B’Man’s Sabbath Watch: The Hell Lie

I’ve had some recent conversations with a friend who suggests that organized religion, among several other faults and fallacies, is “Universalist”. In response, I explained that IF I had to label myself, I would call myself a “Universalist Deist”. I cannot express what God is, really, but have always felt some higher realm or spirit that encompasses all.

For many years and hundreds of hours (to the consternation of my wife), I studied the Bible and the old dudes they call the first “Church Fathers” who wrote vast volumes of their understanding of the nature of God. If you take the time to study the Greek, especially Paul’s writings, but including the Gospels, and get to know the etymology of the words originally used (as opposed to how the Latin “church” changed the meanings to fit their fear doctrine for control of the masses), you suddenly see a vastly different God than the one that Jonathon Edwards describes in his pitiful sermon, “Sinners In The Hands of an Angry God“.



The one thing I found was that most of the earliest “Fathers“, such as Pantaenus, Orion, Clement of Alexandria, etc.,  had a vastly different view of God and “salvation” than the hijackers from Rome did (which included people like the vaunted St Augustine). This was evident because early on, the first schools of religion taught a type of Universalism, with only one exception that taught eternal punishment, the school founded in Rome.

Also note that most of America’s Founding Fathers who were so-called “Christians” held a very similar belief. They even called themselves Deists, in many cases. Why do you think Jefferson wrote his own Bible, stripping away the Pharisaical OT degradations?

If you may be interested in this subject, comment or write and I can give you some links that might help you.

My purpose is to highlight this interview on 60 Minutes that was done with a priest named John Shelby Spong, where he expresses my beliefs on the subject almost to a T.


Yes, hell is a church invention. Pantaenus, who was considered a “Hebrew” (as opposed to a “Jew”… two radically different things) and taught this belief. For those who are CI (Christian Identity) and believe in hell (most do from what I have seen), you are missing the boat and look more like a Pharisee Jew, than a Hebrew.

I have many problems with CI, but the main one is the supremacist attitude it fosters, because they are intent on taking over the reigns of that Monster God text (the Torah and associated Old Testament writings) and try desperately to embrace the “Angry God” Edwards spoke about. They insist on being the original Hebrews and God’s Chosen, but forget that Christ was, Himself, “Universalist”, in that He was embracing everyone, not just his fellow tribe members.

Well, if you want to be Jew-like, then help yourself.

I don’t. I’d rather be more like Yeshua (Jesus).

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9 thoughts on “B’Man’s Sabbath Watch: The Hell Lie

  1. specifically who made the designation of CI..exactly ?


    what specifically makes someone who understands the definitions of words and truth…. a supremacist instead of an obviator…

    seriously are the charges not specifically made to avoid the truth of who Israel the People are to microscopically deviate into noticing a straw man argument that essentially says that a thought crime has ocurred by someone who says simply “Jews” cannot be Israel because israel is not “Jewish”…?

    the character flaws of individuals who either project “Jewishness” which is – a priori – NOT the truth of Israel {12 tribes} are not “Jews”…

    but how can one indivual or several eradicate the mountain of evidence that America is not being Blessed for blessing the gog & magog so-called “jews”…?

    in other words whether or not someone agrees with a homosexual so-called man of the cloth is irrelevant to understanding that the Mass Murderers who print currency , own the Media and operate a Kosher Brothel to support a “Jewish” state called Israel is an overt case of manifestation of inverted logic.

    In Good Faith…is there any Validity to the Thesis of Willie Martins’ Compiled Evidence in


    that merits “our” attention ?

    or should “we” go down to Egypt ?


    orientation, & Attitude…

    or are we all our own little “g” gods, and the truth is kinda relative to how we feel about it ?

    as in we’re little “g” gods at the middle of our own little universe….like a two year old

    and there is no objective reality ….http://edomsthorn.wordpress.com/

    but the Identity of the Children of Israel…is hardly debatable at this point given the evidence

    Have you seen the chart in Mullins’ book the Curse of Canaan on the “Fellowship of Religions”…?

    you should have seen the furballs when Linda Thompson did – Waco II the Big Lie Continues…

    clearly CI is not the Issue anymore than Lady GaGa is…

    The Issue is…. is the “Jewish” so-called “State” really all 12 Tribes “regathered”…?

