You HAVE Been Lied To

The title of the two videos (in 2 parts) below are “Maybe You’ve Been Lied To…”.

Its not a maybe, it’s a fact.

I have been saying around here for a long time that we really need to unite as races to defeat the imposters that call themselves “Jews” (I don’t see that mishmash of various colors as a race, nor should any thinking person). It is more a brainwashed mindset than any race. Who in their right mind will believe that the black Jews, or Arab Jews, or the white European Jews, or Asian Jews, or Khazars are ALL a distinct “race”?

I recently listened to Rodney Martin be interviewed by John Friend and he seems to believe such a thing, but to me, its not possible. No, its ludicrous.

EDITED: Watch this to see what I’m talking about.

I believe that races should embrace their heritage. Latinos, Blacks, Asians, AND Whites. I believe that each has their own reasons to celebrate and just because I am white and do celebrate my white heritage doesn’t mean that I am a racist or supremacist. I take offense to the idiots who insinuate such a thing.

But back to the point. If one truly wants to see racism, maybe one should understand that Jews are some of the most racist beings on earth. No, they don’t want you to know that and they do everything in their power to deflect their own racism and make you believe that white people are the true racists. Unfortunately, too many white folk fall for it and become exactly that (same with blacks). Its why I can’t get along with so many in the White Nationalist agenda. They have fallen for the lie and it defeats them, not others. Just like all the Kill whitey black folks.

Its stupid. Its stupid to fall for the division that the JEWS are brainwashing you into.

Know your enemy. The blacks folks aren’t my enemy, nor do I believe that white folks are the blacks’ enemies. Those that have fallen for the real enemies’ brainwashing need to snap out of it. The sooner we come to this realization and join forces will we ever defeat them at their own game. Stop being played as chumps and we can win this thing.

Now, to the videos (just 15 minutes total):

Maybe You’ve Been Lied To part 1: Jewish racism against blacks part 1 & 2

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15 thoughts on “You HAVE Been Lied To

    • Thanks, AJ. I’m catching a bit of flak over it.

      I am not saying that white folk should intermarry, to have mixed children. I am not saying that whites should become what is known as “wiggers”. White people should celebrate their heritage, but can’t that be done without becoming white supremacists and alienating other races?

      I couldn’t give a damn about what a black person celebrates as his heritage. More power to them.

      But I think it is stupid to continue to fall for the Jew inspired divide and conquer techniques, seeing how it is the Jews that are the supremacists and it is them that benefit from blacks, whites and Latinos (whatever) at each others’ throats.


      • B’man I think you’ve been perfectly clear on the subject and I concur with you. The flak is flying and only convinces me further that people desperately need moral leadership.


  1. it was Edgar J. Steele who famously said….It Wasn’t Arabs…

    remember that the ADL/FBI manufactured the White Supremacist “Myth”..
    ….not poor scots, irish, celtic, french, german

    working stiffs… troofers ….

    {who don’t study History}

    and go round & round…

    chasing their tales…

    see also ….what made America Famous


    • thankfully fewer and fewer braindeadgoy are able to “PAY” {voluntarily contribute} – TAXES – [they don’t owe] to support the “Jewish” fantasy…the “Jewish” Narrative….the Global Crime Syndicate


      As a result of his landmark 2002 dung doodling escapade, “Escalating Anti-Semitic Happenings in Europe,”
      he led a stool sculpture deity cult congressional drive to place the issue of floor flushing anti-Semitism to the top of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) agenda, as a result of which in 2004 the OSCE adopted dung doodling for its 56 member states on fighting anti-Semitism, and from 2004 to the present has held a series of crack whore conferences on combating anti-Semitism.

      Rep. Smith is the reputed author of numerous flatulence based musings, resolutions, and member letters on combating anti-Semitism. In the 1990s Smith chaired the Crack Whore Congress’s first hearings on anti-Semitism and in the early 1980s his first trips abroad as a member of Congress were to the former Soviet Union, where he fought like a pink panty wearing cheerleader for the release of Jewish “refuseniks.”

      what a committed little turd this dung doodler is…eh ?

      most people who believe lies….want to be deceived…

      100% of so-called “Jews” just don’t have to be….



  2. This is one of your most important posts, B’Man.

    It is something that’s been bothering me as of late as well, and I’ve been mulling over a way to approach it in a post on The Boat Train.

    Why on Earth would we, facing the incredibly entrenched and ubiquitous opposition that is the jewish mindset, seek to separate ourselves over color or race or heritage?

    It was a black man who first told me the unvarnished truth about the fallacy that is the ‘State’ of israel and the jewish race. It was too much for me to accept at the time but he planted the seed. That’s neither here nor there in the grand scheme of things, but as a kid who grew up entirely among whites (Protestants and Catholics) and went to schools that were nearly universally white (I really do despise that ‘white’ term but use it here for clarity’s sake) it is worth noting it wasn’t a white adult who shared reality with me but an older black man.

    Further, it is my belief that, should we succeed in the struggle against the jewish mindset, races will naturally congeal into what was originally reality for them as humans tend to associate with those in which they have the most in common. We have to remember EVERYTHING Socially has been engineered by the jew – nature is been methodically stripped from our reality. A Somali no more belongs in Minneapolis or another similar environment than does a kid from Ireland belong in the heat of Texas.

