A Sad Day: Noor Quits


Noor from Snippits and Snappits is discontinuing posts at her place. She says its not for any negative reasons, so I support her and hope the very best for her “new life” (and in many ways, I envy her).

Truth be known, it was something she and a few others wrote that prodded me into cleaning up this blog and to continue, instead of shutting it down a week or so ago. She has been a supporter of mine and an inspiration, so, it is sort of bitter that she is now stopping.

But I like her very much and I truly hope that she will be happy as she goes about her new “stage of life”. She plans to leave the blog up. You should spend some time there, for there is a great amount of valuable information she has shared over the years.

Take care, Noor. You will be missed.

Come see us here, sometime, when you get the chance.

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5 thoughts on “A Sad Day: Noor Quits

  1. It is inevitable that at some point in time all blogs come to an end. That said, it doesn’t make it any easier to see one of our own move on to new adventures.

    A big tip ‘o the hat to Noor. Thanks for everything.


  2. When I start feeling like quiting, I imagine myself stranded in the world’s largest outdoor concentration camp, Gaza and remind myself that they don’t have the option of chucking it in.


  3. Though I’m newly ‘aware’ Noor’s blog was an immediate winner for me – I learned from it and am saddened that she’ll be retired. But to be perfectly honest, I’m surprised anyone can stand writing and reporting on the jewish frontal attack on all things good for more than a year, maybe 2 tops.

    I did make Noor aware of this and I’ll do the same for you, B’man (and should probably take the time to spread this to a dozen or so other bloggers whom I respect) but you and Noor and the others have educated me and allowed me to grow. I don’t agree with everything but I’m now firmly on the ‘bandwagon’ and will do my best to produce a blog and hopefully carry a bit of load myself. Without y’all out there making the effort, I’d have NEVER been able to break out of the programming/brainwashing that we’re all faced with 24-7.

    So, I’m pleased you kept your blog and hope you continue to stick with it for as long as you can stand it – realize your efforts are not in vain. And Noor al-Haqiqa, I’ll miss you (but am thankful for history’s sake she’s keeping the blog alive – I’m sure I’ll get a lot out of reading her archived posts).


    • Well, I do appreciate your comments (and I know Noor would, as well). I have always been a bit rough around the edges, but Noor’s tact hsa always been educational and easy on people (don’t get me wrong, she knows how to take care of herself). I never had the patience and basically just throw it out there… take it or leave it.

      No one will always agree. Especially when taking on the New (Jew) World Order. But I don’t make a nickel off of this, never have (and neither did Noor). I tried embracing the Jews and even let one post here for quite some time. I tried to reconcile differences and talk to several on Facebook before dumping that cointelpro avenue.

      I learned a lot from them, but it only congealed my suspicions.

      I have been called a supremacist, racist, hater, but truth is that every Jew I ever met in real life or online were the real racists, supremacists, haters, takers of advantage (users for gain). The only ones that I call decent Jews are the ones that call out the tribe, and there are VERY few of them.

      Thanks, again, for sharing. It does mean a lot.

      Now I’m gonna check out your place.

      Edited: let me know when you get your up and running…


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