“WAKE UP” … indeed Mr. Jones!

the-thinker2I have asked this question here and many other places (especially Alex Jones’ sites comment sections). How is it that virtually everything from the government and MSM is a lie, EXCEPT when it comes to WWII? Are you insisting that in that case, they told us the truth? The alternative media is full of half-truthers. Or as Digger puts it, “Toxic Truth“:

What is the point in offering someone a $100 bill, but before you hand it to them you rip it in half!?

There are people out there, such as Alex Jones who intentionally hide the real truth from his sycophantic followers. These followers are brainwashed and he feeds it. He (and many others like him) tell their gullible followers these toxic Truths like “the Elites” or “the Banksters” did it:

But the purpose of this essay is to express that we should not tolerate characters who are on the speaking circuits for many many years within the Truth movement telling us that IT’S THE BANKERS.

FUCK OFF …….the bankers my arse.

This is pure unadulterated subversion. This is junk Truth, this is arsenic Truth, this is toxic Truth, this is pseudo Truth, this is half Truth – therefore disinformation. I ain’t ‘avin it. Bollocks to their ‘it’s the bankers’

It took me a while to break the spell myself. I would read the real truth from Noor, Greg, horse, Kenny, John and many, many others (more recently read) who were not afraid to name it and claim it, but still not come out and say it myself. It took a great deal of personal interaction with the real culprits to see that the real problem is the Jews that control our world (and their minions, other Sayanim and just silent Jewish get-alongers who by their silence, propagate and promote the agenda):

These disinfo Specialists that have hijacked the alternative media, in many cases (like Alex Jones) are making $MILLIONS (he admitted as much in the Howard Stern interview) off of the gullible masses who consider him a leader in the “truth movement”. Well, TRUTH is completely true, not half-assed. When you see the half-assed protection of the real scoundrels, you can bet that those $MILLIONS are being protected by the real criminals. If AJ was totally truthful, he wouldn’t have a pot to piss in, because like so many others who do tell the truth, there is very little money (if any) that is involved.

As Digger so succinctly puts it:

Don’t you dare tell us that long term Truthers who claim to be full time researchers on the speaking circuits; don’t know THE JEWS did 9/11 and THE JEWS are behind ALL of this and that it isn’t a NWO it is JEW World Order. Don’t dare condescend us.

People are spending up to £35 a ticket to listen to this crap. Then they are duped into buying the DVDs and books on top of that which further confuses their understanding, whilst being fleeced. Plus their traveling and accommodation and probably some are sacrificing time off work to attend this half-Truth events. Plus these parasites are probably getting commission from their expensive central location hotel venues.

Ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching …..these dis-agents are rolling in it. Making money whilst confusing the issues. Making money from other people’s global suffering. They are dangerous and they are despicable creatures. They are most definitely part of the problem, that they purport to be exposing…

…They are acting as nets to capture potential awakening souls. They are saboteurs to keep people trapped in this relentless half-Truth world. To keep them off the Jew scent.

You really should read the entire essay by Digger.

Back to the graphic and title of this post. There is a site that I am subscribed to that solely addresses the lies regarding Germany, the NSDAP and Hitler (and how it may relate to today).

Justice For Germans


In that particular linked article, you can see some truths about the recent lie-fest AJ (and many others) have been on regarding how Nazis supposedly were some of the biggest gun-grabbers in all history (which is a bald-faced lie). The biggest were actually the Allied forces.

There are several reasons why Germany was demonized back then. Yes, the Germans wanted the Jews’ control of their government, media, and society stopped. Yes, many people hated what the Jews were doing to their society in general… their corrupt nature, their incessant monopolies over industry and even small businesses, their degradation of morality, etc (basically much of what we are experiencing here in America today). But the real truth about Germany is that they were happy under the NSDAP:


“I am perfectly satisfied in my own mind that no one in Germany today wants war,” said Mr. Arthur Cook,  General Secretary of the New Zealand Workers’ Union, in an interview at Launceston today.

Mr. Cook, who represented the workers of New Zealand at the recent International Labor Conference at Geneva, spent some time in Germany, where, he thinks, conditions of the workers are better than anywhere else in the world, and far ahead of Australia or England.

These people worked hard. There was no poverty. There was no unemployment. They cared about their health and fitness. All of this while the rest of the world was suffering thru the Jewish instigated “Great Depression”. These proud people did NOT want to go back to the Wiemar era:

Mr. Cook said he was much impressed by the fact that no physically fit man or woman was without work. There were no signs of poverty, and everyone was working enthusiastically to build up a self-contained country and a physically fit nation.

