Would You Perform Oral Sex On A Donkey, For Israel?

Our US Senators would and do… frequently.

A perfect follow up to my video post yesterday.

Thanks to DCDave for sharing (altho, I come away thinking that the producers of SNL are just rubbing out stupid faces in the truth and laughing at us, instead of vice versa).

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5 thoughts on “Would You Perform Oral Sex On A Donkey, For Israel?

  1. good call,

    On both occasions, Ewing said, Gold Club owner Steve Kaplan was in the room, and the basketball player was told that payment for the dancers had been “taken care of.”


    Ewing’s testimony supports the prosecution’s allegations that Kaplan lured “celebrities” to his club by providing them with free food, drinks and free courses in community organizing…


    scratch on yo head hunnychile…an axe yoself…


    Wharton said a state of detente had existed between people who liked Forrest Park and those who loathed it, but placement of the marker broke the detente and triggered complaints.


    He said that like state and county government, Memphis should come up with a process by ordinance determining “once and for all how we name our parks.”

    …since Prince Mongo has shown the most real Talent in this dept.


    he should be the first in line for consideration


  2. Jewish programme, Jewish writers, Jewish origins. Who knows what the aim is but I would not look past them laughing at us. However, it seems awfully realistic to me. Are you sure this is meant to be a comedy routine and not the real thing……? hehe.. The “old Jew” cracked me up, so very imoPeres-ish!


    • I just found out that this did NOT air live, but only on the SNL website.

      That explains why we haven’t heard more or that someone wasn’t fired or whatever.


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