Aching News!

I’ve been after Kenny to do a video on some of his stuff and when I saw his latest post I knew that was the one. If you aren’t familiar with his blog, you need to be:

Satirical video pointing out the ludicrous recent claims bolstering something that never happened to begin with. Will they ever stop or is this simply a desperate last ditch effort because they know the jig is up.

Original article found at Kenny’s Sideshow

Additional reading:

New York Times

Huffington Post

Snippits and Snappits

Video, narration and voices by BuelahMan

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10 thoughts on “Aching News!

  1. I guess I can retire now having made the B’man channel.

    Great job with the vid. A definite improvement over just the printed words. Your voice nuances captured it. I’m humbled.



    • Dude,

      It was all in your work. Very funny and poignant.

      The Foxman voice was pretty good (I have to admit), but I need to work on Weisel’s

      It was my pleasure.


  2. haha. You do wonderful accents! With a Southern boy accent of course. This is a lovely piece…. by the way, NO JOKE, I have an old article stashed in my pc somewhere that shows HOW they made soap from traumatized chosenites. There is a painting of a girl who looks a lot like Saint Anne Frank in a suspended cage and an evil Nazi thug ready to cut the rope and drop the cage into a tank of bubbling stuff. And Kenny…. you inspire!


  3. 3 of my favorites….Y’all do so much to inspire the Truth seekers who don’t have much time to pretend….


    dig this Chutzpah…

    Prof. George Jochnowitz sez…

    “Lenin, in Chapter 5 of The State and Revolution, says that “The State will be able to wither away completely . . . when people have become accustomed to observe the fundamental rules of social life, and their labor is so productive, that they voluntarily work according to their ability. . . . Until the ‘higher’ phase of Communism arrives, the Socialists demand the strictest control, by society and by the State, of the quantity of labour and the quantity of consumption” ……

    Lenin (who used the word “Socialism” to mean “Communism”) sounds hypocritical and contradictory: strictest control seems a peculiar way to arrive at a stage where there is no control. Unfortunately, there is no contradiction. The “strictest control” called for by Lenin was needed because human nature would have to be altered in order to produce the society he envisioned, otherwise people might not “voluntarily work according to their ability.” Indeed, such a stateless world would be unchanging and without strife, or else government would have to reappear.

    Thought reform was an explicit Chinese goal in the days of Mao Zedong and remains so today, although the words themselves [sixiang gaizao in Chinese] have fallen out of favor. Chairman Mao claimed that all power came from the barrel of a gun, but he ruled not only through force, but through something akin to divine right: he was revered not only as an individual, but as the symbol of the inevitable triumph of Communism.

    The extreme form of Islam espoused by Ahmadinejad is like the world envisioned by Marx, a world where everyone thinks alike… .

    It is a world that fears freedom and diversity. Chavez was on the road to making his country another North Korea—a place where everyone obeys the Dear Leader.,7340,L-4353578,00.html

    Meanwhile, China and Russia have embraced capitalism, but have not renounced Marxism. They too are friends of Ahmadinejad. The Marxist-Islamic alliance is alive and well.

    Les Visible …”They are vampires”…!

    bye bye Israhell/Jewtopia/Talmudia/”Jewish” state….


    • or the aky braky black heart of a zionist….TERRORIST….er um asshole.

      We must understand that the term “Israeli” is a wide and complicated term. It includes “us Zionists,” but also “them,” those who do not define themselves as Zionists but whose Israeliness is expressed in a variety of colors and forms which are different from ours.

      We must find the way to include everyone, all of us, in this definition.,7340,L-4353870,00.html

      A clear sign of that must be our willingness to write together a new verse for the national anthem, Hatikva, a verse other Israelis can sing and feel that they share it with us and that it makes us all part of the same nation. Such openness can only come from a place of strength, confidence and faith in the rightness of our path.,7340,L-4353854,00.html

      an insane asylum….for “Jews”….a “Jewish” state….a stool sculpture deity cult compound….

      such a bargain…


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