A Spicegirl Ditty provided by Digger:

Nobody is sending me information to tell me about zionism, judaism or any other ism

Nobody is sending me any meaningful e-mails, other than fluffy animals or warnings about those moooslims taking over the world

Nobody is even uttering a strange word in a conversation that I don’t understand and need to ask about

Nobody is telling me their doctor doesn’t have a clue how to make them healthy

Nobody is warning me not to put my money in the bank

Nobody wants to debate the economy or politics more than a shrug

Nobody taps me on the shoulder to tell me what foods might be poisoning me

Nobody warns me about the chemicals around me

Nobody tells me not to drink tap water

Nobody knows a thing about the dangerous radiation all around me

Nobody thinks the weather is not normal (even when their houses are flooded)

Nobody even tells me that things aren’t right

Am I the only person to get it?

Am I already in another dimension?

At times it seems as if its just me — and nobody

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Video by BuelahMan:

24 thoughts on “Nobody

  1. That last line… don;tcha think you need to use the magic 6 MILLION not BILLION! Golly…. keep with the programme. Excellent piece of work there…. Carlin is immortalized once again… That IS Carlin is it not? Sound track is good, smooth, jazzzzzzzzy.

    What ticks me off is I do care and I do speak to people quickly in markets… no long lectures. Like.. what is with those perfectly round teeny identical watermelons for example. Point out a chemtrail and it is not seen. The list is endless… I find I care but in doing so, more often than not people look at you strangely!

    That “nobody seems to notice or care” came with the century of the self under the guidance of Freud and Bernays.Slowly these sick Talmudic teachings have become part of our psyches.


    • Funny, I did think about the 6 Million part, but sadly I didn’t make the cartoon (even though it probably would have been fairly easy to duplicate or change). And, yes, Ma’am, it is Carlin. It is actually one of my favorite sound bites of him. I started to add several other sound clips of various people and cartoons saying nobody cares, but as I went on, I realized that Carlin every time would have more impact. Especially when you consider that the Dad from Family Guy and My Little Pony were a couple of alternatives.
      To me, many times I feel I am all alone in this deal (in real life). So, the video is supposed to be representative of that feeling. I know there are others (like you and Digger and Spicegirl, and many more). But in real life there are few and far between.

      However, just yesterday I met a guy who was saying much of the same thing and it was in a situation where it would be a bit difficult to say them (maybe I could elaborate further in an email, if you’re interested… not for public consumption).


  2. sometimes appearances are deceiving…you know like er um for purposes of demonstration, and all.

    Matthew 12:34

    put on your GOD hat for a minute {and no longer}, and just imagine how would you allow all those SOULS an opportunity to re-enter the eternal {condition} …of “Heaven”…of perfected Souls ?

    fairly impressive design wouldn’t you say..

    you are not alone for Lo, I am with you all the way…even unto the end…

    have they not already convicted themselves from their “Jewish” lips ?

    how can truth impede ones advancement…?

    where do “our” treasures really exist ….

    are we adjudicating ourselves in real time, relative to the time we spend looking for truth

    and KNOWING TRUTH ….



  3. Well… i know what you’re saying… it isn’t nobody… but it feels like it sometimes. Have faith… in nature. She balances and that doesn’t mean fifty/fifty evil/good… that means the healthy ratios… the more they destroy truth, the more truth destroys them.

    We are getting there. Compare to where we were were five years ago when you couldn’t tell anyone that 9-11 was an inside job to now saying the jews run everything being the easiest sell so far… we are getting there. They have been exposed to the world. Now the world is staring right at them… and know that it is. Maybe your neighbors, by and large, are ignorant… but people in government, in education, in medicine, in science… those people know.

    What of all the stats we don’t get to see… how many are, or are not, enlisting in the military… how many would shoot on Americans… how many cops are willing? Why did the Occupy movement dry up and and go away so silently? Could it be it is not so easy to get a group of activists to do something stupid as it was in the olden days? Could be. I see lately a white nationalist movement going nowhere fast. The bag of tricks is out of tricks… that’s a nice thought, but we will see.

    Even if it is the end for the jew, it is far from the end for us… we have to see to it every oppressive law is taken off the books… every injustice righted… and so it goes.

    It is still just the beginning.


    • I tend to agree with Wanda. While I’m new to this (haven’t had the time in yet to become depressed) I’m one of those who only recently came to terms with reality. So if I did it, others are doing the same. The last step in the process is being able to speak out about it in a public forum. I believe there are many who just haven’t yet the fortitude to do so.

