What State Do These Senators Really Serve?

Video derived from Greg’s article of the same name at The Goon Squad

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2 thoughts on “What State Do These Senators Really Serve?

  1. Montana’s the last state where the majority of the population is of Irish heritage. Thus is makes perfect sense Maximillion Baucus would be a senator representing the Irish Americans of Montana, right?

    Funny that with 2% of the population, so very many jews ”’represent”’ Americans in Con gress. What would we think if 30% or so of Congress was made up of Korean Americans? Would that strike the rest as a bit odd???

    But at least the jewish members of congress have Kol Nidre to fall back on for their Oath of Office lie. What about the Peter Kings and the Orrin Hatchs and the John McCains of America? Do they also have a special cleansing prayer that we know nothing of? Or are they simply too far gone to even give it concern?


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