“I made a point of discussing the question of war- whenever and wherever I could” continued Mr. Cook, “and I can honestly say that nowhere did I gain the impression that war was wanted. Everyone expressed the hope that Germany would never have to go to war again, particularly with England. The older people with knowledge of the last war, and the young men alike made it perfectly clear that they had no wish to go to war, although the military policy of the country was such that if war broke out they would be forced to take part. ”

Yes, Hitler and the NSDAP party are the catalyst for all the above. They turned Germany around with the world’s fastest and biggest economic rebound of all time (and it had NOTHING to do with militarization… another lie) while the rest of the world suffered the Jewish Central banking depression. They cared about their people and wanted to stop the corruption caused by organized, international Jewry (which had infiltrated virtually every aspect of their culture).

If you want to know the real, whole truth about that time (and not the bogus crap Alex Jones and tribe friendly sycophants keep spewing) I propose you take the time to watch this:

You only have to face the fact that if the government lies about everything, then this storyline of evil Germans is a lie, too.

The Germans simply DID something about the corruption, while we feed it.

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7 thoughts on ““WAKE UP” … indeed Mr. Jones!

  1. Case in point about half-truthers is a comment by Michael at the Economic Collapse Blog (where my comment was scrubbed when I pointed out that Jews were running most of the entities that he names, but he is calling them all “wealthy elitists”, “ultra-wealthy”, “global elite”, “ultra-wealthy elite”, blah blah blah. Just look at the companies and banks named, then check to see WHO owns and/or runs them. To deny the fact that most are Jews, when Jews make up such a small percentage of the world’s population is a disservice and a lie of omission. It is why I can’t believe much of what Mike says, because he is either too stupid to know or too ignorant to figure it out or subservient to those who brainwash him into protecting the real culprits.

    There have been a few comments that have attempted to blame a particular ethnic group for all of this. Those types of comments will not be tolerated.

    I believe that all people were created by God and that we should love all people no matter what they look like or where they are from. Please see this previous article…


    If you want to identify a common “belief system” among the elite, it is not too difficult. The truth is that most of them are Luciferians. In fact, most secret societies are Luciferian in nature.

    These secret societies do not consider “Lucifier” to be the bad guy. They actually consider him to be the “good guy” and they actually believe that they are going to win in the end.

    So if you want to point the finger at the Luciferian secret societies, please feel free. But hate directed toward a particular ethnic group is not cool.


    My comment was not offensive (I didn’t use “hate words”) just to the point. It tells me that it is not ignorance or stupidity… thus he is intentionally protecting the tribe.

    And even in the link that he provides, he cannot seem to associate WHY America can no longer agree on a shared set of values. He cannot see where their infiltration in the avenues he speaks of is WHERE the taint comes from. I guess it is the Luciferians that did it (duh!). What a maroon.

    I say here all the time that the races need to push off these division tactics and THEN we could take back that core set of shared values (which is exactly what Germany did). Yet, Michael is too stupid, gullible or down-right disinformation-laden to see it and do something about it.


  2. I’m often reminded of this quote.

    “To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”- Voltaire

    That’s about as simple as it gets. Speaking out on taboo subjects and naming names is one small act of defiance in our controlled thought world. Somebody’s got to do it.


  3. The book by Juri Lina, “Under the Shadow of Scorpion” is a great read, if you can stomach the brutal truths of what happened to Mother Russia after the psychotic Jews took over.

    He’s got a lot of documentation and in the end, no matter if if was the Masons, the Illuminati, or whoever, behind scenes, pulling the levers and a lot of the time, the triggers, were Jews.

    If anyone wonder what was the real purpose of the ADL, after reading that book, you’d understand that it was to coverup the real butchers of the 20th–and other–Century’s.


