Homeland Insecurity?

Homeland Insecurity?

It’s a cold Thursday in February in our nation’s capital.  It’s not quite noon, but the lines are already forming by the 13 food trucks parked out on the curb.


 A good sampling of the world’s cuisine, from Korean bibimbab to Middle Eastern kabobs to Ethiopian mesir wat, is available, and all at quite reasonable prices

Drawing particular attention on this day is a truck near the end of truck procession,


which puts it squarely in front a rather large office building.

A popular Vietnamese noodle dish is the truck’s specialty.  Though few of the customers appear to be Vietnamese, they seem to be living up to the truck’s name of Pho Junkies.


Just beyond the building that houses the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Postal Museum—seen in the near background in the middle of this picture


—is Union Station with its large, lower level food court.  The hungry crowd could be there enjoying the warmth, but on this day, the exotic food trucks hold a greater allure.

Welcome to the real workaday Washington, DC, where life can be lived in an increasingly civilized and comfortable fashion.  If the selection of cuisine offered on this one day doesn’t meet with the potential diner’s taste, all he has to do is wait a day and an entirely new selection of international food will be laid out before him.  It’s all there on the Food Truck Fiesta web site (This is the DC – Union Station location).  The scene is being played out in locations all over the DC metropolitan area.  One would hardly realize that we are now well into our second decade of a war, the vaunted Global War on Terror (GWOT).  Don’t these happy diners know that as workers right there in the heart of the government of the country that is “hated for its freedom,” they are all potential targets?  How easy would it be for those ever-present terrorists to simply drive an explosive-filled truck up to the front of the building and blow it up?

But let us get serious.  This is the real Washington, not the make believe capital-under-siege, movie-set Washington that we see around the major tourist attractions like Capitol Hill and the White House.  Had we walked a little bit south from Union Station instead of a block and a half to the west where the food trucks are, we would have found ourselves in this fantasy world pretty quickly.

In this photograph, the building you see in the background is Union Station.


A greater distance behind you are the Russell, Dirksen, and Hart Senate Office Buildings.  Since 2001, access to the entire legislative complex,


from the Senate


Office Buildings on the north


to the House Office Buildings on the south


of the Capitol Building, public access has been severely restricted.


It’s even worse near the White House.  The president’s residence sits quite a ways back from Pennsylvania Avenue, but not in my lifetime has parking been allowed on the curb on either side of the street in front it.  But after the Oklahoma City bombing, even that degree of security was not deemed sufficient, and the entire street for a couple of blocks was closed off to traffic completely.  The full illustration of this fake-siege abomination accompanies my poem, “Washington, DC.”  Even Lafayette Square, which sits across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House is ringed with those expensive obstacles that I have christened “federal poles.”


Now let us return to ordinary Washington, where one would never know that there is an unending war going on.  Who would have guessed it from the complete lack of those grotesqueries known as “security measures” in Washington’s fantasyland, but the food trucks are right on the doorstep of the main U. S. bureaucratic spawn of the GWOT.

Have another look at those flags flying in front of the building.


The blue one is the flag of the Department of Homeland Security.  Confirming it on Wikimapia, we see that this building with its complete absence of external security measures houses these tenants: H.Q. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Department of Homeland Security (DHS); Department of Justice (DOJ) Offices.  One would think that if there really were dangerous terrorists out there with a DC target list, this building would be right at the top of it.  It’s just off the main tourist drag, though, so no siege decorations are required.

Deepening the irony, it turns out that the DHS has chosen to put its USCIS headquarters in close proximity to what has long been a hangout for the DC chapter of one of the oldest terrorist organizations around, the Irish Republican Army (IRA).  We are speaking of the Dubliner, an Irish pub little more than a grenade’s throw away.  You can make out the name in the background just past the back of the kabob truck in this picture,


and a good appreciation of the proximity of the Dubliner to the DHS building can be had with this shot.


Capitol Hill Blue even published an interview it conducted of an IRA man at the Dubliner back in 2003.

Oh, but the IRA terrorists are only a concern of the British, I can hear you say.  Yes, but the Uyghur militants from East Turkestan are only a concern of the Chinese, and that hasn’t stopped us from locking them up at Guantánamo in this phony GWOT of ours.  But that’s a story for another day.

