B’Man’s Hypocrite Watch: Steve Katz

Katz represents the Hudson Valley in New York and voted against legalizing medical marijuana

Katz represents the Hudson Valley in New York and voted against legalizing medical marijuana


Maybe he’s mellowed out.

According to The New York Post, Steve Katz, a Republican state assemblyman from Yorktown, New York was arrested on pot possession yesterday despite the fact that last year he voted against legalizing medical marijuana.

A former veterinarian, Katz was pulled over Thursday morning for driving fifteen miles over the speed limit near Coeymans, New York.

The state trooper who stopped Katz noticed the smell of marijuana.

According to the New York state police, Katz was not disruptive.

Spokeswoman Darcy Wells told the media that Katz ‘was cooperative and handed the trooper a bag of marijuana.’

The assemblyman was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana and is due in court later this month.

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What a POS. Instead of voting for the stuff that heals, he votes against it and then uses it himself. Being a hypocrite does not surprise me though: He’s a Jew.Just look at all the Jews in congress that are trying to take away guns from citizens while surrounded by armed thugs or actually own guns themselves (or get their husbands to buy them) or try to enact laws to take away citizens’ guns and right to purchase, while exempting government officials.

Jesus was correct when he called them all out for the liars and hypocrites they are.

h/t JackHerer.com

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9 thoughts on “B’Man’s Hypocrite Watch: Steve Katz

    • So, Jesus was wrong?

      Look at how Jews continually support and act on their hypocritical behavior. They come off as morally superior in speak, but are the most active in and support the porn industry. They are instrumental in the degradation of TV, movies and media in general.

      They are outraged by defaming their holy books, but when they piss on the Bible in Israel, it gets a slap on the wrist.

      They are not fond of Usury for their own, but us Usury against the goy.

      They feign outrage at child abuse, yet suck the baby boy’s penis in the bri.

      They continually preach racial diversity and immigration, EXCEPT when it comes to them… most especially when it comes to Israel, where they want a closed society.

      They are against hatred, except when they hate the goy.

      They are able to stop news reports of their child molestation, but make sure that the Catholic Church is demonized for the same thing.

      They talk a good game about peace, but are the most viscous, murderous bastards on the face of the Earth (including all the neocon monsters here in America).

      They hate the Nazis and the 6 Million lie, but refuse to discuss the Bolshviks’ (Jews) murderous achievements thousands of times worse than their imaginary “Holohoax”. Or Palestine, for that matter.

      They talk about how Holy and righteous they are, but they don’t even follow their own Torah and act like the most heathenish scumbags around.

      They degrade the Bible, Jesus and Christians yet will not admit to what the Talmud (their REAL Holy Book) says, if they even admit to its existence, at all.

      They have a special vow (Kol Nidre) in which they renounce any vows or promises they make to the Goy:

      “All [personal] vows we are likely to make, all [personal] oaths and pledges we are likely to take between this Yom Kippur and the next Yom Kippur, we publicly renounce. Let them all be relinquished and abandoned, null and void, neither firm nor established. Let our [personal] vows, pledges and oaths be considered neither vows nor pledges nor oaths.

      No, they aren’t hypocrites. I must have imagined all the above (and the rest I didn’t bother to explain to you).

      Now, go back to sleep.


    • I have met quite a few Jews in my life and in EVERY example, I have been taken advantage of, lied to, stolen from or looked down upon.

      In EVERY example.

      How can I be anti-Semitic if most of the ones aren’t Semitic to begin with? You see, the truth is that I am pro-Semitic (did you not catch the reference to the real Semites, the Palestinians)? I am anti-Talmudic superiority against every living being that is not Jewish.

      And let me tell you what is repellant… the ignorance, stupidity or down-right obfuscation contained within your comments. You wave away truth about Usury, the baby penis sucking and all sorts of other abhorrent behavior, when all of it is easy to prove by a simple Google search.

      You can go away now and ignore the points I list, just like all good goyim do.



  1. Regarding your comment on that posting on the Holoco$t, I agree it would make an excellent video. However, make sure you give credit to the proper author of the piece. All I did was copy his work. It is actually an older writing and I think I posted it back then but I figured even if I had it was time to do it again. Cheers… Noor


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