    Jesus admonished to Know the Truth….which is clearly not a “Religion”…!


    • BMAN

      At my site ‘edomsthorn.wordpress’ I have PROVEN that the SO called JEWS are not of the Children of Israel, nor did they write the Bible!
      AS you said, …”I have many problems with CI, but the main one is the supremacist attitude it fosters”… I have for over FORTY years believed the the WEST are true Israel, and have never held to the idea of ‘White Supremacy” I honestly believe that those attitudes are from infiltrators like Hal Turner, the ADL and F.B.I. for the purpose of demonizing the Israel Identity Truth. IF this truth were to become widely known the Zionist’s would all of the ‘protection’ they have garnered from their “Gods Chosen” LIE! I ask for your careful consideration of what I have presented at my site.

      Below are the words of JESUS CHRIST! WHY not believe HIM?

      Judah was there in Christ’s day, and have never been “LOST”! JUDAH=JEW™
      Matthew 10:5 These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not:
      MATT.6 But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

      MATT. 10:23 But when they persecute you in this city, flee ye into another: for verily I say unto you, Ye shall not have gone over the cities of Israel, till the Son of man be come.

      Matthew 11:1 And it came to pass, when Jesus had made an end of commanding his twelve disciples, he departed thence to teach and to preach in their cities. (Their so called JEW™ Cities)

      Matt. 15:24 But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

      Luke 22:30 That ye may eat and drink at my table in my kingdom, and sit on thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel.

      James 1:1 James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad, greeting.

      John 7:35 “Then said the JEWS among themselves, Whither will he go? will he go to the dispersed among the Gentiles and teach the Gentiles?”

      The DISPERSED? Deut. 32: 26, “I said, I would scatter them into corners, I would make the remembrance of them to cease from among men,” etc.

      Isaiah 62:4 Thou shalt no more be termed Forsaken; neither shall thy land any more be termed Desolate: but thou shalt be called Hephzibah, and thy land Beulah: for the Lord delighteth in thee, and thy land shall be married.

      Hosea 1:11 “Then shall the children of Judah and the children of Israel be gathered together, and appoint themselves one head, and they shall come up out of the land: for great shall be the day of Jezreel”.
      Jezreel = Gods SEED

      Race is a very important component in the Grand Picture! Christ was foretold in the book of Genesis, and was to come through ADAM! From Adam to Noah the genetic blood line was still pure, but facing extinction, so God brought the flood and preserved the seed of Adam through Noah’s Son SHEM. It is through Shem that we get SEMITIC. The bloodline still being important, God, because of Abraham’s FAITH, made a BLOOD COVENANT with Abraham and his seed that the world would be blessed through JUDAH, one son of JACOB, to David, to Jesus THE Christ. ISRAEL also blessed the world in their, Evangelism, Missionary Enterprises, Philanthropy, Commerce, Wealth and Technology etc. as those ‘marks‘ said of ISRAEL. And the Blood Line is still very important today! If you read in Revelations there will be one hundred and forty-four-thousand of the twelve tribes of Israel (not JEWS), that have been redeemed from mankind as first fruits for God and the Lamb!



      • Thanks for the comment, ET. I will check out your site.

        I am not saying that the West isn’t the lost tribe. I don’t know. And I am not opposed to that line of thinking. Anthony Clifton posts comments regarding this often (and I do read them and follow along). Another (Okie) too writes similar things. It is all very interesting, but to me doesn’t quite gel totally with me personally (no offense to you guys).

        In my discussion with that friend I mentioned in the post, I also explained that there is another group that calls itself Kinism. I said that “IF” I had to choose between those two I would choose Kinism and pointed to a recent FAQ that was done at Tribal Theocrat which explains this racism pretty nicely.


