The War On Kids

The War on Kids: The Definitive Documentary on the Failure of the Public Education System

This is a 2009 award winning, critically acclaimed documentary of the complete and utter failure of the public education system and United States demonization of home schoolers. To purchase a high quality DVD of this and to get more documentation on this subject, visit

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5 thoughts on “The War On Kids

  1. They don’t want thinkers. They want subhumans who have just enough wits to do their jobs but not enough to go home, down a beer, and think about the meaning of life.

    RE: Your comment about “pulling a Beulahman” ~ don’tcha know everyone wants to be just like you?


  2. Dear lord….After watching this film I feel so privileged to have gone to school in the 1950’s and ’60’s! Of course I grew up with the Beav and Sky Pilot so that is long ago. Not only was the education of higher standards (the Holoco$t was not anything much back then) but we never thought of “safety” at anywhere! The world was a safer place and our culture not yet corrupted even by the burn your bra feminism movement.

    The mile walk to school was on shaded streets with elegant homes and on a tricky path that ran alongside a small creek. I did it four times a day because we went home for lunch except in winter. The land was quite level so I cannot exaggerate and say it was uphill both ways. How I loved that time alone to just think… no one thought of safety back then. It was just a fact of life…. damn what we took for granted back then.

    My children went to an alternative school with extremely high parent involvement; there was a regular school a few blocks away. Guess which school had the fewer problems with behaviour.

    Now I begin to understand that “back in the day” thing that seniors reminisce about! Dammit, I am still too young for that stage!


    • I was thinking the same thing as I watched the video. My podunk town had a great school. Safe because we simply didn’t do the same type of stuff that’s done today. Most respected each other and the teachers. Sure, there was a bit of hazing in a tame Animal House way, but mostly a good place.

      Early on I walked to school which was about 6 blocks away and there was NEVER any fear.

      My daughter is 8 and her new school is chock full of cameras and after Sandy Hook, even more difficult entrance procedures (show an ID, etc). But even here is a small town (and school) so everyone knows everyone else. There really is no fear, by and large.

      But the education curriculum sucks and gives me a desire to pull her out for home schooling. Its just that the wife can’t do it on her own and I need to work, if I can land a job.


  3. The Children of Israel should avoid calling their children “kids”…

    the truth hating talmudic terrorists who print the currency, own the media and ….

    operate a crackhouse called Congress &
    take advantage of the gullible goy with the LANGUAGE…

    Take for instance the “jewish” state where no actual Israelites live…

    what’s the current cost / non-benefit analysis ratio on that spread sheet ?

    curiously when 6 year old children KNOW the difference between an Elephant and a Giraffe….

    it is exceedingly difficult to convince them that the two non alike animals are the same

    please forgive my blatant WHITE SUPREMACY…it is apparently a genetic memory thingy…


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