  4. Don’t Mention the Jews
    by Stop Chasing Ghosts

    Even though it’s Jewish companies who have poisoned us with their de-natured foods and destruction of all natural products through their Codex Alimentarias programme.
    Even though it was the Jews who instigated, controlled and funded WW1.
    Even though it was the Jews who instigated controlled and funded WW2.
    Even though it’s Israel who is being antagonistic towards Iran and creating bedlam in the Middle East to kick-start WW3.
    Even though it’s Jewish companies supplying the chemtrails to spray us like bugs.
    Even though it is the Jews who are behind the cruel and unethical diamond mining.
    Even though it is the Jews who are behind the promotion of abortion. To make it almost ‘the new normal’, To make people cavalier about taking life.
    Even though it is the Jews who are behind the promotion of the artificial and destructive multi-culturism, diversity and political correctness.
    Even though it’s the Jews who are pushing and supplying the vaccine/eugenics programmes.
    Even though it is the Jews who are behind all the insurance and pension scams, Devastating people’s retirement, after having unknowingly slaved for the Jews all their lives.
    Even though it is the Jews who are behind the fluoridation of the water supply to pacify the population.
    Even though it is the Jews who own and promote all of the main brewers pushing alcohol in our faces 24/7.
    Even though it is the Jews who are trafficking drugs on our streets for the youth to be comatised, inactive and eventually criminalized.
    Even though it was the Jews who instigated and funded the Vietnam war, via the false flag attack on the Gulf of Tonkin.
    Even though it was the Jews who were behind the Northwood, Salvador Allede & Claudy bombings.
    Even though it was the Jews who were behind The Lavon Affair (Operation Suzanne).
    Even though it is the Jews who are funding and promoting this surreal Orwelian/ ’brave new world’ police state.
    Even though it is the Jews who are behind the toxic and destructive pharmaceutical industries – fitting in neatly with their eugenics programme.
    Even though it is the Jews who are behind the FEMA camps.
    Even though it is the Jews who extort guilt money from the Germans for the holohoax narrative.
    Even though it was the Jews who are behind the multibillion pound corrupt charities and lottery scams.
    Even though it is the Jews who are behind the evil and cruel child thefts by the state.
    Even though it was the Jews who were behind the Spanish civil war.
    Even though it is the Jews who have created HAARP/Scalar technology to suppress our natural environments and used to create artificial ‘natural’ disasters.
    Even though it is the Jews who are behind the Italian mafia.
    Even though it was the Jews who monopolize the worlds energy resources and suppress any developments in free energy.
    Even though it is the Jews who are behind the Russian mafia.
    Even though it is the Jews who are behind the human microchipping programmes to bring in their new world order/Orwelian state.
    Even though it was the Jews who were behind the British Empire.
    Even though it is the Jews who are behind all these nasty violent racist (anti-Islamic) computer games, to programme the youth into somehow seeing war as attractive.
    Even though it is the Jews who have infiltrated all the other religions towards a judaic influence. Especially the Christian Zionists in America and the Islamic Brotherhood type organisations. This has been done through crypto-Jews.
    Even though it’s the Jews who own all the entertainment industries which degrade our minds.
    Even though it was the Jews who were behind the balkanization of North/South Korea and hence the Korean war.
    Even though London’s Jack the Ripper was Jewish.
    Even though it was the Jews who were behind the killing fields of Cambodia.
    Even though it is the Jews who are behind the world’s child labour and child soldiers.
    Even though it was the Jews who instigate all global and regional depressions through manipulation of the markets.
    Even though it was the Jews who created the Armenian genocide for the destruction of the Amelikites.
    Even though it was the Jews who were behind the complete destruction of the Argentina’s industries and country.
    Even though it was the Jews who were behind the Irish potato famine.
    Even though it was the Jews who were behind the division if India and Pakistan (divide and rule).
    Even though it was the Jews who were behind the Columbine school killings.
    Even though the London East End Kray twins were Jewish.
    Even though it was the Jews who slaughtered 66 million Russian Christians.
    Even though it is the Israeli Jews who are containing the Palestinians in an open-air prison camp and have stolen their land and devastated their lives. Through the original Nacba, ‘Operation Cast Lead’ and the constant onslaught from the IDF.
    Even though it’s the Jews who distort the truth and spread lies and propaganda through their complete ownership of the media.
    Even though it’s the Jews who routinely run sex slave industries where our gentile youth are sexually abused and their lives destroyed
    Even though it is the Jewish rabbis who suck the blood from babies penises directly after circumcision.
    Even though it’s the Jews who distort history, the arts, science, medicine through their carefully controlled academia and social engineered propaganda.
    Even though it is the Jewish Israelis that bleeds 3 Billion a year from the now cash-strapped America.
    Even though it was the Israeli Jews who were the first ones on the scene to harvest organs from the global disasters they instigated in the first place.
    Even though it’s the Jews who inflict horrendous cruelty on animals through their control of the fur trades, ritualistic animal slaughter and unnecessary vivisection practices.