      So cheers, B’Man! Your work does have an effect on people. Most important right now is that you and Digger and Kenny and Noor and some others are actively working against the ‘White Only/Nationalist’ movement. That trap not only sucks in our fellow men of European backgrounds, but turns off the other races who are coming to terms with the jewish reality. I made this point in my most recent post, but I’ll be happy to make it again: Would the jew rather all races unite in opposition to the jewish disease and work together towards health, or would the jew rather we bicker and fight and refuse to interact together against our common enemy?


      • I hate to say that I am working against those folks, for we need them, too. But, their tact is just as destructive as the Jews, for it falls in line with what the Jews are doing… dividing (and conquering). As long as the white nationalist folks continue the “all blacks are niggers” crap (and against every other race, for that matter… even to the point that they insist that Jews are a separate race unto themselves), then they are basically doing the Jews’ bidding.

        I have said many times that I know more white niggers than I do black ones. To me, it isn’t about color, but about personality and character. If a white nationalist hears me say it, they think I am against the white race and want inter-breeding, etc. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

        Perhaps they never met decent black folks like I have. If they had, then I cannot see how they could immediately lump them all together. So, it seems to me that it is simply supremacism, which is PRECISELY what Jews practice and learn from a very young age. In other words, they aren’t any better than the Jews and use the same tactics.

        We will never win, if we play that game. The Jews will. It IS their game.


  4. is truth bound by a Nation of white people and where is that…exactly ?

    The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has expressed outraged over reports of racism and anti-Semitism at Ohio’s Oberlin College and praised the college’s swift response in condemning the acts.

    isn’t it entertaining to watch {listen} to a Alex Jones a white NATIONALIST [Texan] go off on poor MEXICAN economic refugees and completely avoid the “JEWISHNESS” of the TERRORIST “JEWISH” STATE of Psychopathic A**HOLES in TALMUDIA….?

    this is not a difficult nut to crack…actually, it involves just a small amount of common sense…

    Like does Jesus HATE Palestinians and Cherokee children ?

    it isn’t a matter of investing a boxcar load of HATE when you discover someone has put RABID DOGS and Venomous SNAKES in your BEDROOM…you just do what a MAN has got to do…and don’t waste much time worrying about what a bunch of multicultural moshpit morons feel about you living in a Mentally – SPIRITUALLY – PHYSICALLY – CLEAN – home….do you have the right of self defense in your home ?

    it is no secret that the “Jews” promote miscegenation and degeneracy on Talmudvision & Hollywood…

    one must wonder…WHERE does this idea come from that we should apologize for wanting to live a healthy life

    and not live a in a multicultural “JEW” worshipping moshpit ?

    “And it shall be as the chased roe, and as a sheep that no man taketh up: they shall every man turn to his own people, and flee every one into his own land”……

    ECONOMIC JUSTICE….happens right after …RESEGREGATION…!!!

    one time, BMAN I had a “Logic” class at CBC in Memphis, with a Harvard “Jewish” professor, and managed to find a “FLAW” in the logic book…I dropped the class.

    one simply cannot logically address a PROBLEM starting with a false assumption… <—— {it's TRUE!}

    ONE QUESTION : Is the world enjoying the Synagogue of Satan "JEWISH" state called "ISRAEL" ?

    personally, given MORRIS108 explanation of Jonathan Pollard, I feel like RACISM is a HOLY word b'cause BMAN if G*D Almighty created the races and Put the Chinese People in China and the Africans in Africa it was providential foresight to do so and to live contrary to the Natural Order of Creation is an Abomination…

    looking eagerly for Economic Justice and a Mentally & Spiritually CLEAN future for all who love truth…& Justice !


  5. On Logic… it is so simple, i wonder why it isn’t taught in grade school (tongue in cheek… i know why). But i would like to point out this:

    one simply cannot logically address a PROBLEM starting with a false assumption… <—— {it's TRUE!}

    Logically speaking, a problem is a negative and a false assumption is a negative… two negatives = a negative… it is FALSE. Otherwise, we wouldn't be half the way here……. we've been given nothing but false assumptions.

    I am open to being wrong… and i love when i hear the LOGIC words being tossed around.


  6. who in America in 1993 were the neighbors of the Davidians..?

    in the Good Samaritan sense…

    or who actually had the responsibility to see that the Rights [God Given]
    of the inhabitants of the Church Home [CULT COMPOUND] were Honored/respected/observed/noticed..
    paid attention to…BY LAW…? – {their neighbors or the zionist ADL/ATF & ADL/FBI}

    who are the NOTSEES ?