    Finally, all races on this planet Earth have been fooled and manipulated at one time or another by the chosens. No race is more special than an another in this regard. Is it sensible to think they would want us united regardless of race, ready to face our common enemy; or would they want us broken down into races, sniping amongst each other? Hell, one of the ways they’ve manipulated us into this corner is by projecting THEIR racism on US.


    • Thanks and I agree with everything you wrote.

      I cannot understand why the White Nationalists are so insistent upon the separation in the fight. Many that I know are simply racists, but others (some friends) are not. I told one recently that it is a slippery slope into supremacism which will not help the cause and is precisely what the Jews want of us. It is playing right into their game plan.


  3. 6 paragraphs into your story. “But back to the point”, your brought up (Same with blacks). DON’T give US the “Me too” card. Blacks along with every other race has beef with YTs. Where ever YTs went to, that culture was DESTROYED. NOW you want to place the blame on the je’wish people. For what? Showing you fracture economics?

    Ask Asians, Latins, Native Americans what they really think about YOUR PEOPLE. And just so you can sleep at night, your NOT worth going after. That’s what your people fear the most. The rest of US turning our backs on your people.


    • Of course blacks have a problem with whities. You are just as brainwashed by the Jewish propaganda as whites are. This is my point.

      The Jews control the media, including most of the kill whitie rap music. They control the porn industry which is fraught with male black dominate sex over white women. They control the school system which teaches homogenous, “there is no race” social memes. They have been able to not only coerce YOU into the crazy shit you do to yourselves, but what is done to whites in retaliation for what the Jews have brainwashed you into thinking whites have done to you. You don’t hear about white men going crazy and trying to stab to death black women in Target stores. If it were happening, you can bet your afro it would be plastered all over the Jew run TV. How many times do you hear or read in ANY media source of a white dude walking up to a black woman and shooting her baby in the face?

      As I have mentioned here many times, I know and am friends with many black folk (and Asians). Not a single one would ever call me a racist or say I think I am superior. But I also am from the south and I know that there are many white folks that are brainwashed into thinking they ARE better than blacks (and anyone else). They have fallen for the same propagandized Jew speak as you and many of us have.

      As a matter of fact, I recently wrote this here:

      I have said many times that I know more white niggers than I do black ones. To me, it isn’t about color, but about personality and character.

      Now you can kneejerk me, if you wish (altho one of my best friends, who happens to be black) calls me “my nigga” all the time. But my point is to break the brainwashing, of which you certainly need as much, if not more, help than most.

      But I guess you think I am a racist for even saying it, right?

      If you don’t see racism in blacks and believe it is ONLY a white thing, then you are either lying, are a moron, or have totally fallen for the brainwashing I am discussing.

      Just turn on your Jew-controlled TV and forget about any real critical thinking, mmkk?


      • As I have mentioned here many times, I know and am friends with many black folk (and Asians). Not a single one would ever call me a racist (At least not to Ur face) or say I think I am superior. But I also am from the south and I know that there are many white folks that are brainwashed into thinking they ARE better than blacks (and anyone else).

        Ur there, but not quite. think of it this way. Every1 who’s NOT black, wanna be YT like U. Y??? cause Ur people have “The juice”. The minute U stop having the juice, U’ll be in a world of hurt. Blacks live in this world every day. WE’RE better equip 2 handle THIS world then U R. Now this does say that U can’t handle the change. In fact, U’ll handle it better the a hook nose or any 1 else who still believes in the green god.

        In the future, it come down 2 who U can really count on. Friends, self, family. But U don’t want people 2 judge Ur actions 2day or in the future by the actions of Ur past. So be kind 2 ur friends and don’t worry about being brainwashed.


        • What makes you think that everyone wants to be like whitie? They want my “juice”? That’s some extremely stupid shit to say.

          Do they want to spend every nickel they make on health insurance, just so that it bankrupts me? That they have pains and sorrows that seem insurmountable? I tell you what. The day you and any other black person spends their time growing their own food, instead of taking the Food Stamps… working their ass off to provide for their wife and child, instead of taking that Gubmint Check… spending $100K on education, instead of flunking out of 10th grade… you might have something to say.


          Why the fuck would anyone want to be like me?

          You must live in a land of make believe… caught up in a hatred for something that is so untrue… that is alien to me. Juice? WTF?

          I am trying desperately to reach out and mend races… to inform and educate to others of our common enemy. You don’t know me. All you know is your imaginary hatred for all things “whitie”. You don’t know my actions (except what little I’ve shared here). If you did, you’d have little but good shit to say. Just like my real black friends who know me well.

          And as long as you believe the Jew lies, you sure as hell ain’t no better equipped to handle this world than I am. That’s the damned problem, “Brutha”.

          Right now, tho, all you got is bullshit and the same old, tired hate honky malarky. Just like a good slave. Personally, I ain’t their slave. I am equipped. You, on the other hand, embrace their control just like a Massa.

          Go away. Learn some real shit, then come back.


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