David Martin

February 14, 2013

See also “Groping Granny for Show,” “DC Siege Decorations,” and “The Federal Security Sham.”

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9 thoughts on “Homeland Insecurity?

  1. Lol, I love your site’s tagline, “A Redneck’s Guide To Reversing Their Control Of Your Brain.”

    Now, if we could only get the rednecks in the family to understand that READING is required in order to learn anything & wake up to Reality, we might could get somewhere.

    But alas, these rednecks don’t &/or won’t READ & therefore have remained ignorant for a lifetime, living in a mental-awareness-bubble about the size of a quarter. Being in their midst is literally suffocating to anyone who is awake.

    (Nice pics around DC. Good to know how it looks at ground level up there.)


    • Welcome to my little redneck haven.

      You’re correct about ignorance and how my fellow rednecks fail. It is a gameplan long ago implemented. Keep us ignorant so we never find out just who is screwing us. Jews have convoluted the issue by promoting white supremacy and hatred against other races, while they steal every damned thing from us all.

      I am currently have a similar discussion with a friend via email, so its fresh on my mind.

      We must unite against the ones who are controlling our brains, if we ever really want to change things. But that does not mean that we can’t promote our “whiteness”.

      Come back to see us, ya hear?


      • “…while they steal every damned thing from us all.”

        You mean something like this?  🙂 
        (…the only song I ever heard growing up … I think it was the only LP-record my “redneck” father ever bought):


        Seriously, I’m aware of the purposeful Dumbing-Down of the Populace in earnest in the schools, especially since the 1970’s.  So it’s not so much a matter of IQ or schooling, but of ATTITUDE (ie, Disbelief & an Unwillingness to face &/or deal with Reality).

        Kick your shoes off & set a spell, ya hear?


        Spent 4-hours on the phone with a redneck brother recently, he drinking beer the whole time & didn’t remember any of what I said the next day.  What a waste of time & energy (I should have known better from prior similar aggravating experiences with a beer-drinking redneck sister.)  

        First rule of thumb for attempting to enlighten rednecks:  Never talk to them while they are drinking their beer.  :-/

        The worst revelation from that same brother was his proclamation re his “Life Philosophy”:  

        “I DON’T *BELIEVE* in TALKING about *BAD* Stuff.”  

        WHAT???!!!  Who ever heard of such nonsense!  

        Translation:  “I Don’t Believe in Facing Reality.”  

        Sigh.  I was shocked!  This is no kid we’re talking about.  Everybody is in their 50s-60s.  

        That attitude may possibly stem from a “Course in BS***” that he & my father took back in the 80s.  It was called LifeStream or something; maybe similar to that “EST” BS that was going around in the 70s, if you remember that mind-bending baloney?  

        All I remember is my father describing that “Seminar” saying they (the no-doubt-Communist-brainwashed-facilitators) getting attendees up in front of the group & having them say the F-word over & over until they could say it without guilt, convincing themselves that it was “just a word” & not a “bad word.”  Etc. Etc.  Such Garbage!  

        Whatever he & my brother learned there did mould their views thereafter for the worse (duped worse than they would have been without it!)

        In more recent years I came visiting with 75 DVD-documentaries re the NWO/JWO, etc.  Since none of them would READ the 5-6,000 emails of info I had sent over the prior 7-8 years, I thought SURELY they will LOVE to WATCH/learn vs. READ/learn, & we’ll have a great ‘ol time with popcorn & DVDs & hours of discussions re same.  WRONG!
        •First reaction from redneck sister who stuck her fingers in her ears & exclaimed, 

        “Ewww Ewww Nooo Nooo!  I DON’T *WANT* to *KNOW* any of *THAT* stuff!”

        •Second reaction, from my father after inserting the first DVD but which had not even appeared on the screen yet (ie, nobody knew title or subject yet):  He BARKED – LOUD:  

        “WHO made this?!! HOW do you KNOW it’s true?!!!  WHY should we BELIEVE it??!!”  Etc. Etc. 

        (He bit my head off.  It was so harsh & unexpected I was stunned/shocked & simply retreated like a spanked kid & said, OK, OK, Never mind!)  