        My experience has shown me that “most” (not all) CI adherents are supremacists and racists. I agree that they are causing a problem because it is my firm belief that various races will need to stand together to fight the Khazar onslaught. That these infiltrators and usurpers that took over the lost tribes birthright (or whatever) must be met with a combined force to withstand the divide among us that THEY instigated and perpetuate (and we all fall for hook line and sinker).

        I usually get a reply that we should celebrate our white heritage, which forces me to ask why my stance is mutually exclusive. Why can’t whites celebrate whiteness and encourage (for instance) blacks to celebrate their heritage and still stand together in the battle? I’m not asking anyone to become a wigger, for God’s sake. Nor do I enjoy the black heritage or many of the customs I have witnessed. To each his own is what I say and judge my interaction with another person on their personal attitude. This isn’t easy, for I am a Mississippian, raised in a very white town that treats the blacks pretty badly, in most cases. I was raised to be a racist, to tell the truth.

        With CI I hear the likes of Finck go on and on defending the monster god of the OT and shrug off that vastly different representation of him that Jesus spoke of. If not containing a touch of Jewness, it is still Christian Zionist-like… worshiping a tyrannical, selfish, murdering, envious beast that created evil (and satan) controlling satan and allowing horrendous things to happen to little children (even instructing his tribe to engage in activities that would hang them in America). Finck (and other adherents) try to defend this and I think it is ludicrous to do so, just because it is in the book.

        So, to me its splitting a hair to go on and on about who the real tribe is, IF that tribe does what the other usurping infiltrators do.

        Understand what I’m saying?

        I did a video for John Friend of his interview/debate of Finck and Guilliani. Both had some good points. I don’t agree with the totally negative atheistic view of G, nor do I agree with Finck’s Jew-lite presentation.

        But, to me, (other than his ranting and loud mouth) I agreed moreso with G than F.

        The problem was that they both focused mostly on the OT god, which I shun for what he is. A monster.

        Like I say, as far as I am concerned, one could throw away the entire OT. More succinctly, one could simply read the red letters (which is basically what Jefferson did… hence my reference).


  2. Beulaman

    Your on the right track. Christianity in all it’s forms are the same old lies from Rome. Father Yahweh is very loving heavenly Father. He is not willing that any one He allowed to be born into His creation perish. All the church fathers were trained in Egypt and ALL are PAGAN. Here is the deal, Father Yahweh inspired His prophets to tell us about YAHSHUA Who was born and lived with out ever breaking any one of those “Old Laws” that the Christian religions hate and preach against. Yahshua was the product of faithful parents that did as they were instructed to do in Deut.6:1-9 these two very wonderful parents believe ALL that those prophets had spoken. The Holy Scriptures were written in HEBREW not Greek or any other language. The Hebrew Scriptures were copied by those who spoke and read those other languages. By the time the english asses got hold of the Scriptures they were so twisted until we end up with the QUEER JAMES PERVRISION. Since SIN is breaking the LAW as you can still read even in the twisted King James in 1 Yahchanan ( John ) 3:4 we MUST KNOW what sin is before we can convert and stop breaking them. Acts 3:19 It is a SIN to break the SABBATH and most Christian are so deceived until they go to their little whore house on sunday and never learn that some goffy pope changed the SABBATH to sunday, and they can’t even get past the 4th Commandment and believe what it says. Remember the TRUE MESSIAH Whose Name is YAHSHUA said we are fools if we don’t do as His parents did and teach our children those ” Old Laws” in Luke 24:25. Once again I invite you to come see what great thing Father Yahweh and His Dear Son Yahshua Messiah are doing in your life time.


    May the same Spirit that inspired the prophets and apostles of YAHSHUA MESSIAH to write and warn us of the time you and I are living in bless your understanding.

    Your true friend Okie


  3. Good post B’man.

    I have always had the same problem.

    For me to believe that god or a universal being created everything is truth.

    Now if we were created by an all knowing being , why would he create something (us) knowing we are not perfect just to later punish us for those inperfections. ..or we were created perfect , then be punished for the sins he knew we would commit..

    …Its like putting a cookie jar on the table, telling your kids not to eat them, then leaving the room knowing the cookies will get eaten, then returning to the room an delivering punishment to said kid.

