B’Man’s Hero Watch: Doug Christie


Many of you may know Mr Christie from the work he did representing Ernst Zundel. He is famous (some, like the Jew Rag, Wikipedia, might say infamous) for his tireless activism and legal work representing “anti-semites”. To me, in many ways, he is a hero for what he has done to fight for Freedom of Speech in Canada.

Arthur Topham recently shared that Mr Christie has been diagnosed with liver cancer after battling prostate cancer. As Mr Topham put it:

For now I would ask everyone concerned to please lend their moral and spiritual support to Doug and his family in whatever way you can.

Email messages can be sent to Mr. Christie’s law office at the following address: Douglas Christie dougchristielaw@shaw.ca or else well wishers may contact the office via telephone at 250 590 2979 or fax at 250 479 3294

Sometimes, healing can come from support of admirers and their spiritual connections. I wrote him this morning, sharing my prayers and well-wishes for a quick healing, telling him that the world needs him.

3 thoughts on “B’Man’s Hero Watch: Doug Christie

  1. Hi B’Man.

    I must say thank you for posting the information on Mr. Christie and also for your kind and generous appraisal of Doug’s efforts over the years. Also, I am sure that Doug will appreciate any thoughtful words of encouragement at this time. We can and must always believe that a miracle is always possible whenever God is involved and in this case I’m also praying that Doug’s lifetime of helping others might translate into some type of transcendent reciprocal help to him as well.


    Arthur Topham
    Radical Press


    • Thanks, Arthur.

      I have been reading through your site and actually sent you an email this morning. I hope you received it.

      I’m actually listening to your recent interview with TUT radio right now. The background of your case is helpful to those of us that haven’t had to fight such a thing here (yet).

      God speed to you (and Doug),



  2. B’man, thanks for the info as unfortunate as it is. Truly a HERO who deserves universal acclaim and support for his brilliant and courageous work. Be well and many thanks to you.


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