Dancing With The Elephant In The Room

Derived from the original article provided by Augureye Express:


Video and narration by BuelahMan:

Graphics provided by David Dees:


Go visit Augureye Express. Very excellent blog.

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6 thoughts on “Dancing With The Elephant In The Room

  1. Between suffering from a kind of PTSD from being ‘married’ to a psychotic thug, the government and the invisible electronic fence courtesy of all those damn signals floating thru the air, humanity is hurtling down a one-way road to extinction.

    No ammo? Not me:)

    “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

    Mark Twain


  2. yeah well, I have a friend who is a champion backhanded compliment kinda guy…and I never can come up with a better one than he does…so I practice

    brevity is the soul of wit, but it just seemed the best one word comment that came into mind…..that and I was so completely scared under me bed by all the white supremacists on the loose it was a limitation thing…timewise.

    sure wish you could have met Dean Stonier…of Global Sciences.

    hope this one goes VIRAL…..in the cyber ….GLOBAL POGROM !!


    oh yeah….had one of those dreams last night…remember Randy Quaid..[Targeted Individual] there was a movie he was in about storm chasing..with multiple tornadoes..well last night in my dream was the multiple tornado scene and then these really tall walking {with faces} creatures like a tornado…are walking from the tornado’s..like in the Movie Lord of the Rings..Ents…[BIG TREES] but they were swirling STORM walking….like they were focused on specific targets….really wild scene.

    probably I can blame you for that….since your subliminal programming made me have that dream…


    having been a STORM CHASER and having seen 3 tornadoes in one day THREE TIMES…my best advice is find the lowest spot on the landscape and hunker down if you don’t make it to a shelter ….

    great work BMAN … BWELL


  3. I liked what you did up there BMan, I mean I didn’t, gasp, I hope you know what I mean. Time for tabula rasa, wipe the plate clean and start again. Experiment over. How are you gonna fight all this crap on the physical level when most are not even aware of it? Keep on going on? Thanks for posting this.


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