        So much for popcorn & movies & “awakening” to the JWO.  (I wonder if Czar Nicholas had this much trouble waking up his family before their slaughter? :-/ ).  

        I left the box of DVDs out in the open for 2 more weeks waiting, hoping to see if anyone — ANYONE? — would say, “Hey, why don’t we pop some popcorn & watch one of those DVDs afterall & see what this is all about!” but it never happened.

        Instead I watched them get up everyday, open all the blinds & curtains, make some toast & coffee, turn on the TV, then sit & read the daily newspaper headlines for hours, completely oblivious – still.  No curiosity whatsoever.  No inkling the axe is hanging overhead. It was absolutely SUFFOCATING to be in that atmosphere, so I left.

        From one redneck to another, here’s what I’ve decided after ruminating many times as to why some people wake up & others do not… share with your redneck email friend & maybe we can broaden the hypothesis:  🙂
        1.  People who live in the same TOWN their ENTIRE lives do not grow in awareness.  They stagnate.  (My brother fits this).

        2.  People who hang around the same PEOPLE their entire lives do not grow.  (My folks have gone “Square Dancing” with the same people since I was 10.  I am now 60.  That’s FIFTY YEARS they stagnate with the same group of people.  Though they moved a few times for Dad’s jobs in prior years, they’ve been back in the same town with the same original group for 30 years.  A scripture always comes to mind when I think about this):

        “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.” — Proverbs 13:20.

        If your friends don’t know more than you, find new friends or you risk stagnating together!

        3.  People are Faithless, not knowing God nor His Word.  Oh, the redneck family, most of them anyway, BELIEVE in God, but they do not KNOW Him.  Big Difference.

        •The first thing you learn from Scripture (Gen. chs. 2-3) is there IS an Enemy.  The Devil has his human “fans” just as God has His.  The difference is that evil & “Iniquity will ABOUND” (Matt. 24:12), not dissipate; & bad men will grow “WORSE & WORSE” (2nd Tim. 3:13), not “better & better”!

        Knowing these simple Biblical truths for 20 years made it very easy to believe the next step when it was splashed in my face via 9/11:  How that evil progression is being purposefully & conspiratorially worked out worldwide via the JWO.  (Who is a Greater Conspirator than the Devil himself?  He has most of the world denying he even exists so he has a wide-open field day with mankind.  And if the Pharisees of the 1st C. are the ancestors of the current JWO, why be surprised at all at evil? “You are of your father the Devil” [John 8:44: Deception & Murder are the telltale traits mentioned]).  

        The family, otoh, cannot even cope with the idea of “evil.” (Sister with fingers in ears; Mom can’t believe “people are that bad”; other very successful sister says, “They [USA Govt.] will NEVER let THAT happen!”) Etc., etc.  Pfff!
        •One thing about the Lord, He does not raise Dummies.  If you are truly saved, He sets you on a path of learning.  There’s no getting around that.  He is Anti-Ignorance.  Ignorance is a tool of the Devil who “blinds minds” (2nd Cor. 4:4).  The Word even negatively delineates another degree of Ignorance referred to as “WILLINGLY Ignorant” (2nd Peter 3:5) meaning, Ignorance is actually a CHOICE (Attitude+Choice = a “Life Philosophy” like my brother espouses!)

        4.  People are Arrogant.  (Arrogance & Ignorance = closely related).  They can’t accept they’ve been deceived their entire lives, ESPECIALLY if it’s their own kid or sibling trying to tell them so. — Compare Mark 6:4:

        “A prophet is not without honour, but in his OWN country, and among his OWN kin, and in his OWN house.”

        5.  Adding #3 & #4 together equals Cowardice.  People’s first reaction to hearing about a worldwide conspiracy that could result in our USA-Lifestyle being turned upside-down is usually Fear & that is not comfortable.  Mom has always said, “I’ll be dead before any of THAT ever happens so I don’t have to think about it.”  Well, Mom [& Dad] are still alive & well.  So how close are we? :-/ 


        Ok, ok, so I wrote a whole lot more than I intended & spilled the whole bag of beans re the redneck family.  To end on a brighter note, a few hopeful signs on the horizon:

        Got a text msg. about a month ago from Sister-Fingers-In-Ears (lives in another city) that merely said, 
        “IT’s GETTING BAD OUT HERE!”  
        (Hey, if pain increases awareness, sorry to have to say, then Good!)  🙂

        Heard a younger brother out West got saved so I trust the Lord to continue to educate him.  (Get a Biblical education under your belt first & the rest will make total sense.)

