Cyprus Ripoff First, Then Euro Collapse

You’ve probably heard about the Cyprus ripoff going on. Apparently, the banking cartel wants to squeeze payment out of the citizen’s bank accounts by simply TAKING a certain percentage (initially somewhere around 6.5% ~ over 9%, depending on how much one has). In other words, they are holding the citizens accountable for the bad bets the bankers made and can’t repay. (If you don’t think something like this can happen here, you need to wake up).

Mike Rivero covered the issue and it appears that the amounts will be even higher. He also believes that this will be the collapse of the Euro, because the Jewish Central Banking cartel is just getting started with Cyprus and it will go after several other countries next. He believes that the Euro will collapse within two weeks:

All is breaking loose over Cyprus situation – Turning into crisis. Air date 3-22-2013, 1st hour
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Now here is the rub. “Lifeforce” included me on an email notification that says the same thing, but links to a BeforeItsNews post that explains about a high dollar PUT option that someone is betting Big Money that the Euro will collapse in the same time frame.

Someone has placed a GIGANTIC $900 million EURO PUT trade on the Euro to crash vs. the dollar within 2 weeks.  Is this a ‘smart bet’ by someone who has seen the writing on the wall with the situation in Cyprus or does someone have inside knowledge that something big is about to happen? Beware! We have seen this before as shared in the videos below; in fact, it happened prior to September 11th, 2001, and we ALL saw what happened thereafter. This story is brought to us by Derivatives Intelligence.:

If you don’t remember, just prior to 911, there was some Big Money bet against certain airlines and corporations that someone KNEW would get hurt by such an attack. As lifeforce puts it:

Just before 911 mega millions in put option contracts were purchased in United Airlines and American Airlines and several other major corporations that would be adversely affected by the attack on the WTC.   The government knows who bought these contracts but has refused to release that information on the grounds of national security.  Why?  If Mohammad Atta, and his merry band of eighteen Saudi hijackers called their brokers to buy option contracts, right before they committed suicide on 911, then would it not make sense for the SEC and the FBI to release that information?    Or could it be that those evil arab muslims were not the ones that purchased those option contracts?    Hmmmmmm……  Are we seeing a replay of the same scam?  Or is some other great event in the wind?   “FOLLOW THE MONEY.”

If these events do occur, you can bet that it will go the same way here, as well. If you have any extra money n the bank, you might want to take it out and shove it under the mattress for a few weeks, just to be safe. I might take my entire $45 out.

Snordelhans (using his secondary channel “Snordster”) is back on YouTube and re-loaded this excellent video about the scum-of-the-Earth Jewish bankers who control everything… every recession… every depression.

A re-up of Visible’s The Black Swan is on the Wing apropos the developing Cyprus debacle. The jew bankers have always been the problem.

If you can stomach the blowhard (Alex Jones) the following is a must-hear interview with Dr Paul Craig Roberts who is saying that the “Triple Bubble” is about to bust. When the Dollar goes, so will the Bond and stock markets (If the video doesn’t cue up at the 14 min mark, start it there yourself to minimize the AJ pain).


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7 thoughts on “Cyprus Ripoff First, Then Euro Collapse

  1. Last August, read a story that one of the Rothschilds had placed something like a 200 million dollar bet that the Euro would collapse.

    Will these greedy bastards ever be satisified and what are they doing with all that wealth? Smelting down the gold to build a giant golden calf in the Negev Desert?


  2. PUHLEAZE….whats a few shekels among friends…?

    If anyone can serve as a weather vane for this phenomenon, it’s John Hagee, an influential Charismatic preacher and the inspiration to Brian and Tara Lewis. His sermon “The Mystery of the Prayer Shawl” is available on CD. “The tallit, or prayer shawl, designed by God, has been worn by devout Jews for centuries,” his Web site explains. “Its legacy is woven throughout the Old and New Testaments. It still carries the power to energize your prayer life.” For $49, believers can also buy a blue-and-gold tallit made in the Holy Land.

    Hagee fervently supports Israel, believes that the Jews must return there before Jesus will come again and claimed in a 1999 sermon that prophesies in the Old Testament proved that God enabled the Holocaust. “God allowed it to happen,” Hagee said. “God said, ‘My top priority to the Jewish people is to get them to come back to the land of Israel.’ ”

    …so you’ve got crumbling infrastrucutre problems, 30 million invaders, and synagogue of satan “JEWS” printing ther currency owning the media and operating a crackhouse called CONgress….BIG DEAL…obviously the only thing that really matters is DOES THE JEWISH STATE possess the ability to terrorize the WHOLE WORLD…forever !!…..hey how about a TAG TEAM MATCH in the CAGE ???


    ever pulled a piglet away from the teat …?

    freedom’s just another word…


  3. Anthony Clifton: lol…. don’t even have to play the video, the imagery says it all !!!! Seems, for whatever reason, that’s the way the conversational winds are blowing these days… i see it everywhere.

    Might be the jews are in need of a bit of self reflection.

    The Bee Gees: I started a joke that started the whole world crying….


  4. Tell me how that song is not about Judaism… no truer words, perhaps. I don’t for one minute believe a all Jews are in on this… they are more tightly controlled than we ever were, and for thousands of years. This song too… it must be addressing Judaism, note the Real signs… IsReal?……………… small wonder the music industry is so controlled?


    • My take on whether all Jews are in on it is that many simply keep their mouths shut. Too much to profit from and too much grief if they stand up for what’s right. Just look at the few that dabble in it (Atzmon, Freedman, David Cole, Norman Finkelstein). They are considered “self-hating Jews” and suffer huge consequences for speaking out.

      Hence my insistence that those who keep silent and just go along are guilty and actually support it by their silence.

      There are very few that will call out the tribe. Too much to lose and in many cases so much already gained.


  5. Not that song… but that does ILLucidate what i am speaking of as far as control goes… i didn’t link to that song, but it is in my favorites….. this is how they corrupt EVERYTHING. But anyhow, this song…. (i had to go outside of my account to grab it,,, thanks JewTube)…….


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