    This would seem a very cruel thing for an all powerful being to do.

    Yes, it is a way for humans to control each other….

    Glad to see you cleaned things up B’man.


  4. in the university the deviant perverts who hate truth and justice have the students spend an inordinate amount of time proving what something is NOT…curious, eh ?


    According to the EU, denying the Jewish people the right to self-determination by claiming the existence of Israel is a racist endeavor is anti-Semitic. Applying double standards by requiring of Israel a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation is anti-Semitic.


    Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis is anti-Semitic. And holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the State of Israel is anti-Semitic


    Genesis 49 & Deut. 32…describes the Children of Israel


    curiously the braindeadgoy seem to be their own worst enemy for being so totally Stupid


    dwelling in Beulah land…seems to be a choice that is still available


  5. wait there’s more…

    i hope this one gets around…
    Lawrence Davidson

    US presidents, war and institutionalizing abuse

    Sun Feb 17, 2013 23:23

    In the halls of Congress and confines of the Oval Office, the perception is that the US is at war with an enemy called Al-Quida. Is this actually the case or is the claim an exaggerated piece of propaganda that has conveniently captured the minds of so-called leaders whose abuse of power has become institutionalized by fiat and acquiesance to terminal stupidity ?

    What’s war with your pants on ?

    In modern history “war” most often describes a condition of armed conflict between two or more states. War is also a condition that has a discernible beginning and a definite end. Your state officially declares war, you take territory, destroy the other state’s army, its government raises a white flag, signs a ceasefire or, preferably, a peace treaty, and that’s that.

    Sometimes, a national government will want to hide the fact that the nation is at war and, as in the case of the United States in Korea (1950s) or in Vietnam (1960s), it does so through a blatant, but no less effective, bit of propaganda: in place of a declaration of war it goes about calling its violent behaviour a “police action”. In truth, however, these add up to wars waged against other states….because all wars are you know…banker wars..for so-called “Jews”.

    So, at least from the point of view of custom and tradition, not just any category of hostilities can be a “war”. For instance, feuds, vendettas, punitive actions, ethnic violence, tribal hostilities and the like, as bloody as they might be, are not traditionally thought of as wars.

    Al-Quida and the war against terror

    Unfortunately, the traditional definition of what constitutes a war is changing and not for the better. Back in 2001 the {previously unmolested by financial perfidy or the “FED”} the docile innocent previously unzionized United States was attacked by a shadowy organization called Al-Quida. Al-Quida was not a nation nor a government nor a state of any sort. Perhaps it was a loose collection of several thousand like-minded people bound together by an ideologically similar worldview, as well as a stark sense of being wronged. I think it is accurate to say that Al-Quida devotees saw themselves “at not peace” with the Zionist construct in legalese called pejoratively the United States because they believed that the [ZOG] US had attacked the Muslim umma, or community. Osama bin Ladin, the titular head of Al-Quida, said as much in his public “declaration of jihad” released by the zionist controlled ADL/CIA in 1996 with attendant zionist press thanks to the “MAINSTREAM MEDIA” [MSM]….who are coininkydinki “Jewish” to the matzo balls with kippas and that nasal whine..and that yeast infection scowl…

    However, Al-Quida’s perspective was not binding on the alleged American so-called “government” a word horribly abused by so-called ‘AMERICANS’ and, in truth, it makes no sense at all for the zionist construct AKA the “United States” that has literally become a multiculutural moshpit from HELL thanks to Talmudvision the ADL/DHS and ADL/FBI and ADL/IRS and the ADL/CIA and the ADL/ATF and the ADL and AIPAC to boot…and to say it is at war with an entity that, from the Western point of view, was, and to some extent still is, little more than a bunch of patsy poseur saboteurs of b-grade yiddish theatre agit prop redux.

    Perhaps the speech writers and “government public relations” officers in Tel Aviv back in 2001 understood this dilemma and so, instead of declaring that the US was at war with Al-Quida, they concocted the term, “war on terror”. Which is tantamount to swallowing the entire Zionist codswallop whole sans condiments.


