocaust. Why else would someone say this?

In conclusion I have only this to say to those who assert that I am a clever propagandist for Zionism – You are bonkers (crazy)! Go see a psychiatrist and get some help. Or obtain and read my book – I dare you to do that.

Ohhhh. Maybe THAT’s it. He wants to sell books.

Good luck with that, Al, baby. After reading the comment section, I think that you are going to have a hard time, for almost everyone there has called you out, you moron (If you want to see someone get their metaphorical head chopped off, you should read them all).

But, for the sake of brevity, Gray wrote:

“AND we’re….”sexually frustrated”

Well, now we know a little more about ourselves if we don’t buy “The Industry’s” Story,… “Lock, Stock & Barrel”.

There is very little that is instructive, credible or intellectually enlightening in Mr. Hart’s puerile & insulting effort, here, except in its reliance on identical deceptive as ploys as recommended by W.J.S.U.’s “Hasbara Handbook”

The “Hasbara Handbook” is among the many obfuscation tools issued to Zionist Internet Trolls who must rely on “Name Calling”, “Testimonial”, “Point Scoring” rather than well reasoned argument or credible & well documented facts.

“Zionism and the art of propaganda: downplaying rationality”

I’ll let V.T. readers note the similarities and, hopefully research “The Hasbara Handbook” themselves.

If Mr. Hart has attempted to convert his intended audience; Open Minded students of History (aka “Deniers”) he has failed dismally.

“Writing 101″ holds that one does not insult those whom he hopes to persuade.

Mr. Hart has simply exemplified the moral, ethical and intellectual bankruptcy behind “The Industry’s” Product/Story and its Well Heeled, mean spirited hucksters who prey voraciously on Jews and non-Jews alike.

I have enjoyed many of Mr. Hart’s works in the past, wish him well and hope that he will be more thoughtful in his future writings


That’s a nice comment.

matthewmccauley wrote:

I am torn. Hart is either an ignorant old dinosaur or a provocateur. Either way, the only part of this series worth reading is the comments section…

That’s a bit harsher.

blakehamilton straightens him out:

Enough of this guilt trip. It had nothing to do with our generation and it’s obvious why they do it.

Some population figures From the World Almanac:

In 1934 : Christians 682,400,000, Jews 15,315,000.
In 1948 (after WWII) : Christians 592,406,542, Jews 15,753,638.
Absolute difference : Christians LESS 89,993,458, Jews MORE 438,648.

Jewish population actually went up during those war years whilst our population decreased dramatically. Who actually benefited from the war and who suffered more? Draw your own conclusions from that and still have sympathy for the eternal victim. Doubt they care one iota about any other suffering or feel guilt over Holocausts they have masterminded (including this generation).

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5 thoughts on “Coffin, Meet Nails

  1. don’t mention the trail of tears…

    or 13 days to glory…like dude, a whole other country…

    lotsa bloody hands, and greedy A**HOLES

    oh well at least Jim Dean does a good two step

    define “Israel”


  2. you started it…

    now the POPE is throwing in the towel…

    Pope Benedict often cited the significance of eternal truths and he warned of a dictatorship of relativism.

    Some values, such as human life, stand out above all others, he taught again and again. It is a message for eternity.

    He unified Catholics and reached out to schismatic groups in hopes of drawing them back to the church.

    More unites us than divides us, he said by word and deed. That message is for eternity…..

    He spoke for the world’s poor when he visited them and wrote of equality among nations in his peace messages and encyclicals. He pleaded for a more equitable share of world resources and for a respect for God’s creation in nature.

    ]]] check out mikeys’ photo of the rat – – and the comment… [[[

    and you [all] thought Visibles’ saucer pod was a fictional device like Mr. A’s walking stick…

    karma’s a bitch

    LBGT…but still a BITCH

    no offense to female dogs intended

    now back to the smoking mirrors show….


  3. Alan Hart: “My main concern was and is that holocaust denial plays into Zionism’s hands.”

    He might as well say that his main concern is that anti-Semitism plays into Zionism’s hands. Once one adopts the language of the Big Lie practitioners he has lost the game. “Holocaust denial” is simply a pejorative term without meaning. Usually it encompasses anyone who has expressed doubts, based upon evidence, that the Nazis had a systematic program to kill Jews, that they did it primarily through the use of gas chambers, and then erased the evidence by disposing of the bodies by means of cremation. That a number of countries have seen fit to enact laws making it a crime to look into such claims in a public fashion should really be all one needs to know about the validity of the claims. If they were certain of the claims, they would be welcoming such public investigations.

    As for Mr. Hart’s suggestion that “holocaust” questioners need the attention of psychiatrists, he would consign these inquiring souls to the tender mercies of the profession that I examine with “So Lance Lied. So What?” at


  4. Alan, how many died at Auschwitz? We’ve been told for decades that 4 million Jews perished there, until the USSR imploded and some TRUTH came out that maybe 2.5 million died at Auschwitz. Several years back, the Israeli paper Haaretz published an article that said a little over one million died there and that number included political dissidents, criminals, etc. who were NOT Jews.

    So take away 3 million from six million and you should get 3 million, but not in Zionism. And if we were LIED to about Auschwitz, what else were we lied to about the holocau$t?

    And NO, I’m not going to buy your book.


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