The Lincoln Log In My Sock Drawer

Happy Easter

h/t BrassCheckTV

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One thought on “The Lincoln Log In My Sock Drawer

  1. speaking of real fecal material from the stool sculpture deity cult…

    we can thank Neil Diamond for not only singing KOL NIDRE….but the entertaining rendition of Hava Nagilah where the Rabbi says in exclamation of the deity of Talmudic Judaism….”Holy Shit”….!

    mocking the braindeadgoy is a full time money making BIG DEAL for the Offspring of Satan –
    hopefully the Khazar – Ashkenazim “PROSELYTES” will realize the swirling cesspit isn’t really
    a “promising” future….and make EXODUS to Khazaria….real soon

    Before British slavers traveled to Africa’s western coast to buy Black slaves from African chieftains, they sold their own White working class kindred (“the surplus poor” as they were known) from the streets and towns of England, into slavery.

    Tens of thousands of these White slaves were kidnapped children. In fact the very origin of the word kidnapped is kid-nabbed, the stealing of White children for enslavement.

    define Irony : Lincoln Logs in our eyeballs…

    But ultimately we all are the guilty ones. We all have played our role in this through our selfishness and apathy. Every week that goes by that we do NOTHING we are guilty. Therefore we have to go beyond just being comfortable browsers. We individually and collectively have ‘allowed’ the bully to bully us…..

    So we are part of the problem…..the biggest part !


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