Like A Violin

They are playing you like a violin. It must be embarrassing to you, because I know it is to me as I witness it.

Another of Digger’s Ditties, “Like A Violin”

If you are a white nationalist ~ it’s exactly what the elite Jews want.

If you prattle on all the time about the Illuminati and global elite ~ it’s exactly what the elite Jews want.

If you attend demos with the intent to create violence ~ it’s exactly what the elite Jews want.

If you watch pornography ~ it’s exactly what the elite Jews want.

If you have no spiritual connection ~ it’s exactly what the elite Jews want.

If you induce stimulants to deal with the stress of life ~ it’s exactly what the elite Jews want.

If you choose the medical mafia for every single ailment as opposed to using natural traditional remedies ~ it’s exactly what the elite Jews want.

If you hang about on forums bickering and infighting over trivial matters and do not support those that are pulling their weight ~ it’s exactly what the elite Jews want.

If you hate pinkie ~ it’s exactly what the elite Jews want.

If you hate the Jews ~ it’s exactly what the elite Jews want.

If all you do is browse the events of this agenda and refuse to do your bit ~ it’s exactly what the elite Jews want.

If you support the matrix in a career where you keep others in line to be productive little sheep ~ it’s exactly what the elite Jews want.

Lets stop them playing us like a violin

Video and Narration by BuelahMan

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2 thoughts on “Like A Violin

  1. good one, I must confess to a dislike for the abuse of the word Elite…

    how does a turd become elite…float ?

    recently a blogger @ Edomsthorn had this to say about the so-called “Jews”…

    “Also, for the willingly ignorant Christian Zionist’s, who believe they are on Gods side, by supporting the STOOL SCULPTURE DEITY CULT COMPOUND – “TALMUDIA” called by professional prevaricating IDENTITY THIEVES
    and delusional “Jew” worshipping idiots & psychophants called “christian-zionists” or “Judeo-christians”…

    By this POST, there is no room for the charge of ADDING to, or TWISTING, or OMITTING from scripture!
    If I have made any ERRORS, please show them to me!

    a Good Faith offer…if one is interested in the Truth about the Talmudic Terrorists,

    but that all kinda begs the question concerning the willfully ignorant & maliciously stupid “White People” who won’t even bother to find out the facts….like Benjamin Freedman and many others have made available to the unfortunate “little” so-called “jews” in the stool sculpture deity cult compound…Talmudia

    white people who are their own worst enemy because they are so willfully ignorant…

    The Almighty created the “Jew” to feed on spiritual dead flesh…like maggots and buzzards

    Seriously how much time would a rational man spend hating a buzzard feeding on a dead cow…

    things could be a whole lot different if stupidity wasn’t a protected crime in the country of dolts who only

    “KNOW” what they saw on Talmudvision…..

    sometimes it’s not what you give, sometimes it’s what you take…[south wall – 5 times]

    [should an individual take the time to know true information to reach a true conclusion?]

    define : IRONY –


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