We Are Doomed

Pass it on…


Speaking of money, here is a man putting his where his mouth is. I eager that there will be no takers.

h/t DC Dave and James Tracy

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3 thoughts on “We Are Doomed

  1. shazaam Bman….


    hope all the meals are kosher in the re-education camps…


    [one year ago, met two jewish terrorists in Ventura, CA…on missle detail} …. just a coinkydinky !


    claimed they were from Brazil.


    remember the Emet Group ?


  2. speaking of ….”money”…. just thank the Almighty you weren’t born a “Jew”…!


    the horrors…


    Zionist Terrorist Federal pretend “prosecutors” portray 55-year-old Semen Domnitser, a former director of the Hardship and Article 2 funds, as having been the “ringleader”. “Domnitser’s approval was a prerequisite for sending applications to the German Zionist regime for payment,” zionist prosecutors say in Talmudic court papers.

    Oksana Romalis, 43, of Brooklyn, and Luba Kramrish, 58, of Toronto, are accused of submitting fraudulent claims on behalf of family members and of recruiting others to submit fraudulent claims…..how “Jewish”.


    Twenty-eight so-called “Jews”, including nine former Claims Conference employees, have already plead guilty to fraud and witness tampering. Nine of those so-called “Jews” have been sentenced, some to more than one year in time out, and ordered to pay fines and restitution totaling several hundred pesos.


    Many of those who plead guilty are older than 50, and some are in their 70s and 80s. Polina Berenson, an 83-year-old former Claims Conference employee who plead guilty to fraud and witness tampering in March, faces a maximum of 60 full months with no weekend furloughs, according to Zionist U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara.

    Read more: – http://www.zundelsite.org/victims/victims_of_zion.html

    If so-called “Jews” are to give any real meaning by embedding these events into the consciousness of the Goyim {sic} world, it cannot be done outside of the context of the ongoing global pogrom to continue a truth assault on the Jewish “people” and the Stool Sculpture deity cult compound called Talmudia. The global dissonance that enables acknowledgement of the HoloHoax alongside calls for the annihilation of Talmudia can and should be celebrated enthusiastically for it reveals the inherent dystopia of psychopathic Judaism which ooozes from the Talmud.


    There are too many in the Jewish world who do not take the phenomenon seriously and say “anti-Semitism has always existed in some form or another, and yet, look how far we’ve come,”. …


    Others believe that this phenomenon will disappear as soon as another faux- peace agreement is signed by Talmudia and her neighbors; they should realize that it will not stop and it will thankfully not subside one iota.


    Those who believe it will disappear should take notice of the inconceivable increase in the number of North American campuses where significant anti-Talmudia activity takes place. They should ask themselves how it is that within just a few years, more than 500 leading universities in America have been making “Talmudia Apartheid Week” mandatory for all students and is characterized by so-called “Jews” hatred, lies, anti-Semitism, and calls for the annihilation of the stool sculpture deity cult compound Jewish State of Talmudia –

    – just prior to HoloHoax Memorial Day…..

    Background Checks on Bolsheviks….


    happy celestial events…

    Bwell Bman


  3. If you haven’t read Adolf Hitler’s “My Struggle” in full, as I have (I recommend the Mannheim translation, the best English rendering of the work), you should. I’m Jewish, and I live in Asia. If the Democrats prevail in the November, 2014 elections, you’ll see fascism (corporate syndicalism) replacing the Constitution of the United States (the First and Second Amendments will be the first of your rights to go), and the driving principle of the government will be that the “State is greater than the Individual”. If that works for you, that’s fine with me, believe me. If it doesn’t, I suggest you run for your life. Feel free to contact me directly at “davidlaibow1215[at]yahoo.com” and I’ll try to help you (free of charge) to relocate.


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