    As Americans, as Inhabitants of the soil on the North American continent…can we agree that…

    You are supposed to be in the driver’s seat, not being dragged behind the car. You are supposed to be sitting on the throne of your own being, not cast out of the castle and wandering like an itinerant amnesiac in search of an answer and an explanation. We are high born beings with limitless potential, not drudges in a chain gang, sharing in the collective delusion that evil psychopaths have some kind of license to rule and abuse us.

    is it logical to call things exactly what they are not ?

    is that wrong ?


  7. Anthony… i am only responding to your logic equation. Not to your philosophy. Logic is simple true/false equations. The correct answer to the logic problem you indicated as True is, in fact, FALSE… mathematically. Don’t take it personally… please. We are on the same side here… true-ly.


  8. Not to flog a dead horse here, but you took logic, so you know this…

    A positive and a negative = a positive. (now that’s one i don’t get, but i have to go with it, them’s the rules) and a negative and a negative will ALWAYS = a negative. A positive = true… a negative = false. That’s about the size of it.


    • I’m thinking math here, but as I understand it a positive and a negative’s addition outcome depends on which is the greater. For instance, add a -10 to a 5 and what do you get?

      A negative and a negative, is indeed a negative. Always (as is a positive and a positive).

      What if one multiplies? Isn’t multiplication “logic”? Any time you multiply a negative by a positive, the result is always a negative. I know this is true in Boolean algebra. Boole developed the system which shows that a 0 is false (negative) and a 1 is true (a positive). If one input is 0 and the second is a 0, the function is a 0, Input 1 =0 and input 2 = 0, then the function is a zero (same if you swap inputs 1 and 2) The only time you get a true is when both inputs are 1’s (trues).

      This is also true in relative multiplication and was the main thought of Charles Peirce’s ideas of relations.

      What am I missing in your statement? (Not trying to be obtuse, just wondering for my own sake)


      • Excellent point BMAN… and i may be incorrect…. you sent me back to school. (Thanks, i like that) While difficult to find examples not confounded with complex symbolism, it is not impossible… i found this so far:

        I am still looking for a way to prove my point. However, it does appear i may have my concepts backwards. I’ll be back.


  9. And i got this: Rule 5: If either premise in a syllogism is negative, the conclusion must also be negative. ***But it does not state; if both premises are negative… i found it quite interesting, and it has a test yourself section:

    Bear with me… i figure i may as well add a deductive reasoning section to my web-site while i work through this… you can use it too BMAN…it’s all to the good… i know that’s what we’re here for.


  10. Well, what that does say is a positive and a negative is a negative… so, i am disproved on the positive + negative = positive…. i did have that backwards. One down.


    • I appreciate the discussion, especially when it doesn’t end up as an argument. I certainly did not WANT to argue, but the thing is that I have studied this subject in pretty good detail. Boolean logic is a must in my line of work (and with understanding computer logic). AND gates, OR gates, etc.

      Just the very act of us discussing this hones everyone’s skills and education.

      Thanks for bringing it up.

      And it really may not mean much (the math issue) in the discussion of logic relating to what is going on in the world, but its nice to think about.



      • One could say, the problems in the world are due to NON LOGICAL thinking. And an odd “stay the course” inability in some folks to admit they’ve made an error… it isn’t easy, but it does get better with practice. I thank you for the opportunity for this discourse… it helped me clear out some cobwebs… 🙂


  11. This comes close: Rule 4: A syllogism cannot contain two negative premises.

    Intuitively, some of you are already familiar with this Rule. Since your earliest days most of you have been taught that “two wrongs don’t make a right!” This is nothing more than a simple truism that has been derived by application of the logic principle stated in this Rule. Consider the following example:

    1. No man is a mother. (negative major premise)
    2. My mother is not my father. (negative minor premise)
    3. No man is my father. (conclusion)

    Even though both the major and the minor premise statements are true, the conclusion is completely nonsensical. That is because this syllogism violates Rule 4: it contains two negative premise statements. No valid logical conclusion can be derived from two negative premises. Of course, any logical syllogism can certainly have one negative premise statement (either a major premise or a minor premise), just not both.


  12. Conclusion: Anthony’s logic equation is False… (i appear to be correct)

    and my statement that a postitive + a negative = a positive is also false. (i appear to be incorrect)

    And i’d rather have an intellectual argument any day over making war !!!! Thank you good people.


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