    Even though it was the Jewish cabal who have assassinated prominent people throughout history who have rubbed against their satanic agenda (Gandhi, Princess Diana, John Lenon, Malcolm X, President Lincoln, MLK, JFK, prominent scientists for free energy, and many many more).
    Even though it was the Jews who inflicted mass starvation and poverty in regions of the world whilst systematically fleecing these people of their country’s wealth.
    Even though it was the Jews who polluted the world’s lakes, streams, rivers and seas.
    Even though it was the Jews who fleeced us of our beautiful forests and natural resources through privatization.
    Even though it’s the Jews who run pedophilia rings, blood-letting and satanic rituals where they abuse our children in the most horrific ways.
    Even though it’s the Jews who falsely imprison non-violent individuals who dare to simply question their version of history.
    Even though it was the Jews who instigated the Iraqi war – even though WMDs were proved not to be found.
    Even though it’s the Jews who started the Afghanistan war and control their opium from there.
    Even though it was the Jews who invaded Libya again under false pretenses.
    Even though it was Israel who created the recent stuxnet virus triggering Fukushima’s nuclear plant disaster.
    Even though it was Israel who did 9/11, the London and Madrid bombings to create fear in the public to instigate their war on ‘terra’.
    Even though it was the Jews who were behind the African slave trade causing 100 Million deaths.
    Even though it’s Jewish companies who humiliate us at the airports through their intimate body scanners and invasive body searches as if this is perfectly acceptable – all under the banner of terrorism.
    Even though it’s the Jews who enslave us with their artificial fiat money trap through their deadly compound interest, usury and ponzi schemes.
    Even though it was the Jews who created the great fire of London in 1666 which destroyed over 13’000 houses.
    Even though it’s the Jews who poisoned the wells of Europe creating the black death which killed over 75 million Europeans.
    Even though it was the Jews who carried out one of the first false flag attacks in Palestine at the King Davids hotel.
    Even though it was the Jews who instigated and funded the invasion of Pearl Harbour.
    Even though it was the Israeli Jews who attacked the American war ship ‘The USS Liberty’ under a false flag attack to instigate a war against Egypt.
    Even though it now appears that Jews were behind the deliberate sinking of the Titanic.
    Even though it now appears indirectly that Jews were behind both the Wako and Ruby Ridge attacks on American civilians.
    Even though it was Israeli Jews who have repeatedly attacked aid ships to Gaza.
    Even though it is the Jews who promote and fund the pornography industry, which is becoming increasingly more distasteful.
    Even though it was the Jews who have foisted the homosexual, lesbian and transgender movement within our society as being perfectly normal.
    Even though it was the Jews who bombed Japan with the world’s first nuclear bombs.
    Even though it was the Jews who have repeatedly attacked Lebanon.
    Even though it was the Jews who created the Freemasonic judges, police, local counselors, lawyers, barristers, politicians who carry out their corrupt practices.
    Even though it’s the israeli Jews who have something like 400-600 nuclei weapons capable of destroying the world many times over….yet do not have the same WMD inspections as any other country – especially Iran.
    Even though every Jewish festival is the celebration of the genocide of gentiles.
    Even though it now appears that Israel indirectly funded the IRA London bombings.
    Even though it’s Jewish companies who monitor, track and spy into every aspect of our lives and destroy any privacy through their Orwelian control grid.
    Even though it is the Jews who have set up hundreds (if not thousands) of malevolent secret societies to enslave, control and ultimately destroy us.
    Even though it is the Jews who are being antagonistic towards both Pakistan and Syria.
    Even though it is the Jews who have destroyed the arts by promoting distasteful, macabre, de-natured, meaningless modern art – all under the guise of being progressive and contemporary.
    Even though it was the Jews who created and funded the French Revolution.
    Even though it is the Jews who throughout history have been known to perforate the skin of young children to suck out the blood.
    Even though it is the Jews who are pushing the whole global warming agenda on us to tie into their eugenics programme.
    Even though it was the Jews who set up the women’s liberation movement (burning bras) for three reasons: 1/. to get the women financially independent from their husbands to encourage the break up of the family 2/. to get women working so as they could pay taxes 3/. to take the children off women and get them into school so they can be programmed by the state whilst women were/are out working.
    Even though the Jewish Manora is paraded on the White house lawn and positioned in every major city across Western countries at Christmas.
    Even though it was a Sephardic Jew (David Sassoon) who totally destroyed the once great China, killing 60 Million Chinese by the enforced opium trading.
    Even though it has been the Jews who have plundered our wealth, property and private land.
    But hey – don’t mention the Jews. Instead say its the global power elite, the ruling elite, it’s the Rothschild Zionists, it’s the shape-shifting reptilians, it’s the New World Order, it’s the neo-cons, it’s the Illuminati, it’s the bankers.
    But never mention that ‘J’ word.
    “We Jews, we the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which is not in your nature to build.”–Maurice Sameal
    Stop Chasing Ghosts | March 29, 2013 at 18:16 | Tags: Jewish Subversion, Jewish Supremacism, Zionism | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: http://wp.me/p33XQX-aA


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