Fox News Sex Surrogates and their Zombiefied Customers

Fox News Sex Surrogates and their Zombiefied Customers

Original Article by Greg at The Goon Squad (Where Brains are Tenderly Washed, Disinfected and Made Usable Again):

Fox News Viewers are the Most Misinformed: A Seventh Study Arrives to Prove It — and Vindicate Jon Stewart!

Fox News Makes Stupid People:

Turn Off Fox:

Block Murdoch:

Video and narration by BuelahMan

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13 thoughts on “Fox News Sex Surrogates and their Zombiefied Customers

  1. Wow! I didn’t know what I was missing by not watching Fox News. As Mary Poppins sang, “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” Both the content and the manner of presentation seem ideal for the commentary of Beavis and Butthead. As for me, I might be checking it out, but only if I’ve muted it first.


  2. ba da bing . .hope you remember yer roots when you make it to the big time film fame…

    glitch the matrix…remember add new twists to RACE & SEX…{Politics & Religion}

    and as most amateur historians will discover contrary to popular belief some of the “Jews” who left Spain went to the
    Carribean to start sugar cane plantation{s} to rot the teeth and minds of the braindeadgoy who at that time had been segregated in Europe in what were called Nations…

    remnants of those edifices are still {more} or les visible today

    The storyline of Purim, which this year begins on the evening of Feb. 23, is a dramatic comedy of errors and grand gestures with over-the-top reactions.

    It is so different in content and style from nearly every other book of the Bible that scholars speculate about the veracity of the “itchy & scratchy” story altogether… reason being that there were never any so-called “jews” in the Old Testamet…

    see this guy named Winston Smith had a low paying job at the ministry of propaganda and wrote the so-called “jews” in the story after the currency printing press ploy proved successful…
    just remember ignorance is strength and the mud of the talmud is stinky only if you can smell

    Drunken parties, “political posturing” {watch out for Dershowitz} and sexual innuendos weave their way throughout the narrative….which is ostentatious “Jewish”…”ness”…needless to say.

    rounding out the trifecta and back to zero dark thirty…

    SIX MILLION MORE….and you know…

    curious thing is No One On Earth Has To Be A “Jewish”…


    • “big time film fame”?

      One must be a Khazar to achieve that.

      WTF is wrong with Mike Delaney? He has hijacked (stolen) ZCF’s work over CI (Christian Identity). He has paypal links that go to Prothink and has disallowed ZCF to take his original work and seemingly is claiming it for his own. His latest post shows very poor video work, while insisting that his is better than ZCF’s (which is laughable on its face).

      There is a reason I never linked to Prothink, but until now it was just a gut feeling. I’ve heard Delaney on various interviews and some of his associations prove that he is more geared towards white supremacism and hatred of other races. My take is that all races should come against the Sons of Satan and stop falling for the false divide instigated and perpetuated by “jews”. That being said, it appears to me that Prothink (and a few of the places that he links to) are as much disinfo (or just gullible tools) as anything else.

      And please don’t knee-jerk me, people. I am pro-white. I think that we should celebrate the white race, as much as latinos or blacks have the right to celebrate their race.

      But, to me, the thieves of jewry, the Khazars, are not a “race”. Its a brainwashed ideology of hatred and racist superiority used to dominate the rest of the world (1Peter 5:8, Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour).

      Few are actually semitic (if one wants to consider that a “race”).

      They are stealing everything that is not protected and the gullible masses of “races” are falling all over themselves, helping them.



  3. First, I stopped watching CNN years ago & went to FOX for the real news, but then they started showing their true colors so I quit watching them last year. My only choice of news of importance is the Internet. Thanks for posting this great article.


    • I can only say that Fox News has long supported the lies of the neocon agenda. It is a huge supporter of zionism and Israel. Like the other networks, it is owned by a crypto-jew and has several Jews or, as I call them, Jew-lites on air and behind the scenes.

      It continually (for a decade or longer) has perpetuated the left/right false divide and continues to serve its alternative purpose to CNN, MSNBC, etc.

      They have been a long-time disinformation source.


    • You make the call.

      Stephanie Wolfe

      The article attributes this statement to her:

      The teacher said she would prefer articles from The Huffington Post, BBC or CNN be used for sources on her assignments.

      Obviously, she only knows half the truth.


      I missed this nugget at the bottom:

      According to West Liberty University, Wolfe most recently taught courses in holocaust and genocide studies at Keene State College in New Hampshire.



  4. Hey Bman, I read your comment on the real zcf blog. I think us ‘heretic’ truthers should unite, I linked your blog as a bookmark, I will be checking in to post some comments.

    Glad you are on my side with ZCF.


    • Thanks for stopping by.

      It looks to me like Mike has done something either incredibly stupid, the high of egotistical, or is a plant causing division. No matter what the deal, what he did was wrong.

      ZCF has done fine work just to have someone hijack it all.

      I’ll check out your place in a few.


      • I am also worried about how they want everyone to be unanonymous, we already know they exposed zcf and stole his work, how could anyone trust something like that? I am done with even clicking on their links, and I am suspicious of andre for siding with prothink and not sticking up for ZCF. I can understand the dignity of using real names but not to a group of backstabbers. The main thing I don’t get is, why did they kick off jewishproblem? Clearly because he started going hard against CI. Both of them got shafted. Battle lines have been drawn.


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