Must Be Time To Remove Soetoro

I wrote about the fake birth certificate a few times when it first came out and caught a lot of grief for my calims that these documents can be manipulated. It has always been my contention that this is one of several pieces of dirt that the real controllers of this country have on the figure-head-teleprompter-reader-in-chief. It is my belief that virtually every electedappointed official has some sort of dirt that keeps them in line.

Now, one CBS station in Arizona, where Arpaio (the Sheriff who began the investigation) lives is spilling the beans and its not just coming from the alternative freaks like me.

So, apparently, its time to take Obama out of office. Wonder who the next clown will be?

h/t lifeforce

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2 thoughts on “Must Be Time To Remove Soetoro

  1. The timing of this revelation is interesting, on the eve of Barry’s trip to Israel. Perhaps it’s a shot across his bow, reminding him of how easy it would be for the controlled American media to take him down. But we knew all along that he had the perfect credentials for the American puppet presidency, easy blackmailability. See


  2. This issue has always been principally about the Israelis, in combination with the teabaggers, who are used, as an afterthought. Orly Taitz, an Israeli/American dual citizen out of Byelorussia has always used this issue to squeeze Obama, who is compromised principally because his real father is Frank Davis, not Obama, Sr. and he has had to keep this history covered. Taitz, by way of history, is very close to Netanyahu. This issue surfaces at various times when they need to squeeze Obama on behalf of some Israeli policy objective. The fact that Obama is in Israel and the crazies there are still pushing the “Iran is a nuclear menace” rock up the hill explains why this surfaces now (Netanyahu has been discredited). Hopefully, it will have little effect on Obama at this time. He is clearly moving away from Israel (to some extent) with the appointment of Hagel and wishes to avoid WWIII.
    As bad as Obama is, he’s orders of magnitude better than starting WWIII at the behest of the City of London banks through their control of the puppet state of Israel.
    Otherwise, a non-issue.


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