        Heard the baby brother in yet another State was “mini-prepping” (signs of awakeness!) but that his wife is not happy about it one iota (she is long-time friends with Successful-Sister-Govt-Will-Never-Let-THAT-Happen! which is how the friend met/married baby brother, so not surprising the wife would be anti-prepping/anti-conspiracy).  Several years ago I had sent baby brother a few DVDs so maybe those helped wake him up.  I wouldn’t know.  He never said Thank You.  (Our family rednecks have notorious bad manners.  So inconsiderate & nobody ever says Thank You for anything.  Always a repeated shocker for a RedneckFamilyReject.)

        A month or two ago I was saying to Mom how the occult symbolism is so over-the-top in-your-face everywhere now that there is no denying it & “they” don’t even disguise it anymore.  Mom, in a BEGRUDGINGLY tone, replied (as if she hated admitting I had been right all along) that some of the Square Dancers had begun to notice that very thing & had also mentioned it.  (Well praise God.  Can Square Dancers really wake up after 50 years?  Just in the nick of time?  🙂  If so, there’s still hope!)

        The End For Now. 


        What was BillyBob (BilyyB) referring to?  (“Another snide remark towards the white populous”)?


        Btw, how does a “redneck” end up living in DC?  🙂


        PS:  You don’t have to post this whole long thing if you don’t want it on your site.  I was only going to post the TEF video as humor, but got carried away & thought you might get a kick out of the “redneck family ‘info war’ struggles.”  🙂


        • Lots of good stuff. I am the oldest of several bros and sisters. My sister is the only sane one and she is coming around. The others are so far out there in lala land that I have basically given up hope. My Mom is a radical Christian Zionist, born in Germany and cannot apologize enough for things she had nothing to do with. My Dad is estranged, a horrible neocon and supporter of all things MILITARY.

          I basically don’t give a damn if they agree with me or not and have shown myself to be correct so many times that they must know, but simple refuse to think about it, I guess.

          Glad you wrote again.

          I have no idea what bilyyB was talking about.

          And I don’t live in DC (that was my friend and guest poster, DC Dave. I am a Mississippi redneck. And proud of it.



          • Hehe on that last sentence. 🙂  Drove thru Mississippi several times in younger years, beautiful greenery, fun winding, curving back roads to bypass the Interstate, a lot of cricket noises at night, just like “Florida Cracker-land,” but both are too hot/humid!

            (& oops on the guest author vs. site owner… I ended up here from a tweet link the first time.)

            Thanks for sharing re your family & sibs.  Good to know others have experienced the same.  I’m w/you on basically giving up.  I can’t stomach the “deer in headlights” looks any longer.  But glad you have at least the one sis who is coming around.  Better “little by little” than not at all.

            No military at this end but that’s heavy about your Dad.  Severe military brainwashing, I guess.  Maybe someday he’ll see that Henry Kissinger quote re military men being nothing but a bunch of dumb animals to be used as pawns:
            That could be an “Ouch!” wake-up call.

            That’s too bad about your Mom on both counts.  I almost was absorbed into the “Christian Zionist” mindset from watching too much “Christian TV” (which is saturated with said Judaizing… THE very thing the Apostle Paul fought so vehemently against! yet somehow that escapes their notice).  The “Christian Judaizers” (same as “Christian Zionists” but Paul used the Greek verb “ioudaizo” or “Judaize”) would have us all back under the Old Testament Law, celebrating (& giving “first fruits offerings” = $$$) for (now non-existent) Ancient Israel’s “feast days,” putting Mezzuzahs on our doorposts, wearing occult “Hexagram” necklaces (socalled Star of David), & wearing “Talits” (Jewish “prayer shawls), etc.  Paul would be rolling over in his grave if he could see it all!  Some years ago I was on the verge of forking over $50 big ones for one of those Talits when the Lord put in my path a beautiful article by the late Miles Stanford re a Christian’s “position in Christ” (nothing “Judaized” about it! ) Wow!  What a wake-up call (Stanford spent his years writing letters to big wig Christians of his day correcting them re their Judaizing & pointing them to Paul’s letters as the foundation of Christianity, not the 4 Gospels (nor Acts) which were actually written to Ancient Israel.  (MS’s articles are hosted here:
            http://WithChrist.org).  So I not only saved $50 bucks, lol, but from thenceforth rejected all such Judaizing efforts to put Christians back under bondage to God’s PRIOR (<< operative word) program for Ancient Israel which is 2,000 years BEHIND us.  And any Jewish person who wants to be saved must go about it the same way, through Jesus Christ, not "Judaism" MIXED with Christianity (Gal. 1:8-9), & not through modern "National Israel" either.