    It was an interesting side-step, but it too made no sense. As has been said so many times before, terror is a “Jewish” fantasy brought to real life, and one that is used by many more groups than just the zionist cartoon characters called
    “Al-Quida”. Governments too, even the US government on too many occasions, use “state terror” against Branch Davidian-like peoples. Nonetheless, it was not long before [ZOG] US officials and politicians were using the war on terror to justify all of its reactions to the Zionist terrorist 9/11 attacks.


    With the “war on terror” as a one-size-fits-all cover to roll over the cold war military budgets into The new zionist paradigm it was from now on going to be THE MATINEE SHOW – THE West -vs- Islam…a sweet Zionist dream contrived just before the last century by so-called ‘Jews’…of all things, who could have imagined the unmitigated CHUTZPAH to claim that Khazars are actually entitled to a real estate swindle by fraud and Terrorism against the indingenous semitic “Palestinians”, the “government” could say we were “at war” with “the anyone” [cartoon character] “Mind Control” patsy allegedly tied to Al-Quida and 9/11….just look at the ADL/FBI cases of entrapment for Talmudvision “News” shows headlines. Then it was the Moron in Chief self portrait in the bathtub boy hisself, George W. Bush, and his zionist plotting neocon companions were unleashed to reign terror on the enemies of the “Jews” calling themselves of all things…”Israel”. begorrah.

    Under the Bush administration this may have started out as simply juvenile poopaganda. The neocon sockpuppet president wanted war, but his targets were not as yet conventional nation states. Bush was a serious pretend cowboy, a “bring’em on” kind of guy, off stage it is entirely dependent on the current meds applied to produce the desired state of “mind”,and who was also prone to playing fast and loose with casuistry language arts {Jewspeak} and rules, to say nothing of truth. He did all of this to get at those on his “enemies list.”

    Al-Quida and the “war on terror”, then, were tied to those states that Bush wanted to invade. Poppy rich Afghanistan was an obvious one but, really, for the administration, was an unavoidable diversion from more important targets. Soon after the 9/11 attacks Bush demanded that the Taliban rulers in Kabul turn over Osama bin Laden (who was a “guest” in that country).

    Southern Hospitality East of the Brazos

    When they equivocated and asked for evidence that bin Laden was involved in the any crime, Bush did not even answer. He just pulled the trigger.


    Iraq was harder to bring off. The administration had to contrive a connection between bin Ladin and the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. It then arranged to supply itself with fallacious intelligence about alleged weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. If “operation Iraqi freedom” had gone as they expected, the next target was to be Iran….seriously…!


    None of this would have been possible if the TALMUDVISION ENHANCED “YIDDISH THEATRE” 9/11 attacks had not put the entire country into a TALMUDVISION TRANCE panic….Right Peter Jennings…Tom Brokaw,….Dan Rather, Wolf Blitzer…?


    It is moments like these when no one is thinking straight that one makes the mistakes which, in the future, one can’t help but regret. So, with the nation running scared like a bgrade Japanese Godzilla flick, our Zionist ISRAELI [JEWISH] Congress passed the Authorization for the use of Military Force, which allowed the zionist sock puppet/porch monkey “president” to use military force against geographical regions like east asia, and ME countries and groups that supported the 9/11 attacks. That was the turning point. With the “war on terror” as a one-size-fits-all cover, the government could say we were “at war” with the anyone allegedly tied to Al-Quida and 9/11. Now, the Zionist Dream had come true….

    Thanks to the Orwellian Patriot Act, another 2001 piece of legislative panic, the US got suspension of habeas corpus, indefinite detention, searches and seizures without warrants, wiretaps without effective court oversight, and the ADL/FBI asserting the right to force your local [civil] librarian that puts Holocaust books in the reference section to tell them what books you borrow. All of which the American Civil Liberties Union correctly identifies as serious erosions to Mt. Rushmore and the little noticed fictional precepts lovingly called constitutional rights by right wing extremists, anti-semites and so-called “PATRIOTS” who have actually dared to read the documents and study the reasons for the words as they appear to be written in plain English.



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