Black Panthers Want to Skin White Babies Alive

Edited: the original video was taken down. Edited with shorter version.

The End Of America, Black Panther’s Want to Skin Babies Alive

What the hell is wrong with these freaks?

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5 thoughts on “Black Panthers Want to Skin White Babies Alive

  1. My first reaction was that they MUST be agents provocateur, for I find it hard to believe that any thinking person would utter such nonsensical foolishness, especially since such threats are surely considered hate crime or terrorism some fashion or another.

    Perhaps it is ignorance, but I find it hard to believe.

    And of course, the entire premise is bullshit. The numbers show the exact opposite, that blacks are far more likely to shoot whites (or rape or armed robbery, etc). For that matter, blacks are many more times likely to kill blacks than whites are.

    And as far as cops go, it doesn’t matter if they are white or black, they deal more with black folks in these types of situations, so obviously, they are going to shoot more.

    At least I live in a place that doesn’t have to worry about such nonsense, but I can imagine Big City folks may be on the lookout.


    • But, they got you to react, and to post it on your site, thereby perpetuating the race game. Since you know this in no way represents average black people why put it up. I would really like to know, because I’ve seen some of your stuff and it’s good, but I don’t want to support anyone who buys into much less promotes race baiting. I have a more supportive comment for you on another artivle, depending on your response.


      • So, by pointing out that they are provocatively pushing something you are judging me and my blog and think that my angle is “race baiting”?


        Most comments I get aren’t very supportive. “Can’t make everyone happy” is the old saying.

        Have a good day.


  2. homeschool….

    Ted & Richard ….not SUSPECTS

    Clayton Bigsby said it best…


    and bomb sniffing dogs who can’t smell a blueberry pancake recipe that really does double duty…

    seriously….aren’t you ready to give up your guns and come out….Wayne ….where are you ?



  3. Statistically for every 1 black genius there are 10 white geniuses. It’s just a genetic thing, I by no means view any skin color as superior, in fact I am no respecter of men and do not prop up IQs on a pedestal. I judge men by their hearts. If there ever was a racial civil war, the blacks would not and could not win because of this. Ultimately it is God that decides however, and the only reason groups like this may prosper in the future is because we as a country choose to cling to what is evil rather than what is good.


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