            As for your Mom's "German Guilt"™ instigated by Zionist Propaganda, I had a best friend in the 1980's who suffered from the same ZP but on the opposite side of the fence.  She was a Christian Jewish lady whose Mother's parents & siblings had been killed in the Holocaust.  Her Mom (who I met several times) was frail & sickly all her life, per my friend, due to the harsh conditions surviving the camps as a child.  One day I was so shocked when my friend admitted she becomes incensed at just the SOUND of a German accent!  After hearing a thick-German-accented guy on TV, she literally turned red in the face & her whole body began visibly shaking/trembling (with deep-seated anger)!  I had NEVER seen her like that as she was totally friendly always to everybody of every nationality.  She then admitted her hatred of Germans with thick accents for what "they" had done to her Mother.  

            So both your Mom & my long-ago friend are both deceived re the facts that "International Jewry" have purposefully disguised.  Hopefully they both will wake up to the Zionist ploy & aim their angst where it belongs!

            Take care! 


            • Sorry, the spam filter kept you out. I have a limit to the number of links (I am getting several hundred spam messages a day). So, I check it every morning to make sure someone didn’t get erroneously locked out.

              What most older Germans fail to acknowledge is the “re-education” they were all forced to go through.

              My mother says that none of her family were Nazis. However, she would admit that her mother did like the changes that were brought about by the NSDAP, which basically took Jewry out of control positions in government, banking and high business levels. She will talk about how Jews would come into a small town, see the local German vendors’ stores and then as a tribe, open a new competing store that vastly undersold products (at a loss), forcing the other business out, then raising their prices to levels that made it extremely hard on the locals (while recouping monies lost and then making huge profits).

              It is always the same with them. Selfish, money-hungry (worshiping), advantage takers that work together to break down society and make the poor people subservient.

              I don’t agree with all the Nazis did in regards to breaking up Jew families that refused to leave Germany. But I have studied this enough to know that there simply was no systematic plan to kill them off. They wanted them gone. Period. Many were shipped east and it was the Communists that systematically killed many (and they were Jews, mostly).

              The ones that did die in camps were either from Typhus or starvation very late, when the Allies continually bombed and strafed supply lines. But it wasn’t just Jews that died. It was German citizens, too.

              It is difficult for people like my mother to even acknowledge the disconnect she can tell in stories with the brain-washed re-education she was forced into as a child.

              I recently took her to the ER after she fell and broke her ankle. The doctor was a Jew. The moment she found out, she fell all over herself, crying, telling him how sorry she was for what was done to the Jews in Germany. His immediate response was to say that now Israel was experiencing the same thing by the Palestinians. I was flabbergasted and grunted, “bullshit”.

              He looked at me with a snarl. I glared back (and would have cold cocked that POS if he said anything).

              Like I say, they take advantage of every possible person they come into contact with. Always lying thru their teeth and using sympathy even when they are the murderous culprits.


    • Another snide remark towards the white populous. Much like the media machine at large. Molding and shaping the sheeples mind and opinion of your average metrosexual.


  2. D.C. (District of Corruption) appears to be nothing more than a capitol city in a 3rd world country with all the guns on the streets by govt. people.

    Need to read this book out about Americans (rednecks as you call them) who do take a stand against federal tyranny & end up starting the 2nd American Revolution. It’s so real of today’s problems so I recommend it.

    For sure, tyranny will always fall because of the grace of those few who fight/die for the freedoms of all.


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